The pain that continues..(episode 18)

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Episode 18 :
Next day morning …Aaradhya opens her eyes n sees Aadit sleeping placing his head on her hand in sitting position . she is surprised to see him like this n gets up slowly without disturbing him n understands she was holding his hand so that he slept like this so that her sleep won’t get disturbed .
Aaradhya : I don’t know that monster really cares this much …. Always calls me crazy but really craziest one is u mr. monster malhotra . wats the need for all these ?
She caresses his hair . he smiles in sleep .
Aaru :I’m not wrong….really cute monster .

She again caresses him to see his smile again . now Aadit feels disturbed bcoz sun rays falling on his eyes directly .Aaradhya notices it n places her hand in front of his eyes .
Aaru (to sun ) : wat r u doing haa ? u r trying to make him awake . let him sleep naa. I’m not caring for him but when he cared for my sleep n now its my duty as a warrior to save his sleep . n u know wat r risks in waking him ? first one he wont look cute anymore to me cuz he starts his routine work of irritating me n again fight starts . now all I need is peace .
Someone knocks door .Aadit gets up hearing this . old lady comes inside .aadit sits besides Aaru.
Old lady : gud morning bacho…
Aaru n Aadit : gud morning dadimaa…
She gives them tea n biscuits n goes away .
Aaru : wow bed tea …superb start .
Aadit : so won’t u scold me now .
Aaru : why ? u can’t live without hearing them from me . don’t worry I won’t go anywhere I will there to scold at ur things for life time . whats so hurry …
Aadit looks on…while Aaru enjoying her tea with biscuits .
Aadit : yaar how many biscuits will u eat ?
Aaru :wats ur problem ? I will eat as many as I want .
Aadit : u r eating my share too .
Aaru : I don’t care .
Lady comes again .

Old lady : bache kitney hogaye hai ?
Aadit thinking about biscuits count looking at Aaradhya he says mistakenly .
Aadit : teen hogaye hai …
Aaradhya who is having her slip spills out hearing this . even Aadit realized how his answer matched the question n closes his face .
Old lady :oh.. so u have three kids but u both look like newly married couple . even my grandson had two kids . get ready soon n come to break fast .
The lady leaves n Aaradhya who is controlling her laugh till now breaks out aloud . Aadit feels shy at his stupid answer .
Aaru ( laughing ) : oh soo three kids . hmm…not bad I didn’t expect this from u . this is wat happens when u cry at girls eating ….
She laughs again n hits him with her shoulder .
Aaru : by the way what are ur kids studying ?
She laughs harder n falls back on bed . Aadit is annoyed now n pulls her up n holds her tighter .
Aadit : why r u laughing like this ? its not just my kids its our kids ….understand .
Aaru (still laughing): how come it happens idiot ?

Aadit : cuz u r my wife ….we will have kids together .
Aaradhya looks on …..
Aadit : I mean….dadi thinks like that .
He leaves her n Aaradhya understands he is serious now . she moves close to him n he looks at her .
Aaru : don’t worry monster I can understand .
She joins her hands n closes her eyes .

Aaru : dear god plz give him three kids in future as he wishes . wait ….agar saare bache tum par gaye tho …? Oh god wat will be ur wife’s situation . no god just give him one kid . this enough for that poor girl to manage monster malhotra n kid whole life .
Aadit smiles at her crazy deals with god . Aaradhya opens her eyes n sees his smile .
Aaru : gud ….only this smile n irritating me suits u not that stupid serious wala look .
Aadit : go n fresh up .
Aaru : again u will give ur stupid clothes better I wont bath for today .
Aadit : not exactly …
He gives her the salwar suit he bought for her .
Aaru : wow monster malhotra do u carry girls clothes too…by the way for whom did u bought this ?
Aadit : none of ur business arrogant maheshwari ….

Aaru : oh revenge for yesterday’s my words . fine my mistake even to ask u .
She freshens up n comes out in salwar suit . Aadit can’t take off his eyes from her she is looking really gorgeous in that dress . she is standing infront of mirror n see in it that Aadit staring at her .
Aaru : now wat r u looking at ? I know I’m a bit weird in this kind of dresses but seriously I don’t want to hear any horrible comments about it from u .
Aadit : ya u r right u r looking horrible in this dress . I won’t say anything .but I can’t stop myself from complimenting a girl I saw in morning .
Aaru : who???

He comes near her n stand behind her n lifts her chin n makes her look into mirror .
Aadit : she…(he points out to her image in mirror ) just look at her Arrogant maheshwari .isn’t she cute . I have never seen someone so perfect in salwar suit like this before . how can anyone stop from complimenting her . miss I don’t know ur name but please teach Arrogant maheshwari some tips to look like u . u r completely looking awesome but something missing. smile a bit yaar don’t be like Arrogant maheshwari .
He leaves smiling . Aaradhya looks at him n again looks into mirror n remembers his words n smiles .
Aaradhya : oh monster malhotra watch ….but wats this not as good as the watch which I throwed should I give him watch which I bought ???
Aadit comes out n sees Aaru holding his watch n rushes to her n takes it from her hand .
Aadit :kyaa isko bhi pheknaa tha kya…? Why r u behind my watches yaar ?
Aaradhya snatches it from his hands again .
Aaru : never try to snatch anything from me …now give ur hand now .
He forwards his hand . she ties watch to his hand n Aadit looks on .
Old lady comes to their room with Aarti plate …
Old lady : take aarti …

Both takes it n lady notices that Aaradhya maang empty .
Old lady : beta why ur maang looking empty .today is very auspicious in our community . married woman should not look like this today . Aadit beta fill sindhoor in ur wife maang now .
Both Aadit n Aaradhya are shocked at her words .
Old lady : do it beta …
He takes sindoor in his fingers n looks at Aaradhya ….he decided to tell the lady truth .
Aadit : dadimaa wo…
Old lady : wat r u thinking ?
Before he could complete his words the lady places his hand on Aaradhya’s fore head . Aaradhya maang filled with sindhoor now .

Both are completely shocked . they didn’t understand wat just happened now ? is it their marriage . are they tied together now .
Old lady : today filling someone maang is not a simple thing . this day is very auspicious in our community . many wedding happens in our community today . we strongly believe that those who get married this day are pair decided by god . they are tied together for 7 births . no one can separate them . their relationship is decided in heaven . made for each other .
She leaves from room . Aaradhya shattered in shock n Aadit holds her . he made her sit on bed .both look at each other in confusion .

They didn’t expect that yesterday’s playful lie turns out to be today’s truth . wat just happened right now ? is this their destiny written ? wat should they do now ?whether they must accept that their relation is really decided by god or let it go .
Precap : Aaradhya n Aadit point of view about the issue . Aaradhya reaching maheshwari mansion n everyone shocked to see sindoor in her maang .

Credit to: honey


  1. Meera

    It was super and please they should accept the fact that they are married..and then after their official marriage then u can show their fight in college and at will be interesting

  2. Riley

    It was damn good…how can u make it soo interesting yaar anyway please post the next part soon I can’t wait

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