The pain that continues..(episode 17)


Hi guys . I’m back with another episode . hope u all like it . plz do comment .
Episode 17 :
Aaru : done…
Aadit : ok then …. Miser queen ..
Aaru : stop it …can’t u see I don’t have any thing with me now . n miserqueen is damn irritating . Arrogant Maheshwari is far better than this .
Aadit : about it I will l think later . but for now where we should go . all bcoz of ur stupidity . whats there in ur bag ?
He tries to take her bag .
Aaru : monster malhotra none of ur business .
Aadit : oh yaa. Helping u is also none of my business .
Aaru : I didn’t ask u to help me ? Aaradhya can handle anything . u go ur way .
Aadit : fine . gud bye .
They starts moving in opposite direction .

Aadit ( in mind) : it’s getting dark .how can I leave her ? no ..i must go to her .
He starts following Aaradhya . n Aaru notices it n turns back .
Aaru : why r u following me ? if it’s a help I don’t need it or if u r scared to go alone then I’ll help u .
Aadit : me scared . no way …
Aaru : ok then go ur way n don’t follow me .
Aadit : no…no… I need ur help I’m really scared . can I come with u now .
Aaru : ofcourse monster malhotra .
She holds his hand . he looks at her .
Aaru : don’t get me wrong . actually this is for society . when we walk together then everyone think oh how sweet is that boy helping girl .but if I hold ur hand n take u. equations changes right . don’t worry I make u reach ur destiny safe .
Aadit ( low voice ) : such a crazy girl .
Aaru : did u told anything ?
Aadit : no.. lets start .
Aaru : sure .

They walked few miles n Aaradhya holding Aadit hand as if taking child to school .even Aadit following her very obediently . soon it started raining .
Aaru : oh god ….iss ko bhi abhi shuru hona tha kya..?
Aadit : Aaradhya look at there .
They saw a small colony n runs to it n knocks the door of one house . A old lady opens it .
Aadit : excuse me ..actually
Old lady : u need stay in my house for this night right .
Aaru : brilliant …
Aadit signals her to keep quite .
Aadit : yes dadima.. we got completely drenched . so if u allow us ..
Old lady : if u both r wife n husband then sure. If not then I’m sorry .
Both Aadit n Aaru look at each other n then at rain heavy .
Aadit n Aaru (together with fake smile ) : yes we are .
Old lady : come inside .
The lady gives towel to Aaradhya . when she is about to wipe her self .
Old lady : ladki wat r u doing ? look at ur husband first. completely drenched . dry him first . before he could catch cold .
Aadit sneezes ( fake on. just to add pepper to situation)

Old lady : look …I said na…u must take care of ur husband first . come on do it .
Aadit : ya …aaru come on do it ..
Aaradhya looks at him with anger n Aadit smiling evilly . Aaradhya don’t want to do it but old lady is staring at her . so she goes near him n starts drying his hair with towel . while Aadit busy in enjoying his revenge . as soon as lady leaves from room . Aaru throws towel on him .
Aaru : what the hell do u think about ur self mr. monster malhotra ?
Aadit : wat do I have to do with this Arrogant Maheshwari ? its their thinking . they expect a girl to take care of their husband first . she have no idea about u who can readily kick her husband when matter comes to her .
Aaru : u r absolutely right . I do care only for myself . nothing is more important to me .
Aadit : dadi maa …
Aaradhya is tensed now n takes the towel n started wiping him again . Aadit starts laughing cuz its just his prank . Aaradhya looses her cool now .
Aaru : monster malhotra ….i’m not going to leave u now .
She runs after him n they are making rounds in room n reaches again near bed . Aadit holds Aaradhya’s hands .
Aadit : wat r u doing Arrogant maheshwari ? will u kill ur husband right now ? I’m ur husband give respect .
Aaru : is there any pati seva left to do ..?
Aadit : ofcourse . wiping with towel is nothing. a lot left. like pressing my legs cuz really paining bcoz of long walk .
Aaru : Shuttttt upppppppppppp…
She pushes him back since he is holding her both hands she too falls on bed along with him . Aaradhaya falls on him n gets up a little n looks at him . Aadit hoding her shoulder with his hand n they share eye lock . Aadit takes tower near him with other hand.( still they are in same position) n started wiping her hair with one hand. Aaradhya almost felt butterflies flying inside her with this sweet gesture .later she gets up .
Aadit : Aaradhya go n change dress . u r completely wet .
Aaru : but I don’t have my bag right now . wat should I wear now ?
Aadit brought his bag with him . he takes out his tee shirt n track pant from it n gives them to aaradhya .
Aadit : wear this .
Aaru : ur clothes . no way…..
Aadit : ok then . if u feel comfortable in these wet clothes then I won’t force u .
He keeps clothes in her lap n sits besides her . Aaradhya takes the clothes n goes to rest room to change . Aadit smiles.

Aadit : crazy girl .
Aaradhya comes out wearing them n the clothes are loose for her . as soon as Aadit sees her n he starts laughing .
Aaru : stop it idiot .
He comes to her .
Aadit :actually it suits u best .
He laughs again . Aaradhya feels irritating
Aaru : I said stop it .
She shows her hand to him . but as is said due to misfit . the full sleeves cover her whole hand only part of her fingers visible . now Aadit laughs breaks its boundary .
Aadit ( laughing) : ohh……wheres ur full hand Aaruuuuuuuuuu….
Aaradhya pulls the sleeves back n shows him .
Aaru : can u see now …idiot .
Aaradhya about to go n Aadit holds her hands n pulls her towards him . she palces her one hand on his shoulder .
Aaru : seriously wat do u need now ? always making fun of me is ur best entertainment right . but this time all bcoz of ur stupid size .
Aadit :mine stupid size . for sure u lost ur senses . look at my body . I’m perfect fit . problem is with ur zero size madam .
Aaru : shut up .
He leaves her . both look at each other n looks at bed n both runs to it n Aaradhya reaches first .
Aaru : I won……yepieee…
Aadit : now where should I sleep ?
Aaru : that’s completely ur issue mr. monster malhotra. now queen sleeps on bed .
Aadit : ya miser queen .
Aaradhya throws pillow on him . Aadit leaves to change his clothes n come out sees Aaradhya sleeping . he goes near her .
Aadit : hmm looks like Arrogant maheshwari really tired today . completely drenched in rain sleeping with out blanket . completely lazy pop . don’t know who will take care of her at home .
He covers her with blanket n Aaru holds his hand in sleep . Aadit looks at her n sits near bed .he tries to free his hand but she is holding it tighter n he don’t want to disturb her sleep .
Aadit : listen Arrogant maheshwari its completely ur fault n tomorrow morning don’t scold me for holding my hand . if u start then I won’t leave u .
Aadit looks at Aaru who is sleeping peacefully …..
Aadit :yaar tum hai kyaa cheez ? sometimes sweet sometimes rude . bottom of the line is I never saw crazy girl like u before n best part is I’m liking ur craziness .

Precap : same precap .

Sorry guys I tried my best to reveal it in today episode itself but its getting long n I thought u guys get bored . forgive me this time n plz tell me how was the episode .

Credit to: honey

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