The pain that continues..(episode 16)


Hi guys I’m back with another episode n sorry for late update .
Episode 16 :
Aaradhya : Mandy wat r u doing here ?
Mandy :wow wat a million dollar question yaar ? why do anyone come to bill counter ? by the way wat did u bought ?
Aaradhya hides the watch .
Mandy : dude y u hiding it . show me .
Aaradhya : mandy no…
Mandy : shut up …
He takes it from her hand .
Mandy : oh branded watch for whom ? I don’t know that u can spend money for someone . for whom yaar ?

Aaradhya don’t understand wat to tell him now .
Mandy : I think for Arjun bhai …nice yaar …ok hold on . I will bring rithu n dhruv or else they will spoil our whole day here .
He gives watch to her n goes to bring rithu n dhruv .
Aardahya (in mind ) : sorry yaar for first time I’m hiding something from u guys cuz even I don’t know why I’m doing this ? once I get to know things then I will inform u guys first .
Finally they come out of mall .
Mandy : guys we have a lot of time .
Rithu (with excitement ) : how about visiting Taj Mahal .
All looks at Aaradhya .
Aaru : why u guys looking at me like this . if u really wanted to go then I’m not going to stop this time .
Mandy : chudel approved. lets go guys .
Scene 2 :

Even Aadit n rohan comes to shopping mall not the same .
Aadit : don’t u think we r wasting time like girls .
Rohan : I know but if I go with empty hands then my sis will kill me .
Aadit : fine .i won’t give u much time just half an hour .
Rohan : cool …
He goes while Aadit roaming inside mall .. he passes by a mannequin n his watch struck with dupatta of salwar suit . he remembers how Aaradhya throwed his watch n frees his watch carefully .
Aadit : thanks god u r just mannequins that’s why my watch saved . if u were Arrogant maheshwari pata nahi mera watch ka haal kyaa hotha ….
He looks at dress . its maroon colour salwar suit with designed embroider simple but looks elegant .
Aadit : hmm… I think this suits best on Arrogant maheshwari . excuse me why do I buy for her ? . Aadit malhotra never bought anything for any girl n will not buy in future too .
He walks few steps ahead n stops. keeps his hands in his pockets n turns back to the mannequin .
Aadit : but its Arrogant Maheshwari yaar.

He buys it .
Rohan comes to Aadit who is already standing with shopping bag .
Rohan : dude wat did u bought ?
Aadit : nothing .
Scene 3 : Taj Mahal
Everyone seemed excited except Aaru . she is not at all interested in all those things . she is sitting on bench n waiting for her friends who are busy in clicking selfies .
Aaradhya (in mind ) : Taj Mahal ultimate evidence of thing which I don’t even believe that it exists so called LOVE . I always wanted to stay from this thing in my life . but now I’m confused that even I too fall in this like all girls …hope it won’t happen .
After the trip they reach to their resp stops since they are allowed to come only with their group .
After 2 hours of their journey they are in mid way area look like forest n all students wanted to enjoy nature so bus stop there . even Aaradhya gets down n started taking some picture n then gets into bus n realizes that she left her sling bag right there which had watch she bought for Aadit . soon without thinking she gets down n runs to the place where she left it .
Aaradhya : god!! My bag . how can I be so stupid .
N then she hears bus horn n runs to it . but already bus started moving so she runs behind it but no use now she tired she stops holding her knees . suddenly someone from bus jumps out n falls . Aaradhya is shocked n runs to the person n it is Aadit .
Aaradhya : Aadit …r u mad or something .

Aadit : Actually I must ask u . seriously r u mad . where were u damn it ?
Aaru : wo….i missed the bus . do u have sense if u know I’m not in bus then u must have asked driver to stop it . wats the need to jump out of it .
Aadit : so now u r testing my sense . if I know u r run behind the bus then I would have stopped it but I thought u were lost in forest . n since its u.. really my senses becomes weak .
Aaradhya looks on …
Aadit : aab aankhen phaadkar kya dekrahiho …? Haa tumhari monster malhotra hi hu …not alien .
He tries to get up . Aaradhya helps him n makes him sit on rock near them . he starts dusting himself n Aaradhya sees blood coming out near his lips .

Aaradhya : Aadit blood …
Aadit : as I said I’m not alien so even I too get blood if hurt like all humans . no need to worry .
Aaradhya is completely annoyed by his continuous satires .
Aaru : I really want to kill u now … why don’t u talk to me normally yaar ?
Aadit :bcoz u r not normal . like seriously I jumped out of bus like hero n I got hurt but u r not doing anything n busy in asking ur stupid questions .when hero got injured in films wat do heroine do they run to them in slow motion n dress his injuries . this is wat happens in every film .

Now Aaradhya don’t understand wat she is supposed to do now . whether she must be angry on his crazy words or to smile at his childish activities . she goes near him n kneels before him n takes out hanky from his pocket n about to wipe his blood .
Aadit : wow miser queen . taking my hanky itself to help the one who got injured bcoz of u …is there any humanity left in u ?
She holds his face .
Aaru : I don’t know wat I’ll do if u continue like this .
She comes closer to his lips n starts blowing air n wiping the blood with hanky n holding his face with one hand .
Ishq bulaava song plays in BG . Aadit keeps staring at Aaradhya n she is really close to his lips n he feels like kissing her . he don’t understand why he is feeling like this which he never felt with any other girl before . he feels really hard to stop his increasing feelings towards her . to divert himself he starts looking other side but not for much time . he unable to avoid her for atleast one second . Again his eyes started looking at her .
Episode ends .

Precap : A old lady asking Aadit to fill his wife (pointing Aaradhya ) maang with sindhoor n telling them that this day is very auspicious in their community n no married woman maang should look empty this day .

Credit to: honey

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