The pain that continues..(episode 15)


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Episode 15 :
All three girls pack their stuff n ready to leave .
Disha : ok guys bye .
Damini : bye yaar .
Aaru : bye .
Disha leaves .
Aaru : finally alien gone …
Damini : she is a bit annoying but she is gud too.
Aaru : tell that after sharing bed with her .
Damini : ok leave that now tell me ur story .
Aaru : my story ???
Damini : ya ur luv story . u n ur Aadit .
Aaradhya is stunned to hear it .
Aaru : me n monster malhotra . I think u got some really bad impression . wat u r thinking about me n Aadit would be 8th wonder if it happens . we do always fight .
Damini : then why did u called him ur weak point ?
Aaru : of course he is my weak point . he is the one who can trouble me n make me fool at anytime n most strange thing is my heart started believing his words so blindly no matter how much shit it contains . will u become fool if someone tried to fool u in name of ghosts . no right . but I became fool that day n cried like kid . I thought I’m very strong girl but I’m scared that day . if anyone else said those things I might not have believed as I know ghosts wont exists these days . I believed it just bcoz that idiot said . now tell me if he is able to fool me at most random things then he became my weak point right .
Damini understood that Aaradhya not accepting her feelings n hugs her .
Damini : u know wat we girls always try to find reason to hide our feelings . we fly far away from reality . this is the reason It takes much time to understand our mistakes . year back Sid was hurt bcoz of me n my selfishness . today I realized n I will get back to him now .
Aaradhya don’t understands wat she is saying . but she feels happy that damini decided to move on .
Both girls comes out . Aaradhya still looks confused .
Damini : Aaradhya u r confused about Aadit ?
Aaru : no…wats the matter to get confused about him . as I said before we do always fight nothing much than that .
Damini : then answer urself when do we start believing someone so blindly n why it happens ? ok bye Aaradhya I have to leave n stay in touch .
She hugs her .
Aaru : sure n bye buddy .
Damini leaves leaving Aaradhya in atmost confusion . soon rithu , mandy n dhruv arrives .
Both mandy n dhruv runs to her n side hugs .
Mandy : three days without ur torture I’m completely bored chudel .
Aaru : even I missed u all a lot especially u monkey (mandy ).
Dhruv : so why late ? come lets go .
Rithu : first shopping .
Aaru n Mandy : yaar that’s too boring .
Rithu : guys stop it first time we r in delhi lets buys some things to our family .
Dhruv : she is right .
Even mandy n Aaru accepts forcefully . they goes to shopping mall .
Mandy : ok guys dhruv have to shop for his girlfriend n rithu is a girl n needs much time to select salwar suits n u (aaru ) not even know wat salwar suits means . so u r completely free come n help me .
He takes Aaradhya to otherside .
Dhruv : these two together . patha nahi aakir iss mall ka haal kya hoga ?
Rithu : may be last time wat happened in Kolkata mall .
Dhruv : yaa yaar so scary . bcoz of these two monkeys last time how we both ran away from mall .
Rithu : hope this time history wont repeat . but problem is that these two can’t stay normal atleast two min n lands in fight so easily . even small kids are better than them in these matter .
Dhruv : true but these two always sticks together .
Both looks at each other n laughs remembering mandy n Aaradhya’s crazy fights n how these two struggled to stop their cat mouse fights .
Aaradhya : so wat r u planning to buy monkey ?
Mandy : hmm…actually I think I need strong deo so that girls fly to me .
Aaru : oh ..then try this …
She gives him Hit (cockroach spray)
Aaru :trust me buddy nothing can be more stronger than this .
Mandy : u try it chudel . my mistake to ask u help .
Aaru : oh really then go to hell .
She leaves . she passes by books session .
Aaru : this time I’m gonna buy all horror books so that next time I wont come on monster malhotra words .
She starts searching for them but unfortunately she don’t find atleast one all she could find is love stories books n novels.
Aaradhya : wats all these ? true luv never dies , two hearts one soul . oh god don’t know why all these love story books tittles will be illogical n funny . anyways wat do I have do with it .
She goes …n comes to mens watch session . she is casually looking at them .but she stops at one watch .she remembers how she throwed Aadit watch that day n starts smiling .
Aaru : this watch will be awesome on monster malhotra’s hand . whats its price .
She takes watch to her hands n sees it price .
Aaru :omg this much expensive . excuse why do I spend my money for that monster ? I’m becoming stupid .
She keeps watch back in its place n turns back n walks few steps n hears
Girl : how nice is that watch .
Aaradhya turns back suddenly bcoz she is tensed if the girl about to take the watch which she kept just now n yes the girl about to take the same watch . Aaradhya rushes to it n both girls keeps their hands on watch at same time .
Aaru : excuse me I selected it first .
Girl : but u r leaving right .
Aaru : so wat I came first right .
Girl : so wat u left . anyways take another watch . I’m buying it for my boy friend .
Aaru : even ….i’m…I’m buying it for my boyfriend. ( she knows she is telling lies but she don’t want to let that watch go off from her hands )
Girl : yaar I want to present it on my BF birthday .
Aaru : oh when ur BF birthday.
Girl : next week .
Aaru : oh its next week but u know wat my BF birthday is today . so I think I’m in emergency u should leave it .
Girl : but……
Aaradhya (in mind ) : why this girl is so stubborn . I wont let this watch go off .
Aaradhya ( dramatically ) : fine take this . ur boyfriend b’day is next week u can find many watches like this . now I’ll go with empty hands n he thinks I don’t care for him n he will break up with me n that’s wat u need right n let me see breaking my relation into pieces how will u build urs .
Girl : ok fine . take this I’ll buy another thing . I don’t mean that I thought I would be perfect on my BF .
She leaves n Aaradhya jumps with happiness .
Aaru :finally got it n wat she saying, it is perfect on her boyfriend wat rubbish how can anyone be more cute than monster malhotra ? impossible . ( she realizes wat she saying n hits her head ) Aaradhya wat happened to u ? from when monster started looking cute to u . for this watch I told many lies n even drama . before It force me to do much more . let me pack it .
She goes to bill counter .
Aaru :excuse me pack this plz .
She gives her card .
Aaradhya (in mind ) : one swipe my whole pocket money for this month vanishes . don’t know why I’m sacrificing for that monster malhotra ?
She checks her pockets n finds only 5 hundred rupee notes .
Aaradhya (in mind ) : thank god atleast this left. I should manage whole month with this .
Mandy : hey chudel .
Aaradhya is super shocked now .
Aaru ( in mind ) :I’m gone now .
Episode ends .
Precap : Aaradhya n Aadit miss their bus .

Credit to: honey

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