The pain that continues..(episode 13)

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Episode 13 :
Aadit : go to ur room now .
Aaru : u go ..i will be here for some more time .
Aadit : what will u do here alone ? go to ur room n sleep now .
Aaru : excuse me u helping one time not just means u can order me .
Aadit : so u wont go to room right . fine I will go .
Aaru : ok…

Aadit : think of it Arrogant maheshwari already time 12 Am . ghosts are on their way .
Aaru : ha u think I’m a kid n I will believe on ur stories . there are no ghosts now a days . even if they are present they are scared of me….
Aadit : ok then …bye .
He goes away . now Aaradhya feeling scary .
Aaru ( in mind ) : this monster malhotra always fills dirt in my mind . no I can’t take his words serious . no ghost n nothing . but why surrounding turned scary . better I leave .
She starts walking n see some shadow following her n gets scared n walks fast still the shadow following .
Aaru ( in mind ) : wats this shadow ? is it ghost ? no…must be Aadit .( she turns back suddenly . no one there)
Aaru ( frightened ) : Aadit …don’t scary me I know it is u . stop these I’m scared .
Aadit standing at Aaradhya back n smiling n shouts
Aadit : bhoo…

Aaradhya is feared the worst now .
Aaradhya ( closing her eyes with hands ) : please leave me .sorry I’m idiot .now I believe ghosts exits. plz go away .
Aadit starts laughing n Aaradhya turns to his side .

Aadit : big words.i don’t believe in ghosts n they are scared of me…blah ..blah …look at u .
Now Aaradhya cry is uncontrollable n starts crying like kid . now Aadit laugh vanishes seeing her crying n its paining him . he holds her hands .
Aadit : Aaradhya I’m sorry . just a prank . I don’t know it hurts this much . plz don’t cry.
Aaradhya still crying . Aadit comes near her n hugs her .
Aadit : Aaradhya I’m sorry . please tell something . atleast scold me yaar . but stop crying . if u cry for one more min then for sure I will start crying along with u n It will be ugly if i cry .
Aaru : what kind of joke is this Aadit ? I got heart attack almost . I might have died there itself.

He hugs her even tighter hearing this .
Aadit : plz don’t ever say that . nothing will happen to u . ( Aaradhya resting on his chest like small baby . she could hear his heart beat clearly) Aaradhya I will never hurt u again . Aaradhya I promise I won’t leave u alone ever in my life . I will always be by ur side so that nothing will be able to scare u anymore . ( tears rolls on her cheek n hugs him back )
Aaradhya ( weeping ) : again if u dare to leave me I will kill u idiot.
Aadit : never . I promised right .

Both are unaware of wat they are promising each other n not understanding wat does it mean ? but still this time it is not their fault since their hearts started speaking now . their words to each other are sincere n straight from heart . for both of them everything stopped right there . no one of them are ready to break this unknown feel n go away from each other .
Banjaara song plays in BG….
There is quite silence between them . both started walking still holding their hands . Aaradhya looking so dull . they comes near building when Aaradhya about to enter .
Aadit : Aaradhya u don’t want to go inside now right .
Aaradhya nods .
Aadit : then come with me …

He takes her to lawn n both sits on bench . still they are not leaving hands . Aaradhya looking into sky . Aadit keeps staring at Aaradhya . he don’t understand how to bring that lost smile on her face .
Suddenly they hear small puppy bark . Aadit immediate pulls his legs up seeing it near his legs .

Aaradhya : what happened ?
Aadit : ahh this one .
Aaradhya : how cute .
Aaradhya takes it into her hands n crazes it with love .
Aaradhya : n u scared of such a cute one .
Aadit : I’m not scared but I don’t like them .
Aaru : wat rubbish ? how can anyone hate this innocent animals . once hold it .
She brings near him .
Aadit ( closes his eyes ) : stop it Arrogant maheshwari .
Aaradhya laughs as he is making face like kid n Aadit opens his eyes listening her laughing n keeps staring at her smile . he feels good now . Aaradhya crazes the puppy with lot of love . she is back to her good mood . Aaradhya turns to aadit n sees he is staring at her .
Aaru : wat ??? if u don’t like dogs then no one should play with with them . look at him so cute . take him once naa …

Aadit : no…u play with it . I’m not interested .
Aaradhya keeps the puppy in his hands .
Aadit : Aaradhya no..?
Aaru :shh…… look at him . do u know why I love dogs . cuz they are most genuine from heart . little love n they give us loads of love in return . I think all humans should learn from them how to love someone genuinely .
Aadit : hmm not bad . he is really good .
Aaru : I said naa..
They both play with it for sometime . one lady comes there .
Lady : I’m sorry . he is my dog . did he troubled u ?
Aaru : no..infact he is really cute .
They hand over it to the lady n both leaves to their room .
Aadit : so…
Aaru : wat… go n sleep . troubled me a lot today n for sure I will take revenge for this .
Aadit : I’ll see .
He goes away .

Aadit ( in mind ) : glad that Aaradhya back to her rebel mood . I know this mood gonna trouble me but still its better than seeing her sad .

Precap : damini n Aaradhya plan to teach disha a lesson .

Credit to: honey


  1. Anvee

    Yaar just a small request don’t make aaru weak at any point…. make her character strong more…. I loved her arrogant and stubborn character and helping her servants and all….

    • honey

      i can understand yaar but i thought to show some Aadit n Aaradhya moments . Aaradhya is always strong n will be …

  2. sinzo

    wow….yaaar…today’s episode is really awesome…..such a cute relation Aadit and Aru….i love them……

    and waiting for next update???? ab maza ayega ….Disha ka band bajega?

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