The pain that continues..(episode 12)

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Episode 12 :
Everyone reaches Delhi . Mandy n dhruv stay is far from Aaradhya’s stay . rithu n Aaradhya are given stay in different buildings but nearer .
Aaradhya checks her room number n goes inside the room . Already other two member are in room unpacking their stuff. One girl’s look is emo style(damini) n another girl looks simple( disha) .
Disha : one more…ahh don’t know how can I stay three days with these strange creatures on earth….
Damini n aaradhya are annoyed .
Aaradhya : atleast u r sharing room with strange creatures of earth wat about ourselves we both forced to stay along with Alien like u .
Damini laughs…..
Disha ( anger ) : how dare u ???
Aaradhya : never thought to calculate but still u have three days to find it out .
Disha goes out of room ….
Damini : bro … u r awesome . she is really annoying girl .
Aaradhya : world is full of stupid people like her …we should not care about them .
They both introduce each other n became good friends just in few minutes .

After dinner . Aaradhya comes out of room to fill her water bottle .
Aaradhya ( in mind ) : even monster malhotra must be in same building …
Soon she collides with someone .
Aadit : oh Aaradhya maheshwari sorry Arrogant maheswari finally came to meet me . with out me can’t even stay one minute .
Aaru : absolutely without u my life will be full of peace but It should not happen right .
Both starts filling their water bottles n leaves to their room .
Both Aaradhya n damini about to sleep but suddenly they hear door knock …disha bed is near to door next is damini n Aaradhya bed is next to damini s . Aaradhya n damini expecting disha to open door . but she acts like she didn’t even hearing knock .
Aaradhya : yaar go n open the door . don’t u hear it .
Disha : no yaar . I can’t . I’m very sensitive . my feet pains .
Damini : for 5 feet distance .
Disha : why don’t u guys open after all u both have legs too…
Aaru : thanks for remembering us . not that we have legs but u don’t have brain .

As soon as Aaradhya opens the door . someone about to hug her n she pushes him .
Aaru : what the hell u doing?
Guy : sorry I thought my girlfriend .
Aaru : girl friend who???
Guy : disha …
Disha rushes to door n pulls Aaradhya back .
Disha : hi sweet heart .
Damini n Aaradhya are completely confused .
Disha : come inside .
Damini : no…. he can’t enter the room .
Aaru : exactly …
Disha : shut up he is my boyfriend .
Aaru : whatever u both r ..just go out n do whatever u both feel .
Disha : excuse me he is my bf I don’t need permission from u both . it is my room too.
Aaru : even ours too…
Damini : we won’t go anywhere .
They both sits on bed .

Disha : come darling .
Aaru n damini determined not to go out . but can’t able to bear their romance . soon both leaves .
Aaru : what she thinks of herself ?
Damini : he don’t have sense . how can he come in this time .
Aaru : in relationship with senseless girl . how can he have sense ?
Damini : right .
Both wait for half an hour outside room . finally the guys comes out . both Aaradhya n damini glares at him .
Aaradhya shuts door with anger .
Disha : slowly yaar . I said I’m sensitive . ahh my ear pains .
Aaru : I’m sorry .
She opens door again n shuts with louder sound than before .
Aaru : now ok…
Disha looks on …soon all girls falls asleep .

Next morning with Some works finally ends . its sleep time now .
Again someone knocks their door . now Aaru n damini know that it is disha boyfriend . so they are waiting for her to open . still she is acting like yesterday .
Aaru : this is too much . u know that it must be ur idiot why don’t u open the door ?
Disha : wat if its someone else . I can’t strain my self .
Aaru : horrible .
Damini : dude no use . I’ll open .
Again disha boyfriend .
Damini : u again .
Aaru : go away .
disha makes both out of room n allows him inside n shuts the door .
Aaru : god…wat kind of people they are ?
Damini : we getting punishment everyday .
Both continues talking about the issue sometime .

Aaru : I’m missing my friends …
Damini : who ?
Aaru : rithu , dhruv n mandy . wait I can meet rithu now . she is in next building .
Damini : no yaar … compound wall is high .
Aaru : I know who can help me . I’ll come back soon .
She will message to rithu to meet her outside the wall .
She goes to Aadit room n knocks the door .Aadit opens it .
Aadit : U here…I know u love fight with me . but seriously in this time too .
Aaru : will u give me some space to explain ?
Aadit : wat ?
Aaru :I want to go out now .
Aadit : r u mad . gates will be closed now .
Aaru : I know . I can jump wall if u help me .
Aadit : wat??? No way .
Aaru : fine I’ll do it myself .
Aadit : wait I will help .
Aaru : gud boy .
Aadit : I’m coming just to count ur broken bones .
Aaru : lets see .
Aadit : by the way nice short.
Aaru : shame on u man …
Aadit :wats wrong ? Its just a compliment . girls die to listen it from me .
Aaru : unfortunately I’m not among them .
Aadit : fine …
They reach near wall .

Aadit : look wall is really high . u will hurt urself .
Aaru : its my wish . u just help me .
Aadit : yaar like who is other side that much important ?
Aaru : hmm my BF .
Aadit( shouts) : wat ??? do u have boyfriend ?
Aaru : u r shouting as if having boyfriend is worlds biggest crime .
Aadit :r u serious..
Aaru : yaa….
Aadit looks sad with slight anger .
Aadit : listen this is not right time to meet him . I will make him run away .
Aaru : instead u can help me .
Aadit feels like punching the one other side .
But helps Aaru to climb wall .Aaru is super excited to see rithu .
Aaru : hi darling .
She hugs rithu .

This side Aadit filled with jealousy walking here n there .
Aadit (in mind) : how is this possible ? who is he ?
Aaru : finally buddy u r worlds best girl .
Rithu : wat happened ?
Aaru : met someone really crazy . feeling like kicking her out of universe .
She tells everything to rithu .
Rithu : hmm…then only one can solve this .
Aaru : who?
Rithu : my aaradhya .
Aaru :kya yaar ?
Rithu : really . wat happened to u ? someone irritating u n u sitting silient . is it u ? i think delhi changed my Aaradhya .
Aaru : u r right buddy . why I’m sitting quiet ? thanks buddy now see wat I will do …
Rithu : that’s Aaru .
They both chit chat for some more time . here this side Aadit lost his patience n started jumping to see the person whom Aaradhya talking for such a long time . finally he holds wall n sees .
Aadit : oh rithu is arrogant maheshwari boyfriend ….(he feels some relief now)
Soon aaradhya jumps to other side with help of rithu .this side Aadit holds her to get down .
Aadit :so hows ur boyfriend ?
Aaru : awesome n thanks for helping me to meet him .
Aadit : my pleasure . did u told rithu too that I’m the one who helped .
Aaru : so u have seen us …really shame on u .
Aadit : whatever u think . but I really wanted to see that poor person who have that much guts to bare u for lifetime .
Aaru : shut up….i must pity on that girl who gets into relationship with u n decided to sacrifice whole life for a monster like u . listen I won’t let her do it .whoever be the girl I will make her to run away from mandap . if she is not even interested in running I will kidnap her n for sure I will stop ur wedding .
Aadit : me too . who ever be the guy I will help him to save himself from dinosaur like u .
Aaru : how dare u to call me like that ?
She starts chasing him .

Precap : fun b/w Aaradhya n Aadit .

Credit to: honey


  1. sinzo

    wow ….fantastic…episode……
    make Aru and damini to irritate damini……it will be fun?

  2. Kerthana

    Aaru and aadit are super cute and awesome. They are soo adorable yaar and I loved it when aadit was jealous and now I want to see aaru jealous

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