The pain that continues..(episode 11)


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Hi guys thanks for all ur love …I’m back with another episode .sorry for late update . I’m trying to be regular but still some busy schedules .
Episode 11:
As soon as Aaradhya reaches home she falls on her bed since she was really tired due to their long lasting chase in pool . even Aadit condition is same he too sticks to his bed .
Finally fresh morning again…
Aardhya gets ready n leaves to college .
Scene 1 : class room .
Dayana mam class …every student checking their watch n thinking when this boring class ends n some eagerly waiting for wat twist this time dayan going to give them .
Dayana : so students theres a camp for all of u in delhi . education camp. we had divided all of u into groups n allotted particular incharge . we will provide u stay n u should share ur room with someother students from other campuses. camp is about three days and fourth day u can make local visits . we will leave tomorrow .
Class ends n everyone gathers at notice board to check their camp details .
Mandy : guys none of us are in same group .
Aaru : kya yaar ? r we kids to divide into groups n allot incharges .
RIthu : so camp will be damn boring .
Dhruv : not exactly . we have last day left for masti .
Mandy : yes…..

They leave from that place n Aadit n his friends arrives …
Rohan : our friendship is soo strong buddy we are in same group .
Aadit : so even there I won’t get peace of mind .
Rohan hits him on shoulder .
Aadit : joke yaar . have some sense of humor buddy . above all u r Aadit malhotra’s friend . come lets go…
They goes to parking slot both Aaru n Aadit gets into their cars n suddenly both remember something n runs into college . both approaching notice board in opposite direction .they both reaches near notice board standing beside eachother but both didn’t notice eachother . they looking into noticeboard n find their names under same group .
Aadit n Aaru (shouts) : no….
N they both look at each other …

Aadit : finally bang in delhi too…don’t why my fate became too bad since I came here .
Aaru : don’t talk much . one punch u will reach canada directly .
Aadit (laughing) : have u ever seen ur size . make talks that suits ur size madam .
Aaru : mr. monster I’m not joking . n look at this…
She shows her biceps n its really funny since her arm really thin . seeing this Aadit raises his one eye brow n looks at her . she understand why he is looking at her like that . immediately she lowers her hands .
Aaru : every time size don’t matter… I’m stronger n u should accept this fact .
Aadit : really… ( he looks around n sees peon carrying books bundle.
Aadit : kaka where are u going with this bundle ?
Peon : beta I have keep them in office room .
Aadit : give it to me . I will keep them .
Peon : no beta I will do it .
Aadit : don’t worry I will keep them now .
The peon hand overs the bundle to Aadit n goes away . now Aadit looks at Aaru .
Aadit : u r really stronger right then carry these to office room .
Aaru : that’s all … I can do it with single hand .
Aadit : lets see …

He keeps bundle on floor ….
Aadit : come on Kolkata’s number 1 body builder lift them .
Aaru : watch now …
She tries to lift them up but they are really heavy for her to lift . she looks at Aadit .
Aadit : wat ??? I don’t think these would be heavy for a body builder like u …
Aaru : still I didn’t give up …
She tries really hard but no use . now tries with all her strength n successful in lifting them few inches high from ground . she won’t be able to lift any more n leaves them n sits on floor . now her energy bar is empty . Aadit smiles at her childish activities .
Aadit : I think size matters .
He forwards his hand to her . she holds it n gets up .
Aaru : today I didn’t ate breakfast …or else this bundle is nothing to me.
Aadit : plz I laughed a lot today no more joke now .
She looks at him with anger n about to go .
Aadit : Aaradhya don’t worry . when we return from delhi . I promise I’ll join u in best gym…
Aaru : go to hell…
She goes away . Aadit keeps the bundle in office room n he too leave for home.
Scene 2 : Aaradhya room .
Aaradhya packing her stuff with anger throwing clothes into bag ..
Aaradhya : wat he thinks of him self ? do he think he is super man ? always makes fun of me . no infact I make fun of myself .( she stands before mirror ) he is right have u seen ur size . challenged like super woman .really Aaradhya u r idiot of Kolkata . no…idiot of whole world .
Arjun enters …
Arjun : I don’t know that u know these many facts about urself .
She throws clothes on him in anger .
Arjun : kya yaar ? so delhi trip interesting .
Aaru : boring bhai … we r divided into groups …
Arjun : ohh..ok wat will u get me from delhi ?
Aaru : shame on u bhai . asking lil sister to get something infact u should give me something after returning .
Arjun : ok…sleep soon . tomorrow I’ll drop u at stop .
Aaru : how caring …
Arjun : actually I don’t trust ur driving in early morning n I know how sleepy u r .
Aaru : don’t u get tired in praising my works always …
Arjun : fine gud night .
Aaru : gud night bhai ….

Precap : Aaradhya’s trouble with her new room mate .

Credit to: honey

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