Paheli (Mystery): Promo 1

Sorry guys that I have not posted for a time. And some may one regular updates on this fan fiction. But, a big sorry to all that I can’t really post Paheli regularly due to my exams which will be staring in a week and will be ending on the 23rd of June. Thank you for listening to me and now to the first promo of Paheli. And to be noted is that I am writing a promo for my FF for the first time. So, please bear with me if it is not interesting.

Paheli (Mystery): Promo 1

The dark night is getting even darker. The thunder and lightning were continuously heard and seen. The rain was falling as if the clouds had to clear the vaporized water in it. The palace-like mansion was fully drenched in the rain. An owl was seen staring at the mansion.

The camera then moves into the mansion where girl was shown running with a long trail of dupatta behind her. The laughter of her echoed the walls of the mansion. Another shadow of a male figure was seen on the wall. He was looking around the calling out for someone.

Guy: Rajkumari!! Where are you?? Rajkumari!!!

He was shown walking slowly to a room in east wing of the mansion. He opened one of the room’s door. The thing he saw made him move back in shock. There was the girl, laying on the bed, unconscious. There was someone sitting by her caressing her forehead. The guy moves in to see the face of the lady.

Guy: Tum!!?? Tum kaise??

An evil smirk was shown on the lips of the lady. She takes out something which made the guy shocked.

The scene shifts to a wall clock which indicates 2.15 and a scream was heard. It was Laksh all awoke as usual in sweats. He calm himself and was along the corridor where he gets a glance of someone walking towards the main door. He goes behind the someone he saw and ends up in the rain following her.

Laksh: Rukho! Kaun ho tum?? Haveli mein kya kar rahi thi tum? Maine kaha rukho!!

The girl keeps on walking with Laksh following her. She stops. Laksh tries to look at the girl and tries to come in front of her.

Laksh: Ragini?? Aap??

There were no change in her expression. She walks pass him while he calls out for her.

What happened to Ragini? Where was she going? Or where was she led? Wait for it.

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  1. Really fabulous! !! Plzzzzzz continue can’t wait 4 nxt part

  2. Oh my goddd awesomeeee…plz cont.. n post sooon…eagerly wtng for it…love ragini…

  3. Awesome dr… Prepare well 4 ur xams…

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