Paheli (Mystery): Intro and Episode 1

Paheli (Mystery): Introduction & Prologue…..

Lakshya Maheswari: Handsome, intelligent, independent, successful. But, there is something which disturbs his sleep exactly at 2.15 a.m. every night. Flashes of a few incidents runs through his dream since he was 10. What is the real story behind this?

Ragini Gadodia: Cute, sweet, innocent, ambitious, studious. She was sent to abroad to study there since 10 as her life was always in danger when the family was in India. After 14 years, she returns. Will she get her life in trouble again?

Durgaprasad Maheswari: Father of Laksh who wants him to get married as soon as possible because of some problems in his Kundali. Best friend of Shekhar. Will he able to protect his son from the upcoming danger?

Shekhar Gadodia: Ragini’s Papa and DP’s best friend. He doesn’t want his daughter to come back to India as he believes her life is danger. But will he able to stop what is destined?

The story begins……

Night, a room was shown with the table lamp flickering. Heavy wind was blowing inside the room, making eerie music to the ears. The curtains were flying in the air and sound of someone mourning was heard. There was guy twisting and turning on the bed, sweating heavily. He wakes up, jumping from the bed. The sweat were still flowing down continuously while he turns to the side table to have a glass of water. While drinking, he looks at something and gets boggled as well as confused. It was the wall clock which shows the time at 2.15 in the morning. He gets up from the bed and walks to the bedroom’s balcony. The moonlight shines on his face and makes it visible. It was Lakshya, looking at the moon, thinking about something. Some scenes starts to flash in front of his… there was horse-drawn carriage with a girl and guys sitting on it, then the same couple riding a canoe, having some snacks while cruising the lake. Then, there were a scene flashing on his mind, where a girl was laying unconscious on the arms of a guy while he calls out for her (muted). When he opens his eyes, they were reddish and filled with unknown sadness. He sits on the rocking chair there and starts to think about something. After a while he falls asleep there itself.

The next day, a flight was shown landing. A young in a black tops and white slack comes out of the airport, pushing her trolley. She was followed by her father with another trolley. The girl looks around excitingly while her father seems to be tensed about something.

Ragini: Papa, I really feel that finally, after 14 years I’m back in my homeland. My feeling on this moment cannot be expressed with words. Come we will take a selfie together, Papa.
Shekhar: It’s ok, beta. You carry on while and go and look for a cab.
Ragini: Ok.

She starts to take some pictures, when from nowhere a trail of trolley starts moving towards her. it was coming nearer and nearer to her while Ragini had no idea about it approaching her. Shekhar comes there to call Ragini saw the trollies and shouts her name. But in vain as Shekhar feels someone is trying to stop him saving his daughter. He starts running towards her but falls down in the process. Though he was hurt, Shekhar, runs to Ragini and pulls her from there.

Here, Laksh who was sleeping at the balcony, wakes up screaming. DP who was downstairs on call, ends it and runs up to his son’s room. There, he sees Laksh on the rocking chair, sweating heavily.

DP: Laksh, beta?? What happened?
Laksh (sweating): I’m not sure, Papa, but I just felt that I was about to lose something very important in my life, which I have lost before.
DP: I don’t get you, Laksh.
Laksh: Even I can’t understand what is happening to me and around me.
DP: I think that we really need to meet the Babaji at out Kuldevi’s mandir.
Laksh: Papa, please. You know me really well that I don’t believe in all these.
DP: Please, beta. At least for my sake. I lost your mother and I can’t afford losing you too.
Laksh: Ok, Papa. I will come with you. We can go there tomorrow.
DP: Thank you, beta. This means a lot to me.

Here, at the airport, Ragini fells beside Shekhar and shouts in pain.

Shekhar: Are you okay, Ragini?
Ragini: I’m fine, Papa.
Shekhar (in mind): It’s happening again. Although 14 years have passed but it is still behind my daughter. I think it’s the high time for me to bring Ragini to Babaji again.
Ragini: Papa, what are you thinking about?
Shekhar: Nothing, beta. Tomorrow we will be travelling to our Kuldevi’s mandir first thing in the morning.
Ragini: But why suddenly, Papa?
Shekhar: I’ll explain to you later. Promise, you’ll not go anywhere from your hotel room without informing me.
Ragini: Fine, pinkie promise.

The screen freezes on Ragini and Laksh.

To be continued……

Precap: The first part….. untangling a part of the Paheli ( Mystery)

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