Paheli (Mystery): Episode 2

Paheli (Mystery): Episode 1

The sunrise was shown which immediately shifts to a speedily driven car. There was DP at the front seat with Laksh at the back, watching all the sceneries on the way.

DP: What are you thinking about, Laksh?
Laksh: I don’t know why, Papa but I feel that I have been here before.
DP: How is it possible, beta? It’s the first time you are coming to the Kuldevi’s temple.
Laksh: That is why I feel so strange, Papa.
DP: I’m sure that Babaji can answer all your questions.
Laksh: Hope so, Papa.

Their car enters the village when a strong wind was blown causing all the leaves to scatter around.

In an old temple, a cave hole was shown. A voice (lady) was heard chanting some mantras, she starts having goosebumps while she smirks.

Lady: He is here…. Now, it is the wait of the girl to come. Then… (laughs). Now, you both can never live happily and peacefully. History will be repeated again.

On the other hand, Ragini was shown admiring the nature wondering about something.

Ragini: Papa, have we ever came here before?
Shekhar: Your Mumma and I have, beta
Ragini: Not just both of you. I meant including me?
Shekhar (giving her a suspicious look): Why are you asking so, Ragini?
Ragini: Because I really feel like I have been here before. Everything is so familiar, the trees, the forest, the landmark, everything.
Shekhar (in mind): How is it possible? Janki and I have never brought her here, then???
Ragini: What are you, Papa?
Shekhar: nothing, beta. Look! That is our village and in a while, we will reach the temple.

The cave was again shown with the lady smirking. She stands from her sitting position and walks to the cave’s entrance.

Lady: Seems like the girl have also reached. After this, they will never leave from here. My wait of 100 years is finally over. Now it’s my game and it will start tonight. Hehehehehe

An old temple of Durga was shown the camera moves to the back of the place. There, was an old man sitting on meditation position and a smile appeared on his dried lips.

Old Man: The story of 100 years ago has reached back the same beginning. Today, the face off of two lovers connected by their hearts will take place today.

He closes back his eyes……..

Laksh and DP gets down from the car and walks towards the temple. While walking, Laksh gets some flashes (in negative) of a girl running around the temple while a guy chasing her. The guy catches the girl by her waist and hugs from behind. Laksh stands there.

DP: What happened, beta? Why you just stood here.
Laksh: Nigahen aapki, pechchan hai humari,
Muskurahat aapki, shaan hai humari,
Karna hifazat tum apni,
Kyun ki saans aapki, jaan hai humari.

Ragini (in the car looking out of the window): Dil ki awaaz ko izhaar kehte hai,
Jhuki nigah ko iqrar kehte hai,
Sirf paane ka naam ishq nahin,
Kuch khone ka bhi pyaar kehte hai.
Shekhar: Ragini, since when you started to recite poems?
Ragini: I’m surprised too, Papa.

DP: Beta, what happened to you suddenly?
Laksh: I don’t know, Papa. I had some flashes and this poem just flow out of my mouth.
DP: Come, beta. Let’s go to meet Babaji.
Laksh: Ok, Papa.

Laksh and DP walked to the old man and folded hand in front of him.

Old Man: I know that you both will come to meet me. Why are you looking surprised, Lakshya?
Laksh (shocked): How do you know me, Babaji?
Old Man: I know everything. The thing that disturbs you since you are 10, which wakes you up every night at 2.15.
Laksh: What is meant by the dream I see? Who are the guy and the girl?
Old Man: The guy is you, Lakshya.
Laksh: Me? What about the girl?
Old Man: She’s someone that you’ll meet very soon. This story started 100 years ago and it have returned to where it begun.
DP: Is my son’s life safe, Babaji?
Old Man: He is not safe until he meets whom he is destined. His Kundali is going through a bad phase now. The girl he will be meeting is his savior. And he is hers. The time is here for them to meet. Their meet is destined by the fate. The wind, the dried leaves, the blue sky and the rain will be the witness of it.

The Babaji closes his eyes and the father & son leaves from there.

DP: Laksh, before leaving go and pray to Durga Ma. She is very powerful.
Laksh: Ok, Papa.

Laksh (standing in front of the idol): I don’t get what the Babaji told me. But the only thing I know is that the girl I see in my dream is the destined one for me. I want to meet her. I want the answer for the flashes I see.

A cold breeze of wind hits causing the dried leaves around to fly around. The sky which looked clear a moment ago, turns dark. The smell of the rain can be sensed by his nose. Remembering what the Babaji said, Laksh with so much up hope turned around and saw another car stopping in front of the temple. He saw a man similar to the age of his father getting out of the car and from the back seat, a girl in a blue anarkali came out, it was Ragini. She feels something strange seeing the temple.

Ragini: Papa, I feel like I’m having a dejavu because this temple looks so familiar.

The next happened was her dupatta flew from her shoulder and it landed on Laksh face.

The screen freezes on Ragini and Laksh whose face was covered with the dupatta.

To be continued….

Precap: When the danger strikes….

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