Pahela Pyar Os by Ashnita

Hi guys iam Ashnita. Iam back with a romantic os. I’m not a romantic person but wrote something romantic one. I hope u guys liked it.




Body guards r surrounded in bunglow.

A room is shown which is only black color. Someone is sleeping peacefully. He hears alarm and woke up and breaked alarm.

Boy – Rita cum here

Rita – yes sir

Boy – i told u dnt put alarm in my room. Who told u

Kusum -me

He sleeps again. Kusum went near him.

Kusum -Kabir beta uto

Boy woke up his hair is messy .His eyes r passionate. Of course he is our most handsome munda Kabir.

Kabir – maa I hate that alarm.

Kusum – When u will get married

Kabir -today now

Kusum gets happy.

Kabir -maa in ur dreams nobody is made for me

Kusum -u know kab tume pyar hoga

Kabir -maa koi ladki bani nhi jo Kabir ko pahela pyar hoga. Woh uske liye mare ga

Rita -jaldi mile gi

Kabir -shut up and next time no alarm or u r fired.

Rita -I’m sorry sir.

Kabir tells kusum that he is going for jogging.

In Park

Kabir was jogging just then his eyes went to a angel who was looking beautiful. Kabir couldn’t took off her eyes.

Her curly hair simple ear ring wearing kurti and jeans and with simple hairtyle . It’s sanchi.

Sanchi saw Kabir she couldn’t take off her eyes from him. Kabir saw sanchi staring at him. He ignored her and went. Sanchi was shocked.

Sanchi follows Kabir. Where kabir sat sanchi sits opposite side of him . Kabir again ignored and went.

Kabir saw some boys playing soccer. He too joins with them.

Sanchi again follows him. She saw Kabir playing. She was about to take selfi with him. ( not together but she zoomed it ) when she saw Kabir was missing .She finds him ever where. Kabir was behind her smiling at her.

Sanchi -where did this hottie went

Kabir – do you looking for me

Sanchi -no I’m looking my bf.

Kabir pov – jutti mere piche pari hai aur bf bhi bana liya

Sanchi -excuse me wats ur name

Kabir -Kabir Kapoor

Sanchi -U mean the Kabir kappor

Kabir -yes

Sanchi faints in his arms. Kabir carried her towards a cafe.

Kabir – wat happened to me is this love at first sight. Yes I’m In love.

Kabir kissed sanchi forehead. Sanchi opens her eyes slowly when she saw Kabir was about to look she quickly closed her eyes.

Kabir -oh madam get up.

Sanchi smiles

Kabir -did

Kabir went left sanchi thinking.

In Mishra mantion

Sanchi was dreaming about kabir and prasha came.

Sanchi sings and dances.

Chahe tum ne kuch na kaha maine sun liya.
Ki saathi pyar ka mujhe Chun liya.
Chun liya.
Maine sun liya

In Kapoor Mantion

Kabir sings and dances with sanchi pic

Pahela nasha
Pahela khumaar
Naya pyar hai naya intezar.
Kar loon main kya apna haal
Aye dil bekarar
Tu hi bata.

They slept remembered eachother.

Next morning Kabir quickly woke up without alarm. Kusum cums to wake him up and gets shocked to see letter. It reads Maa No Need to wake me up I’m going for jogging love u. Kusum questions herself that wat happened to Kabir. Is he in love OMG. Yipeeeeee.

Kanchi waiting for eachother and ignoring. Now Kabir chance was to follow her. Kabir cums towards sanchi.

Kabir -i told my name by the wats ur name angel.

Sanchi -sanchi mishra

Kabir -nice name bye

He again went left sanchi thinking. She remincing angel word.

She again dances with leaves and other boys whoever goes .

Hudta hi firoon in hawaon mein kahin
Yaa main jool jaun in ghaton mein.

Kabir otherside dances with little girls

Kahin udta hi firoon hawa mein
Yaa main jool jaun in ghaton mein kahin
Ek kardu aasman zameen
Kaho yaaron kya karun kya nahi.


Pahela nasha
pahela Khumar
Naya pyar hai naya intezar


Kar loon mein apna kya haal
Aye dil e bakaar mere dil hai ek bekarar.

Sanchi remembers Kabir talks

Usne baat ki kuch aise dhaang se
Sapne de gaya vo hazaaro range ke


Reh jaun Jaise mein haar ke
Aur chume wo mujhe pyar se
Usne baat ki kuch eshe dhaang se
Sapne de gayi wo hazaaro rang se.
Pahela nasha pahela Kumar.

Some days passed as like that they ignoring each other. But deeply loves eachother.

Sanchi and prasha went to shop. Sanchi saw some books she was picking books just then one more hand was picking same book. Sanchi saw Kabir she quickly drops books and both bend down and hit eachother head.

Sanchi again hit Kabir head and stood up.

Sanchi -I’m sorry

Sanchi gives her hand to Kabir. He holds it and purposely pulls sanchi on himself. Sanchi is on top of him. They have a romantic eye lock

Bg plays

Sanam re

Kusum and Rita is shocked to see kanchi . They coughed and broke kanchi dream.

Kabir quickly stood up and this time Kabir gave hand to sanchi and left sanchi hand due to kusum. Sanchi glared at him. Kusum asked Kabir to lift sanchi.

Kabir gives hand and again sanchi holds it. Kabir pulls sanchi up and sanchi quickly hugged Kabir. Kabir smiles at kusum and signal her bahu.

Sanchi realised how close she was. She moves apart.

Kabir shakes his hands with Isha and someone is burning like hell. She gets teary eyed and runs out.

Kabir and kusum saw that. Kusum asked Kabir to go and apologies .Kabir asked kusum did you liked ur bahu. Kusum said great choice. Rita said Kabir sir fells in love.
Kusum and Kabir shouted shut up.

In Park

Sanchi cries and Kabir came near her. Now sanchi chance to ignore him.

Kabir couldn’t saw this he pulled her close and kissed her.

After that they move apart.

Kabir kneels down and took ring.

Sanchi -kabir wat r u doing

Kabir -sanchi I’m in love with u. When First time I saw u.Tum hi ho pahela aur aakri pyar. I didn’t know before that I will love someone more than my life. I don’t know wat to say now. I love u. Will you become my better half. Ab baas Karo jaldi se yes bolo my leg is paining.

Sanchi – no I won’t say yes

Kabir -Y I’m I that bad

Sanchi – first tell the world that u love me

Kabir – only this I’m Kabir kappor.

He calls his RJ Friend and there conservation is muted.

After sometime Kabir on radio

RJ -guys someone wants to share dil ke baat.

Kabir – hi guys iam Kabir Kappor. I in madly in love with sanchi. My love my breath and my everything. Today i proposed her but she rejected. So I’m going to tell the world that how much I love her. GUYS R U WITH ME TELL MY LOVE THAT I LOVE HER. SANCHI MISSION KABIR LUVS U TRUELY.

sanchi became emotional she quickly hugged him. Kabir thanks the world and his friend.

Now this time sanchi kneels down holding a rose and a ring.

Sanchi – Kabir Kappor will u marry me. I know I’m mad . Can you accept me as ur better half. I kept ring for u when I saw u.

Kabir kneels down and they exchange rings and have a passionate kiss.


I dnt know wat i wrote just fingers crossed. I hope u guys like it. I told before I’m not romantic person. If u guys liked it pliz pliz drop a comment and tell me I’m a good in writing romantic one or not.

Bye take care
Keep smiling


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  1. awesomeeee
    one of the best of urs

  2. Sweet and amazing

  3. NegiSantukta

    Awesome. I just loved it to the core. ????And, of course this os is too romantic.
    Omg my Kabeer bhaiya fall in love woth Saanchi.
    Keep writing dear.

  4. Amazing

  5. RuCh23

    Ashu dear it’s sooooo lovely ???????? totally loves it ????

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    Genuinely speaking I am not mad to say I didn’t like it.It was simple yet beautifully written. Luv u loads.

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    I’m still thinking ki shayad tumhare aur hamare dictionary mein bahut farq hai coz acc to me, this os was tooo romantic….but pata nahi, tumne apne aapko “romantic writer nahi hoon” tag kyun dia????Ashu Ashu Ashu, this was really really amazing, mind blowing, khidkitod, darwaza tod etc.etc……….luv u loads sweetieeeeeeeeeee………..

  8. This was amazing Ashu & so so romantic sweertie….love it to the core….come back with another one sweetie.

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  10. It was too cute and good selection of song i love the song

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    ashu ashu kaha se aate he itne achhe achhe ideas(sorry…….i’m so happy so i wrote in hindi mistakely)…………btw it was soo romantic os and mind blowing one………..after reading this how can i say you are you not romantic writer???………but seriously it was superb anddddddd romantic os…………..come back soon with otherone………a big wala hug for you……………….

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  13. Awwwwwww…ths was so sweet and cute wala OS…Awesome yr…Splendid…

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