Pahela Pyaar ❤:Twinj OS

Guys..I Meethi is.. back with one more os on our Twinj…Pahela Pyaar…❤
First of all Happy Lorhi❤

So now i will start ⛧…
The scene starts on a girl who is checking some reports..

Girl-So Mrs Maya after checking ur reports it seems u r completely fine now..but remind u take care of urself..u r weak..u need extra care..u this stage of pregnancy it is very imp for a would be mother to be careful..u shd carefully plan everything ur food..ur sleep and ur exercise shd also be on tym..u r strictly prohibited frm doing any house work…and Mr Kapoor..u have to take extra care of ur wofe now..its only one month left for her delivery date..

Maya-Thank u so much Dr..I will take care..
Mr Kapoor-Yes Ms Twinkle..if u wouldn't be here..we would have lost our kid…Thank u!…

(Yes the dr is none other than Twinkle..she is a gynaecologist)

Twinkle-Sir..its not only bcoz of me..its her..who did not lose her strength and her determination..she had to bear d pain..not i..i jst consoled her..and helped her..after her accident it was difficult to save her child..but its jst bcoz of her and ur prayers which saved the child..And once again i m reminding u both..pls take care..u r weak maya..and u need to gain strength till d delivery date…for a safe delivery..
Maya-Yes we will make sure…And Thank u once we will take ur leave..bye..

Twinkle smiles…They go and Twinkle sees the watch…

Ohk its 4pm…and i knw wat is gonna happen…5..4…3….2…1..she counts and her phone rings..and she picks it up with a smile…
Twinkle-Yes mom..Ya ya i have eaten my food…yes i shared it wid min cn u decide this…ma pls…wat will i do their…and..hello not not again and she cuts d phone…..

Oh more trouble my no..shes not d trouble..infact she is d solution to all my problems..but today..she created a problem for me..wat!I'll tell u..she wants me to meet some kunj…my di's hone wala dewar..jiju's bro jiju and di fell in love wen they were studying engineering..last year and i was in USA pursuing my Medical…I had no idea wen her engagement got final until..

Tring Tring Tring my phone rang..and remind u i was sleeeping coz it was night there…
I picked up d phone..
Hello is said in a sleepy tone..
Di-Twinki….u r sleeping get up its afternoon…she sounded excited..and i think she forgot that i was USA..
Di its 3 am here…i again said in a sleeping tone..i asked di wat happened y r u soundng so excited..
Di-Twinkii..i m getting engaged in 3 months….i want u to come..and i knw u have ur Finals the nxt month so u can the 2nd month..
Okay i said..and cut the phone..but then realised that my nerdy is gonna get engaged..i was happy 4 her..very..much..i love her..

Flashback over⛧…
But the problem was  I missed their engagement… finals were postponed..and i came home after 1 month of her engagement…imagine wat a  volcano might have blasted on me..but it was calmed by my jiju..After that i decided to work here in mumbai itself…Luckily my bestie..Rohan who is also a doctor and owns a chain of hospitals..showed mercy on me and gave me a job..on d condition tat i will share my food wid him always..jst kidding he knew my talent so i was appointed….now its been 6 months i m in Mumbai.. nd my ma is running behind me 4 marriage wich i dont want… di is gonna marry in two months..and i dont wnt myself to thnk abt marriage now…Returning 2 d current problem i have to meet "kunj"god knws who is he..the 2nd prob is..even if i want 2 meet him i cannot..coz i have a very imp meeting wid some  Mr.K who is a renowned Cardiologist.
So now i have to take help of..

(Kunj is Mr K)…

I heard..(pov ends)..
May I come in Madam!..said Rohan..

Rohan-U were cmg to me ri8..
Twinkle-Yes actually ma wants me to meet some jiju's bro..but i..
Rohan-u have a meeting..
Twinkle-U knw me now u gonna talk to my ma..
Rohan -Ufff ragu..u r too much..i will not talk to her..pls..she will ask abt my marriage..but u knw na Me and riya need

some tym..
Twinkle-I knw..and u have to…i have done a favour on u by allowing my bst frnd cum u..
Rohan- Nautanki…okay i will call..saying this he calls nd twinki asks him to put d phone on speaker…

Leela-arre Rohan beta..aaj mujhe kaise yaad kiya..Did twiki puttar do smthng..I will scold her give d phone to her..
Rohan-Arre no no aunty actually d thng is twinki has a meeting ..tday and she will not be able to go to meet d person..pls Aunty..
Leela-Koi nahi beta..i knw u will not lie..if twinki told me this i would have not agreed but u saying it is acceptable..okay..i ll tell ap ji..byee beta take care…
Rohan cuts d phone..and sees..twinkle standing..with her jaws dropped..

Twinkle-This is not fair..she always does this and she sits with cute puppy face..
Rohan-Are twinki..its d truth accept it..she loves me more than u..after all i m her only son..and he winks..
Twinkle-Acha..i am her daughter she love me more..and shows him tongue ..but i m happy to get such cute..carng brother like u sayng this she pulls her cheeks..
Rohan-Thanks..wait did u jst call me cute..twinki u knw na..i dont like u calling me cute..!
Twinkle is gonna say smthng wen rohan's phone rings..
Rohan-Yes i m cmg make him sit in my cabin..
Twinki i m gng i will call u 5 min..okay and BEHAVE
HE leaves..
Twinki imitates Behave..

Twinkle..ok now  concentrate..u have to do this meeting nicely..
 Twinkle is called and she goes

She enters and sees a handsome and a dashing male sitting..wid rohan

Twinkle pov..
Ok ok..i was startled to see he d experienced doctor abt whom rohan was talking..he is so damn handsome..his eyes..are deep and passionate..his stubble..makes me like him even more…wait wat did i twinkle concentrate..he is ur new boss..the hod..but his eyes have a hypnotizing effect twinkle control..
My thoughtswere broken by rohan..
Miss..introduce urself…rohan said..
He very well knows me

Twinkle-Good evening sir..i m Tara..Nice 2 meet u..and forwarded her hand..
Rohan smiled at her..
Mr.K-Hello miss Tara i m K….nd shook hands with twinkle

 K Pov..

So it was quite strange..she was my junior..but she might be jst a year younger to me..she looks like a true..Princess charming…wait kunj..u jst chngd d name frm..prince to princess charming..strange…but her eyes…be d most beautiful thng i have ever seen..he d cutest..wait kunj concentrate..she's ur junior..but i like her..kunj..calm down..its jst a mere attraction….now concentrate..
Pov ends..

Twinkle-So ro..rohan stares her..i means sir shall we start discussing d topic..
Rohan-Yes miss..Tara
K..AND Twinkle sits..and they three start their meeting…

The meeting ends….
At night..
Twinkle..oh scoooty..why do u trouble me by not getting i will ask rohan for lift and she goes and stands near d gate..and is going to call rohan wen..she hears a horns and turns to find laksh in d car..
Kunj-Miss u need a lift?..
Twinkle-No sir i will manage..rohan will drp me home..dnt stress urself..and she smiles..
Kunj-Vaise..rohan has already left..riya ka call aya tha..
Twinkle-Oh..this rohan..pyar mein andha..and sir..u dont worry i will take a taxi..
Kunj (K)-I said na..i will drop come sit..
Twinkle agrees and sits..
Kunj-So where do u live..

Twinkle pov..
Oh god..this is wat i feared i cannot tell him that i m a Taneja .its like i dnt like this mom is renowned buisness woman..and is sme1 comes to knw that i m her daughter they will ask that why did i not prefer working in my mom's Franchis of hospitals..or any other field..this is d reason why i dont disclose my i want 2 achieve everythng on my lyf by my talent onlyt..not jst bcoz i m a taneja..rohan knws this hence he always asks me 2 introduce myself..nd now if he comes 2 drp me..he will come to knw by the name plate…
Her thoughts r disturbed by Kunj

Kunj-Miss i asked for ur address to drp u not ur no that u r thnkng so much..
Twinkle-Oh ya..sorry..take a right frm here..
Kunj-Thinks strange..okay he says..


There is a silence in d car wen twinkle  shouts stop..and kunj applied brake..
Kunj-Wat happened..
Twinkle-We reached..twinkle gets out of d car..
Kunj ..opens d window..and says u live here..a bustop and autostand is seen and no house or no buildings around..
Kunj-tara u live here..there's no building or a house here..
Twinkle-Actually..i live in Juhu..and i heard Rohan saying that u live in u would have to travel extra distance 2 drp me..nd its better i take an auto here..and pls dont say no..i took lift frm u na ..
Kunj-Okay but on 1 condition stp calling me sir..u can call my k..and give me a call wen u reach
Twinkle-Okay..K…but how will i call u… mobile..u give me ur no..and then realises..ohk..sorry if u dont want to give then its okay..he says..
Twinkle raises her 1 his statement and smiles saying..kunj i was joking..wait give me ur no..
Twinkle -Smiles at his antics..and gives her his no..and bids a good bye 2 her..
Twinkle took an auto and reached home..she mssged kunj..she reached..and slept after having dinner..

Next Day…
Kunj entered twinkle's cabin to take sme files frm her..but also asked..
Kunj-  tara why did u mssg me..?.i mean i told u to call..
Twinkle-She chuckles but hides it be4 Kunj sees and says..voh its that I don't call strangers u knw..
Kunj is shocked..and says..we r toh frnds na!..
Twinkle-Frnds..but frm wen..and raises her eyebrow..
Kunj-..and i also drpped u na..
Twinkle-Acha..but i toh dont regard u as a frnd na..!
Kunj-Acha!..he gets sad..wen..
Twinkle starts laughng..arre buddhu i was joking..we r frnds…and  forwards her hand for frndship….

Days pass and their bond changes frm frnd to best frnd and then they grew close 2 eachother..they both started loving eachother but d problem..was as usual..they were not sure of their partners..feeling so they kept mum..

But one day..

In twinkle's house..
Leela- twinki..and chinki come down jaldi..
They both came down..wat happened they say..curiously..
Leela-I hv taken a decision..that along wid chinki..twinki…ur marriage will also take place..and we have already found a groom..kunj…yuvraj's brother..and pls dont say no..we knw its hard 4 u to accept..but we want both of u to get a very well settled family..and it would have not been better that u both get married in d same household..
Twinki-Ma pls ..

Twinkle -Sadly ok..amd runs 2 her room..
Chinki goes behind her..
Chinki-Wat happened twinki..she sees twinki crying on d bed..
Twinkle-Di i love sme1 else..
Chinki is shocked but happy..who is d lucky 1..
Twinkle-Mr boss.she shows her his photo in her mobile..di i love him very much..
Chinki-Is shocked to see d pic..and my twinki dewarji..i mean her 2 be husband and she doesnot knw that kunj is none other than Mr k..interesting..abh maza tease her..
Chinki-Twinku i understand ur love..but pls for me  once meet kunj..he is a very nice guy nd of u dnt like him..we will refuse for marriage..
Twinkle-Ok..saying this chinki leaves d room and informs leela abt her yes 4 d marriage..while twinkle thinks..he only  will reject me …

The scene shifts to kunj's house..

Manohar-kunj its our final decision u r gng to marry Twinkle Tanej..chinki 's sister..
Usha-Yes beta..we have met her..she is jst lyk d girl u desire for..all good qualities she has in her..pls for  us..
Manohar-See kunj..RT wae my bst and old frnd..i promised him long his daughter has agreed 2 marry u..tom..ur going to meet her along with yuvi..and thats final..
Kunj angrily goes to his room..
Yuvraj also goes behind him..kunj..listen y dont u jst meet her..i bet u will fall in luv with her..
Kunj-But bhai i love some1 else..
Yuvi- Mr kunj Sarna has fallen for sme1.who is that lucky girl..kunj shows him her pic..yuvi he loves my saaali saheba..amd he himself doesnot knw that she is chinki's sis and his to be wife..mazaa toh lena padega is situation ka ..
Yuvi-Kunj atleast meet her and then give then give ur ans..kunj agrees…yuvi leaves..

At night..
Trimg tring..
Yuvi-Picks d call..
Chinki-Hello mr kumbhkaran get up..i want to tell smthng..
Yuvi-Ha tell tell..the 3 magical words..i m dieing to hear..
Chinki-Chii sanskaar raat ko bhi yahi baat..
Yuvi-These type of thngs are talked in night only..
Chinki-Huff..leave listen do u knw that kunj nd twinkle luv eachother but they themselves r not aware that they r gng to marry eachother only..
Yuvi-I knw..i knw..
Chinki-I have a plan..and tells him d plan which is muted…

The next day in d evening…

Yuvi n kunj are waiting..for twinkle..actually chinki couldn't accompany bcoz usha had sme work wid her..
Kunj-wen is she gonna come..i need to refuse n leave..
Yuvi-Wait have patience bro..
Kunj-Bhai..i ll jst come frm washroom.
..yuvraj -ok..

At that tym only.

Twinkle comes along wid a boy..
Yuvi-Twinki who is he..
Twinkle -Actually jiju he is bf..n i love him very much..and i cnnot marry ur bro..
Kunj who saw tara (but did not see raj)..cmng follows her and hears her confession and is shocked..
So he is ur bf..right miss tara.or i shd say twinkle
Twinkle is shocked and turns to see..her love..full of rage..
Twinkle-tum yaha..
Kunj-Yes nd i m d same guy whom u jst rejected now..amd he storms..out..
Twinkle understands d situation and leaves behind him..
She is walking on d search of kunj..wen two three eve teasers come and start eve  teasing goon starts comng close to her wen dhooom..
A person punches d goon amd yes that is none other than our hero kunj ..

Kunj  one by one hits evry goon..wen 1 goon asks..why r u protecting her..kya tumhare saggi lagti hai..
Kunj-yes..i love her in full rage and anger and continue hitting them..wen every goon is injured he demands twinkle to sit in d car..
Twinkle doesnot responds..anything..kunj angrily hold her hand and makes her sit in d car..
Kunj drivers very angrily..twinkle tries speaking but kunj..mums her saying i m not interested in listening to u..
Suddenly…kunj applies breaks..
Kunj-Get out of d a car…we have reached d ur raj..he might be waiting 4 u..he says angrily..
Twinkle senses that he is jealous..she doesn't ans..and sits there only..
Kunj-I said get out..but twinkle reluctantly sits there only..
Kunj gets angry and he himself goes out of d car..
Twinkle feels bad seeing him angry and gets out of d car and back hugs kunj..though kunj feels good and happy but..d thought..of her bf..brmgs him to d reality..and he removes her hands..and says..twinkle u better go..i m not interested in any of ur..talks..

Twinkle -But u have listen..she screams..
Kunj also screams-Wat shd i listen..u love that raj..shd i listen this..or shd i listen..that u dnt want 2 marry me..tell!..
Twinkle-I want u 2 listen..that i love u..i have always loved u..tum ho mera PAHELA PYAAR..i love u stupid..not raj.. wat happened upstairs..u presented raj as ur bf in frnt of my bhai..y!"..he demands
Twinkle -Because i loved u..and did not want to marry..some1 else..i did not knw that u r kunj
Saying this she hugs him..kunj also hugs her back..and says..sorry tara..i mean twinkle..i love u..i m sorry i misunderstood u..be4 understanding ur point i poured all my anger on u..
Twinkle-Actually fault was not was mine..i shd have met lucky..who now i knw is u..first..

They break d hug..

Kunj-So u agree that its ur fault..
Twinkle nods her head..

Kunj-So b ready 4 ur punishment..
Twinkle-Wat punishment.
Kunj moves closes to her and sees her lips..twinkle understands and smiles..she closes her Eyes in approval and they kiss..
It was a deep…passionate…full of love and care…kiss..
They break d kiss and go up..and see chinki and yuvi
Twinkle-u here..
Chinki -Aur nahi toh kya..u knw how scared i got wen yuvi called me and told me that u brought ur bf…wen we knew that u both love eachother…
Yuvi-So romeo and juliet..have reconciled..right.
Kunj smiles..and sees twinkle
Kunj -But it is cheating..u both knew then also..u both did this…i wouldwould have gotten a heart attack…agar mujhe sach pata nhi chalta…
Yuvi-It was all chinki's plan..
Chinki-Alls well that ends welll!…she n sanskaar laughs..while twinkle and kunj smile seeing eachother…

2 years later…

A lady is shown..screaming on d stretcher…
Lady-kunj..its paining..
Kunj-Twinki relax its gonna be a very easy method nthng will happen he assured…
Twinkle -Angrily mr sarna…for ur reminder i myself is a gynaecologist..i knw..wats d procedure as i myself have performed it many tyms on others..but..never thought how much paining this procedure it is…ooouch she shouts..
Kunj-chillax..and twinkle is taken in d ot..
All famuly member laugh seeing there nok jok..

After sme tym..

They hear..a baby's cry..

The nurse comes out and says..its a one persin can go n meet her..kunj runs inside..and sees twinkle sitting on d bed..with his daughter on her lap..
He comes inside…and sits beside d bed..
He takes his daughter on his lap..amd says..
Twinki u have given me d worlds best RAGYA…i love u…thanks for being my pahela pyaar…..
Twinkle- I love u too mera pahela pyaar..
Kunj kisses twinkle on her cheeks..and ragya on her forehead…

The scene ends on their happy faces..

So ppl…. How was it…i knw it was not good..but do tell me abt ur views..ur comments matters alot to me…⛧..

Thank u ….

Take Care….


Load of love

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  1. wht is this every time raggini and laksh y cant u just stop it u should ryt the name of the person who is in this show not ragg and lak

    1. Meethi

      I have already written this story for RagLak…as i thought it would suit on our twinj also i converted it..hence in sme places it ragini or laksh..

      1. i understand its just tht i hate swaragini
        so tht is y …………………………… hope u understand

      2. Meethi

        Oh i am sorry..yup i do..sorry?

  2. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING ???????????? it’s just FANTASTIC yarr ????? I love it very much ?????? and flirty UV ?? as always Twinj r just out of imagination ????Reading Twinj story filling like blessed ???? and stretcher scene was funny ??? All over ur writing r just SUPERBBBB ?????? Plzzz write like more will be waiting 4 ur next writing ????
    Keep smiling ?? Love you ???

  3. Ramya

    Awesome mithi
    It was superb so cute lovely
    Loads of love keep smiling

  4. Presha

    Hey mithi just loved it to the core u naled it very nicely just loved twinj cuteness
    I enjoyed very much

  5. SidMin23

    It was superb and twinkle again did the siyappa here bring raj as her boyfriend and kunj frustration seen raj with twinkle and as always kunj handle her siyappa so well and love the ending part most twinj blessed with their angle {Daughter} happy ending

  6. SidMin

    Aww so sweet ??
    Loved it too good ??
    Keep writing …..
    Love you ❣❣❣

  7. hey meethi i just love ur writing and this was awsm….write more…

  8. SidVee_Yashvee

    Wow superb os.. loved it.. keep writing more ❤

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous epi

  10. Hey Meethi ? the Os was sweet and superbbbb like you???
    Excited to read your new ff??

  11. RUTU.....

    Awesome os meethi, it’s superb you nailed it

  12. Aanya_pandey

    Pehla pyar hamesha pehla pyaar hi hota h.. u proved it by ur writing yrr.. awesome

  13. dreamer...arundhati

    Meethi…. The os was lovely

  14. Baby

    hey meethi☺
    darling hayeee m flat on dis cute wala phela pyaar♥
    srsly too cute adorable naughty interesting amaing love stry
    n voh wala wen twinkle says m also a doctor kunj bt d thing is hahahaaa☺
    loved it n all d family members were laughing ☺
    osm fabulous very cute
    love u lods♥♥♥

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