Pahali karvachuth: a raglak OS

I know guys u all r angry with as am not updating from ages. I was down with back to back asthma attack. Nw am fine so thought to pen down my Ideas.
I know there were o raglak scenes on this karvachuth so thought to write smthng for all raglakian. Hope u people will enjoy it

Here we go

A room is shown . It was very big with light pink nd blue mix paint with a nd a beautiful portrait of a couple.
Moon light is falling on d couple through d french window who were sleeping on the king size round bed in eachother ‘s tight embrace.
Girl ‘s head were placed on his chest where as he was holding close to him nd caressing her cute little baby bump. A beautiful smile were playing on both their lips nd d couple were revealed to be RAGLAK.
Suddenly alarm start to ring nd both got flinched in sleep. Ragini got up and immediately offer d alarm. She let out a sigh nd kissed laksh’s forehead. She was about to get dwn laksh dragged her hand nd she fell on his chest.

(laksh) kahan chale jaaneman (without opening his eyes nd tightens his grip on her waist).

Ragini: laksh wo hum (ragini stumbled)
Laksh: kyo vo hum kya.
We were already discussed abt it. U r not going to keep any fast. U r health is more important. Why r u being stubborn ragooo
She looks dwn.
Ragini: can I atleast eat my sari ( said with pout lips nd puppy eyes)
Laksh: don’t do this ( he melts dwn with her pout lips).
Ragini: even ur doll want to eat sari. Hena doll?
Laksh leaned towards her belly
Laksh: papa ki doll too want to eat sargi
Ragini noddes vigorously . Laksh smiles to her childish act.
Laksh: u know hw to melt me
Ragini: I didn’t do anything (with naughty smile)
Laksh: u just pouts ur lips nd I myself gave in.
He laughs a bit nd pecks her lips. He took her in arms nd dropped in washroom. After a while raglak joined shomi-shekhar at dinning.
Laksh makes ragini sit on chair.
Shomi: ladoo tum itni ziddi kyun hum. I forbidden u too fast na beta. Its gud for ur nd baby’s health beta (in a concerned voice)

Laksh: she wants eat her sargi.let it be na.( laksh claimed sumi).
He took food in plate nd brought a chunk to her. She too fed him back. Both were on their own world. Shomi-shekhar was happy to c them smiling

After ragini’s fake pregnancy drama everyone in mm stopped to talk to her. One day in anger ap throws her out of house. Laksh tried his best to convince his family. But went in vein. So he decided to leave Kolkata nd they brought shomi-shekhar with them as they were disowned by dadi
*********flashback ends.
A tear escaped from from shomi-shekhar eyes.
Shomi: god plz let this smile always on my children’s lips. They were happy after so many days.
Shekhar: god plz give my share of happiness to my ragini and laksh.
Raglak finished their sargi.let. Laksh then kissed her baby bump. Ragini got shocked as her parents were sitting just opposite to her.
Ragini: hw dare u romance infact of my parents
Shekhar: pahali baar baap banenewala hai. So vo thoda exitited hai rags.
Shomi: raglak them kitani unromantic ho. Kash Mere saath bhi aise pati hota jo mujhe pyaar kare.

Shekhar: if am not romantic then hw will cm ayush cm to this world dr
Shomi: shekhar you. Stop blabbering informs of my child.

Shekhar: am on my damad side.
Shomi:me too
Ragini: ma pa u cheaters.
Shekhar : she is not my damad he is more than my son. He always stood for my daughter. What he did for ayush nd us no one will do.i gave my daughter in a safe hand.
Both shomi-shekhar got teary.
Laksh: are ye romantic mood tho emotional hogaya. Baba I will continue my romance with ur ragu.u plz counting with my saas.
Everyone burst in to laughter while shekhar caressed laksh’s forehead.

It’s in d mng at 9 pm. Ragini cm dwn nd saw ayush who were playing sitting dwn. Ragini bend to took him in her hand. Before she could laksh too him his hand.

Laksh: what r u doing ragini. Don’t forget its ur 5 th month. Its not good to bend or took heavy things.
Ragini: But I want to play with my ayush.
Laksh : no way ayush is going play with his jiju nd di.
Raglak took him to room. Laksh placed him on bed ragini sat near ayush nd laksh back hugged her.ragini got busy in playing with ayush. Laksh were busy in taking care of ragini that ayush will not hit ragini mistakenly.

Ragini was resting her room. She got a call from laksh
Laksh: hw u r u my pretty girls
Ragini: missing our handsm
Laksh: ragini . Did u have ur lunch
Ragini: laksh I don’t want to eat.
Laksh: oh then I will not have my lunch.
Ragini:no I will have
Suddenly sumi entered with a tray of food kept it on table nd went out
Ragini: so sas-damad planning against me. I will talk u people.
She made an angry face
Laksh: are mere bechaaa gussa hogaya.
Ragini kuch khaas na plz.
Ragini: no
Lakah: plz have it for me jaan (said it in a cracked voice).
Ragini: I will eat but for my child. Not for u
Laksh: Mmm. Cm on vedio call.
Ragini was eating nd laksh was staring her.
Laksh: I love you.
Ragini: But I hate u.
Laksh: But d heart in ur chest beats for me.
Ragini smiled hearing him nd kissed on her phn screen nd laksh fall back on his chair.
It’s in d evng everything is set nd moon cm to bless every couple. Ragini looked laksh through d sieve nd then at moon. He made her drink water nd eat sm sweet.

Shomi: ragoo ab u too broke his fast.
Ragini: kya matlab
Shekhar: becoz she kept fast for u.
Ragini got little upset. She broke his fast. Everyone moved to dinning had their food. Ragini ignored laksh nd went to room.
When laksh entered d room he swaragini ragini was sitting on d bed with a angry face nd eating her fave diary milk Silk. Chocolate were spread all over lips. Laksh cm to her nd back hugged her. Ragini jerked him away.
Laksh again hugged her nd placed his chin on her shoulder.

Laksh : mera bacha mujhse naraz hai
Ragini nodded in yes
Laksh: so u r not going to speak with me
Ragini again nodded d continued with her Silk.
Laksh: arey baba. We r one na, it will not make any difference if anyone of us kept fast. As u wished for my long life. I too wished for my jaan. Bas isi haalat mein tum tho mere liye fast nahi rakh payenge. To Mein soch kyun khud hi rakhoon. After all I love my life jo tum ho.
Ragini got tears in her eyes, he turned back nd buried her head on his chest.hugged him tight.

Ragini: there no need to keep fast for me
Laksh: if u can do fast for me then mein kyun. Nahi. U r my life. I too want my jaan’s safety.
Ragini: u r not used to these na.
Lakah: I will get used to it slowly.
Ragini: sry laksh I couldn’t keep fast for am a bad wife.
Laksh: no. If u want to skip ur all karvachuth lets plan for it.
Ragini:chee laksh.
They both tightened their hug nd reminded same for sm tym. Laksh broke d hug

Laksh : hw rude u ate Silk without me(said with pout lips)
Ragini: I have one more. I will give
Laksh: no I will get my share myself
Ragini looked confused.
Laksh leans to her nd kissed her lips. He locks d chocolate from her lips. Which make ragini hug him tightly. Laksh one hand pulls her closer where as other was busy in pressing her waist. Kiss turn to be wild one.
After couple of minute they broke kiss nd joined their foreheads.

Raglak:I love you(in unison)
Laksh: let us sleep before I lost my control.
Laksh cleans her lips nd lays dwn on d bed. Ragini too late dwn cuddled to him. Both soon dozed off in each other’s embrace. A blissful morning is waiting them ahead.

Thank u guyss for reading nd sorry for typos.
Soon will be back with broken heart

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