Pagal pan wala pyaar-twinj special OS (part 2)



T-you know naa how we met
K-usse kaise bhul sakta hu
Sarnas and tanejas are freinds but kunj and twinkle always behave rudely with each other because they dont like each other
Once sarnas went to tanejaa for twinjs wedding shocking both twinkle and kunj
T-What can i talk to kunj for a movement
U-yes u can
K-but mom
U-goo kunj
K- Okay
T-come kunj in my room

T- kuuunjjjj how can u doo that
K-but meine Kya kiya jaannn (shock laga naa ki jaab wo ek dusra ko pasand nhi latte toh for jaannn?? )
T-(hugs him) mission completed baby
K-who is this baby
T-hits is shoulder and said my boyfriend
K-your boyfriend ??
T-yaa my boyfriend
K-whus that i m gonna kill him how can he
T-stupid u r my boyfriend dont act so innocent
K-I was just kidding??

L-twinkle puttar where are you …….
Come fast
T-challo challo kunj chalte hai
K-butt one kiss
T- no
T- ohk close it eyes..
K-(closed his eyes) and make the pout
T- kisses her cheeks and went
K- thats not fair twinkle
T-every thing is fair in love and war
K-so this is love or war
T-war in front of our parents other wise it is pure love
K-but why ab toh wo hamari shadi ke liye maam gye naa
T- yes but I thing they are Testing us because they were first enemy
K-but ab toh they are freinds
T- yaa but we should take care
K-ohk my siyyaapa queen
T-challo sadu sarna
Kunj and twinkle went down and agree for there marriage
K-Kya Hua
T-kuch nhi
K-tu hamesha siyyaapa queen hi rahi gii
T-aur tum sadu sarna

K-I love u TWINKII thank u for giving me this news
T-this is because of u (while blushing)
Ohk challo
K -chaalllo
At sarna mansion
C-Bhai Kya Hua twinkle ko
K-kuch bhi nhi
M-Bhai batado naa
K-u r going to become bua
T-(while blusshing) yess
M-U r going to become father Bhai
Meanwhile simple and uv enters
Uv-kyaa Hua TWINKII

T-UV ❤❤
Uv- Chinki told me that I became unconscious in college
S-u r fine naa twinkle
T- yaa Bhai I m fine  and simple ooopppps Bhabs dont worry
Uv-twinkle soo why I became unconscious
T-(blushing) you…you…are.
Uv-Kya yrr twinkle Kya Hua tuje
K-you are going to become maammma
Uv-yeaahhhh today I got 2-2 good news
Every one is confused except uv and simple
K-2 good news
Uv-I m also going to be a father
Uv and simple-yess
Every one exited
Mahi &chinki together-partyyyyyyyy????
Twinkle start jumping after listening party
K-oye siyappa queen Kya kar rahi hammare

Baby ko kuch ho jayga please take care of yourself and our baby
T-sorry kunj
K-you should bee
T-kyaa and walk towards kunj and hits shoulder
T-toh Kya keh rahe the tum I should be sorry
K-uv Sambhal apni Sis ko
Uv -pehle wo Teri wife hai uske baad hai wo meri Sis yaad hai hamari shadi ke din Kya Hua tha
(Guys remember the last  day in tashan e ishq when uv married to simple and kunj married to twinkle )
T-uv ab tu mere piche nhi bhag Sakta

Uv-haa meri bhen
T-Okay bhaii
Uv -please can u tie me Rakhi so that we will always be bro and Sis
T-Okay bhaiyyaaaa
Uv -now call mom to give that good news
K -yaa but on Skype
They call them
A-hey kaise hoo sab bamboo
L -kaise hoo
T-maa &mom
A&L-Kya Hua
S&t-we are going to be a mother
L&A-yeeaahhh and we are coming to u ???❤❤❤
T-I m hungry
K -What do u want to eat icecreame ok lets goo
Kunj bump with a guy
K- sorry so sorry
M-hey kunj what happen
K-hey uv tu Yahaa
Uv-yrr simple wha Bethi hai usko ice cream khanai thi
K -twinkle bhi bethi hai IDEA

K-u will go to twinkle and I will go to simple and we will suprise them and tell them which is muted
T-kunnnnjjj ice cream and someone gives her a ice cream<
T-thanks kunj
Uv-I m not kunj yrr
T-uv tu

Uv-haa mein tere pati dev meri wife se flirt kar rahe hai
K-hey simple
S-aap haha twinkle kaha hai
K-wo rahi aur ur husband is flirting with my wife see ther
S-uv (screams)
T-kunj (loudly)
Uv&k-haa aaya
S-wait we are coming
Uv-What happens simple
S-u r flirting with twinkle
Uv- God she is my sister and u r telling me that i m flirting with her god yeh sunne se pen le mein Mar Kya nhi Hua
S-stop overacting
K-see my TWINKII is not doubted mere
T-y r u flirting with simple
Uv-laughs see she is also like all wife's
Kunj and UV starts laughing loudly while every one in a parlour were just looking at them that u r they are launching
K-it is just a prank
Uv -yes simple we only want to test that do I believe us
K-but sorry to say to failed
And twinkle and simple hits kunj and uv shoulder and hugs their husbands
While all in the parlour clap for them
S&T-see what we will do now
T&S-message someone and started eating her icecreame
Uv -what will u do
K-tell us we will help u
And 2 men comes there and
twinkle and Simple

And they too hug them back while kunj and UV is just looking at them with shocked faces
And they were going to them and move them apart
Uv-what the he'll
K-What is this twinkle
S&T- NOTHING (WITH innocent face)
They are our boyfriends
K&uv don't lie we trust u
S-whhhaaaaatt our plan fails
T-yess good both of u agar tu he hampe vishwas nhi hota toh we will call someone
Uv-kaise bulate zara hambhi dekhe
T-come in

K&UV- with shocked faces
T-Kya Hua
UV &K – Leila maam ,Anita maa, Usha maa we miss u
L&A&U- miss u ke bache (holding there ears ) how can u trouble our daughters
K&UV- OUCHH MAA chodo I m sorry
T-kunj tummne Kya Kha tha haa YOU SHOULD BE
K-achhha bachii tuje the toh abhi bata ta hu
T-twinkle start running suddenly she was about to slip when kunj hold her and twinkle became unconscious
K-twinkle wake up twinkle wake-up maa see what happens to twinkle some one pls get water manager gives him the water kunj sprinkles some water on her face and she became conscious
T-it's ok kunj i m fine and hugs kunj
L&A&U-tu thik toh hai naa puttur

T-yess moms
K-twinkle get up
K-Waese twinkle can i ask u a question
K-who are they
T-while laughing they are my college freinds ABEER AND RAJ and don't worry they are already married meet their wife
She is meher abeers wife
M-hey kunj hey uv shaking hands
and she is Avani rajs wife
A-hello kunj hello uv
And they hugs raj and abeer
T-you were scared naa I told u not to mess up with us
Now can i hug my 3 moms
T-Anita maa mummiji and maa I miss u
A&U&L-same here puttar and Congo for your new life
S-are I m also here and hugs her 3 moms
S- Mamiji leelamaa Usha maa i also miss u
A&L&U- we also miss u and also Congo for ur future
K-ab challo ghar
Every one- yesss challo
AFTER 2 years
One couple is shown in a Bedroom sleeping peacefully in each other embrance and suddenly there was knock on a door twinkle wake up and give a kiss to kunj so that he can wake up kunj wake up
K-yeh jaan good morning
T-someone is on door so please wear your short and open the door I m going for change
T-take blanket and went to the bathroom
When she return back she sees link is playing with her small daughter
T-hey khushi start hogaye subhah subhah a
Khushi&k-yes mumma come and join us
T- no u play
Kunj-please naa mumma come
Khushi kunj and twinkle started playing with pillows
And start launging

Khushi -dadda can i ask u a question
K-yaa princess
Khushi -how I came in this world
Twinkle and kunj areshoked after listening this
T-why are u asking this princess
Kh-because Riya says that an angel give me to u
T- yes this true an anjel give it to u
K-(murmers)in twinkle ears yes thats true because that angel is mee❤❤
Kh-uska name Kya hai mumma
K- uska name hai twinj
Kh -Okay now I want to play with Riya bye

K-soo I m ur angel soo can we plan for another baby
T&k- consumate their marriage once again

They are also sleeping when they wake up they kisses each other
Uv-love u simple
S-love u uv
Uv-where is Riya
S-she must be playing with khushi
Uv -challo lets get ready and we will also play with children

AFTER 5 years
Twinj were blessed with a baby boy name Aryan and uv and simple were also blessed with twins one boy name Kunal and one girl name mahi
And lived happily ever after

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