Pagal dil deewana -ishaqbaaz epi 2

HI guys ……here I go with the second epi…

Recap-Bro -sis bond was interupted
Maid-sir (refering arnav)avantika mam is calling u out
Arnav-yeah….I will cm
(Avantika Singh Raizada is the mother of Arnav Singh Raizada and anika Singh Raizada ……she is the backbone of Raizada companies and love of her husband Prithvi Singh Raizada. She is just adorable, intelligent and beautiful by soul)

Raizada mansion hall
avantika and Prithvi r indulged in a conversation and stop it by seeing anika and arnav
arnav goes and hugs his dad as he came home after a month from international business conference in new York but anika was standing still with a smile (y didn’t anika greet her dad?…..daughter and father relationship is the best ….but is there any problem with anika and Prithvi? …to find it out keep reading )
Prithvi (p)-arnav !!!congrats son…u hv won the best entrepreneur award for this year .
Ar-tnx dad
Avantika(Av)-I heard that this year the award is shared by 2 …..who is the other won ?
Ar-shivaay Singh oberoi

ani was just standing still
Prithvi (p)-fine then….meet u guys at evening. …I hv to organise a great party for my son’s success
(He hugged his son and kissed his wife forehead and went from there)
As soon as he went anika ran and hugged her brother congratulating him
Av-ani call ur frnds to the party
Ar-yeah ….ani
An-I know bhai ….don’t worry …even if I miss calling someone. …I won’t miss inviting malika (giggled)

Av-(she knew that her son liked malika rathore.She gave a hifi to ani)
Ar-mom…..u too! !
Av-(innocently )Wat did I do aru
Ar-fine both of u stop it ….and u ani aren’t u getting late …u had to go out na
An-yeah…I totally forgot

She hugged her mom and bhai. …she left from there
Ar-mom….dad could have hugged ani …..she is his daughter ….why is dad so conservative …..doesn’t he love ani …..from childhood ani wasn’t allowed to move close with boys and make frnds with random ppl because of his naam khoon kandhan ideology. …he didn’t even give her choice for wat she wanted to be ….he wanted her to be a doctor ….he wanted her to go abroad and complete her ms … she did .
She did as he told …..she always said that her fathers dreams are her dreams and she did score well …and now she is the best cardiologist. She has done watever he told to do.

She never questions him…nor gives back answers. .nor demands anything. They have barely hugged from the time anu became sensible ….they r never like a normal father daughter. Even if they barely speak…it’s about her studies ,carrier and life .But this isn’t the case with me ….he pampers me so much ….is it just because she is a girl?she doesn’t even believe in love …she is few times scared …..but pretends to be happy in front of the world .
when dad is around she is not the anika….who she really is .

Avantika calmly listened to Wat her son spoke but the last line spoken by her son pricked her

Av-arnav….u know ..u dad never differentiated between ani and u …in fact he loves ani a lot ….she is his princess ….he never forced her to be a doc ….he just wanted everyone to know him by her daughter name not his daughter known by his name .So u can see now ….anika is know by her work .He is just a little conserved he cannot express his feelings ….he just can’t tell ani how much he loves his daughter.

u didn’t notice ….but as soon as he came home his eyes were searching for ani ….as he saw her there was a smile on his face ….he just ….can’t express.He has fulfilled every desire of ani without even she asking him….he may hv told no to u for things….but never did he tell no for ani …….ani is lost …she knows that her dad loves her ..but she too fails to express…..I hope she gets someone who will cover this distance between father and daughter and make her believe in love .

Ar-hope so…..I just want my sister to be happy ……she just craves to be in dad’s arms and be kissed by him ….hope they both soon express how important they r for each other.

Scene shifts to Sam resorts ….which is situated at the sea shore

Ani had worn a half sleave top which covered her navel …but still exposing her beautiful curves and a palazzo pant.Her hairs were tied into a high pony .No boy ever proposed as she always seemed hard and rash …….but no one could see her inner side which craved for love .

She sat at the table near to sea shore and closed her eyes feeling the breeze soothing her body

Opposite to her sat a handsome young man with goggles …with hair set perfectly exposing his masculine body which shaped his 3 piece suit .It’s none other than Shivaay Singh oberoi who believes in love as he has witnessed the pure love shared by his ishaqbaaz family ….his dadi. …..his mom and dad …his bade mom and bade papa ….perfect ishaqbaazi (tej and janvi have no issues in my story …and no villan at least for now?.He just loves his brother omkara and rudra (just like in the show)

He believes in the purity of love …..but has never found one who loved him not his money ….who can see the kind heart (he doesn’t believe in nkk )masked by his arrogant looks .

Back to story
he just relaxed himself back to his seat as soon as his client left .

2 girls enter the scene
They come and back hug anika….they r her best frnds malika rathore and ishana singhaniya.
Ishana (Is)-ani ……how is ur work going on
Malika (ma)-ishu stop it yaar ….don’t ask a boring person a boring question
An-hello mam….am I boring
Ma and Is together -YES
An-but how

Ma-ani tuh duniya ki pehli ladki hai joh pyaar sae darti hai….ladko ko ghas thak nahi dalthi. …u pretend to be hard and rash in front of boys ……
Is-exactly and even by chance anyone likes u ….he will be scared by ur patriotic talks ….mere bharath mahan. …meira desh mahan…
An-yeah I love my country. ..
(She was abt to speak but interrupted by ma and is)

Ma-yeah….u luv ur country …u wanna die for it…we know
An-boys …..they just aren’t my cup of tea …..I believe in luv ……… BUT IT’S JUST NOT GOOD FOR ME

Suddenly their talks was broken to silence as they were looking at something
a boy (rich brat by looks )was misbehaving with a girl .Anika just couldn’t tolerate it ….she went and slapped him tight

Precap -that boy was abt to slap anika back ….but his hands were held by a man with blue orbs ….none other than our shivaay

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