Pagal dil deewana -ishaqbaaz epi 1

Hello guys I am swatantra……..I hv decided to write a ff on shivika. …hope u guys enjoy

A girl is seen standing at the window of her bedroom enjoying the cool breeze creating a sensation in her mind and heart ….which she thoroughly enjoyed (yes she is our anika)

Suddenly her thought were interupted

Maid-mam….arnav sir wants to meet u
anika-ketki Di. …I hv told u not to call me mam …..I am just anika ….
(Saying this she left her room)

Another maid who was cleaning anikas room broke the silence as soon as anika left
Maid -ketki Di. ..anika mam is so good…..she isn’t like the other so called rich brat.
ketki -ha….u r right …..who will believe that she is the daughter of prithvi raizada ……one of the best business tycoon.
maid-arav saab bhi aise hi hAi. …..I am new here ….but yesterday when I asked a leave as my son wasn’t feeling well….he immediately took me a my son to anika mam
K-ha….anika Mumbai city sabsee best cardiologist hai

Scene shifts to arnav room
a handsome young hulk …with his muscles perfectly shaping this 3 piece suit was sipping his expresso.

Anika-bhai apnae bulaya?
Arnav-yes doc…..u hv time for all other patience in this world ….but not for ur brother …who is also suffering from a serious disease
An-(smile crept on her face ….at her brothers antics )accha….tell me ur serious disease that u r suffering through.

Ar-my sweet doc sissy …..doesn’t give time to me….which causes anxiety in my heart leading to excess release of my adrenaline harmony …….
(He was abt to continue ..suddenly he was interrupted by anika)
An-bhai…. (quit suprised ) not bad …..u too can be a doc…but how do u know so much
(arnav came towards her sister and put her arm around her shoulder)
Ar-meri pyaari behana. …..don’t u remember during ur mbbs course…when u used to feel tired and sleepy ….I used to read aloud so that u could rest as well as study)
An-aww….bhai …..
Ar-don’t divert the topic doc…..tell me the how to heal this disease.
An-so u wanna tell me is that u have bhaibehenamesia.
Ar-bhai….amn. ….Wat ?
An-bhai +behen+amesia

arnav understood what her sister was trying to tell…he just pulled her to a tight hug
Ar-ur ajeeb words ….just as hard to understand you .
Ar-chor! ! (Shocked)…where ani?
An-u only….stole my word from my dictionary
An-love u bhai …..

Ar-live u to ….by the way u r going out na
An-how did u know
…..wait …maika told u!!!
An-tum dono kuch bhi nahi chupathe ho

Ar-(absent mindedly)bilkulllll
An -(teasingly )she is also like ur sister ….I understand
Ar-behen hogi meri scooby ki…..meri toh voh …. (he realised Wat he was speaking and suddenly bit his lips)
Ar-ab kya churaya mein nai
An-u also named ur shoes
Ar-when I hv a sister like u …Wat can I do ….

Suddenly brother sister bond was interupted

PRECAP-Anika meets shivaay


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