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Welcome to the brand new season of your favourite ff BABUL! This ff is dedicated to all the ragsan fans especially those who were waiting for this for so long!! Sorry to make you guys wait too much……… ?????? okay so the wait is over….  so lets get started…..

Recap – Ragini Gadodia ( ginni ) and sanskaar Sharma ( sansky ) are childhood best friends. Sanskaar was deeply, madly and secretly in love with ragini but for her, he was just her best friend. Ragini then falls in love with Laksh ( lucky ) Maheshwari and they get married and happily spends 4 years together with their only son Ansh. A broken sanskaar moves to London after their wedding. Later on Ansh’s fourth birthday the table is twisted and the family went into sorrow as the news of laksh’s death came. Ragin forgot to live and that’s when dp decided to bring back happiness in his daughter’s life. Dp, who knew about sanskaar’s one sided love brought him back and after fighting all odds he made ragini and sanskaar partners for life!!


Ragini and Sanskaar, with Ansh sleeping in his arms are standing at the main door of Sharma house. The house is decorated like a new bride with all fairy lights and flowers.

Ram and sujata comes there with the aarti plate and kalash full of rice.

Sujata ( whispers ) : I’m telling you I’m only doing this for sanskaar..

Ram : sujata do it nicely.. no matter what now she’s our daughter in law..

Sujata huffs and does their aarti. Ragini hits the kalash with her right leg and then comes in after dipping her feet in the red kumkum water. She bends to take blessings from sujata and ram… ram blesses her while sujata just goes from there. Ragini looks on with moist eyes. Sanskaar keeps his hands on her shoulder. She composes her self.

Ram : sanskaar.. give ansh to me…. you take ginni to your room.. you both must be tired..

Sanskaar gives ansh to ram and takes ragini to his…. umm… sorry their room. Ragini slightly smiles and with nervous and fast – beating heart she follows sanskaar to the room.

The room was dimly lit with candles and flowers on tables and bed resp. Seeing all the decorations ragini’s heart started beating faster. Sanskaar locks the door and the sound makes her heart skip a beat. She keeps standing on her place like a statue.

Sanskaar comes near her and keeps his both hands on her shoulders. His touch brings her back to world. She looks at him and gulps. Sanskaar signs her to move ahead.

He makes her sit on the bed and makes her drink water. She drinks water in hurry and coughs. Sanskaar rubs her back. She relaxes.

Sanskaar moves his hand up towards her face. Ragini immediately moves back and looks everywhere but him.

Sanskaar : ginni.. relax. Are you okay? The AC is on and still you are sweating.

Ragini hurriedly wipes her face with her duppatta.

Sanskaar : ginni it seems you are really tired. Change your clothes and then you can sleep on bed…

Ragini runs to the washroom, locks the door and stand against it and breathes heavily. She splashes cold water on her face. She looks in the mirror and sees her vermillion filled hairline. She touches it and then the mangalsutra. Tears forms in her eyes as recalls her marriage with Laksh and then remarriage with sanskaar.

She sits down on the floor and turns on the shower. She keeps on sitting there looking at nowhere.

Ragini’s POV!

You were right papa…. flowers don’t blossom without sunlight and air.. but it’ll take time.. much time to adjust in this light….  sansky you were my best friend and now you are my husband.. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to love or give you rights of a husband… but I assure you I’ll fulfil all the duties of a daughter in law and wife…

Her thoughts are broken by the knock on the door. She gets up and comes near the door.

Ragini : kaun?? ( who’s there )

Sanskaar : ginni it’s me sanskaar…

Ragini : yes sanskaar say,,,

Sanskaar ; ginni.. u forgot the towel and your clothes… I’m going out to see ansh.. you get fresh….

Ragini remains silent. Getting no response, sanskaar moves his hand to knock again but stops and goes from there.

Ragini comes out sees towel on the table. She looks around for sanskaar but he was not there. She locks the door and goes inside and comes out after bathing.
She goes to bed and instantly sleeps as she was tired and exhausted forgetting about the lock.

Sanskaar goes  towards RamTa’s room. Before he could nock, he hears their talks.

Sujata : what was the need to bring this boy here??

Ram : be quiet sujata.. he’s sleeping here only…

Sujata : so what this is my room.. I’ll do whatever I want…

Ram : sujata please stop all this non sense… change the way you think otherwise it’ll leave you with nothing… sleep quietly on the otherside with disturbing annsh….

Sanskaar wipes the lone tear which escaped his eye and knocks the door. Ram opens the door and tries to behave normally.

Ram : what happened sanskaar??

Sanskaar : papa … ansh..

Ram : beta he’s sleeping… you too go and sleep I’ll take care of him..

Sanskaar : no papa.. I’ll take ansh with me…

He storms inside the room, picks up ansh slowly and goes from there giving a look to sujata who was pretending to be asleep and ram. Ram looks down and closes the door…………………..


Sanskaar comes to his room and knocks on the door And tries to open it but it doesnt open.
Sanskaar : it seem she has slept…
He pats ansh’s back and takes him to the drawing room and makes him sleep on the sofa and sits beside him slowly caressing his hair..

Sanskaar’s Pov!

Ginni I know this all is going to be so difficult for you and ansh … specially dealing with mom… but I promise ginni, I’ll always be there with you both… always!!

He kissed ansh’s forehead and sleeps keeping his head on sofa near ansh’s hand…………………………………..


Hello my beautiful people!!! Your late lateef writer is back with the story you all wnated!!!! And yep it’s here……

The story will progress slowly… So keep calm and enjoy it!!

Do share your views about it! This won’t be a long ff but a short and cute one.. hope you’ll like it…

Each Friday you’ll get a update of PHMFT! And each Wednesday, an update of SANGINI!  And a new story which will go on floors soon will be updated on each Monday! And the os’s will be updated….. Jab Mera Mann chahe ????????????

So hope you all will enjoy and support this new story ?????

Do vote and comment! Will come back soon ?? till then take care and keep smiling always ???

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