Paanch 5th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Paanch 5th March 2014 Written Episode, Paanch 5th March 2014 Written Update

the epi begins with Rosh realizing that it could have been her too, she is too stunned to see what the gang did to Mishra, they all leave and Gauri asks everyone to forget what happened , Roy still doesnt believe in Rosh but Gauti doesnt let him touch or point her.

At night Rosh meets Nikhil who asks her if she isnt scared he tells her that the video would be enough to prove their crime and they should take it to the police and end this story but Rosh disagrees stating that Yudi’s dad is too influential and will bail them out , she asks for the chip but Nikhil says its a bit damaged,he’d restore and give it to her,besides it wont be safe if she keeps it in hostel , Roshni agrees but asks abt Shivani’s whereabts as she isnt in the hostel Nikhil recalls that she has the keys to his house and tells her he’d send her soon ,when Rosh is returning Roy sees her and paces around Zara tries reasoning but he is ardent that Rosh is upto no gud.

@ Nikhil’s room Shivani is all lovey-dory while Nikhil is busy extracting the file, she says she thought after the I love you’s they’d get close which never happened and Nikhil says that I love wasnt meant for her making her realize Nikhil loves Roshni!!!

Back in the hostel Roy wants to enter Rosh’s room and she doesnt allow him in,not when Shivani is missing he asks abt Shivani’s where abts and Rosh simply says she doesnt want to prove herself Shivani enters the hostel and hides seeing Roy outside their room, Gauri-Zara catch her and together they dismiss Roy ,when the coast is clear Rosh asks Shivani why she went missing its not good for them, Shivani simply tells her off and leaves much to Rosh’s surprise.

Roy adds a drug in Rosh’s water supply , making her hallucinate but Nikhil saves her and shows her the part where Roy confesses giving Neha nutmeg the drug he’d added in her water supply Rosh is determined to destroy Roy for torturing her sister!!

Rosh calls Shivani and the phone is answered by Gauti!! who tells her that Shivani and sick and hallucinating but doesnt understand a thing Shivani is repeatedly saying that Nikhil loves Roshni!!!

Update Credit to: Serendipity

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