Paanch 27th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Paanch 27th March 2014 Written Episode, Paanch 27th March 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with Roshni falling down while the gang relaxes in a dhabba,all are having fun while Gauti’s worried for Roshni, Gauri too says that if she’s gone back then it confirms her guilt and says she’s the biggest fool,they decide to leave for the farmhouse as its getting late and she’d come if has to as she knows the route .
Zaara n Nihaal are suspicious of Roy but Nihaal says he’ll handle Roy and asks Zaara not to worry ,when they ask Gauti to lead the way he says he’s gonna hunt for Rosh instead
On the other hand Rosh has fallen into a ditch and is surrounded by mudwater…she’s abt to sink when Neha’s voice resonates in her mind that she can do it she grabs a branch for support
Nikhil and Shivani are still worried for her as her phone’s still not reachable Shivani suggests that once Rosh reaches the farmhouse she’d herself call and they shud wait for her call and offers Nikhil to stay in the hostel today with her Nikhil agrees.
Its getting more and more difficult for Rosh to hang on to something while Gauti comes searching for her Gauri asks others to search for her too afterall they need to confront her Yudi asks if she’s indirectly asking them to trackdown Gauti she shut him up
Gauti finds Rosh’s bike on the side of the road and goes searching for her its turning down now and he’s too worried while Rosh is almost sinking, finally Gauti uses his track watch to track her,and succeeds in finding her .TaSha hug each other and Gauti assures her he’d be thr by her side always.
while the gang too trackdown TaShi’s bike and thats when Nihaal confronts Roy asking him if he was responsible for Rosh’s wrecked bike Roy accepts that he had since she’d ruined him completely and wishes that Rosh dies, Gauri scolds him for disobeying her just then TaShi come in and Gauti’s mad at Roy but Gauri calms the situation down asks Rosh if she’s fine and confronts her abt the meaning of the pics clicked by Roy ,why are thr names on her wall and why are Nihaal, Zaara and Roy crossed, Roy says I m sure she’s responsible for Zaara’s lost voice, Nihaals wrecked studio and his lost arm, Rosh looks dumbfounded while the gang including Gauti eye her

no precap

Update Credit to: Serendipity

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