Paanch 27th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Paanch 27th February 2014 Written Episode, Paanch 27th February 2014 Written Update

Mishra attempts to rape roshni but sweet nikil comes on time to save her and they have their fight !!!!!!!! they tie mishra while Gauri is about to enter the door rohni is in the back and hits her with a bat then both Roshni and Nikil try to get the video from the lap top to the tape while the others are coming roshni takes Gauri’s jacket of and SWEET NIKIL SAYS” I WON’T GO NOW IS THE TIME TO DIE TOGETHER IF THE TIME HAS COME TO THIS 🙂 then roshni throws water on Gauri to wake up and tells her that Mishra tried to rape her and Roshni, but she came just in time to save her. gauthi and Yudi give their jackets to them both. Yudi starts beating up a conscious Mishra, but Roy is still suspicious on Roshni and says she is the real culprit, but Roshni says its cuz of u i got here cuz u beat me up. Gauthi gets mad. Then Roshni says gauri do you know what he said. He said he was going to rape u and leave u here and said some Bs stuff about u. Mishra is shown nodding no. the camera shows everyones fist being ready to hit him. ROSHNI IS LIKE KILL HIM. Mishra is still tied up! they all pour gasoline on him, but rohsni tries to stop Gauthi that this is a murderer. Gauthi says if it was ur sister wouldn’t u do this.Nikil sees this

Precap: Roy is still angry on Roshni trying to prove her wrong and says she can’t come in my tournament.Scene shifts to Roy having an injection in his hand. Scene shifts to roshni regularly walking but then falls.

Update Credit to: Ransya

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