Paanch 26th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Paanch 26th March 2014 Written Episode, Paanch 26th March 2014 Written Update

the epi begins with Gauri, Zaara and Rosh returning from their shopping ,Gauri-Zara are ahead while Rosh stays behind coz she gets a call from Nikhil she tells him abt the whole Farmhouse program and Nikhil asks her to be careful,on questioning she tells Gauri-Zara that

she was talking to her father telling him abt the farmhouse plan, on reaching the hostel Rosh is abt to leave when Gauri asks Rosh to accompany her as there are too many bags to carry, Rosh eyes her suspiciously, Yudi meets them half way and Gauri asks Rosh to hand over the bags to him.
When Rosh leaves Gauri asks Yudi if he’s done the job he affirms it

Yudi entering Rosh’s room and clearing all the mess up
Rosh enters the room,sees Shivani’s purse on her desk and thinks how careless she’s

become,just then Gauti closes her eyes from behind and she gets scared ,Gauti mocks being angry with her and
she manaofies him, Gauti asks her abt her shopping and she tells him she bought a scarf for her dad, Gauti’s happy that everything’s fine between them now and wishes her dad had come instead of Shivani’s so that he could extract all the truths while he says it all jovially Rosh looks serious .

They finally leave and Yudi asks if anyone needs to call someone they can now coz thr wont be a signal on the way, all leave while Gauti keeps a track on Rosh forher safety, Roy sees this and suggests everyone to race everyone likes the idea but Gauti says lets wait for Rosh, Roy dismisses the idea saying she’s still new to biking so lets not include her .

Shivani reaches the room and is bewildered to see Rosh’s pillow and mattress torn apart she calls Nikhil immediately, together these 2 figure out what might have happened,Nikhil checks Neha’s email but doesnt find much Shivani suggests to look at drafts,there they find how Yudi had tortured Neha after she had complained the Dean against them by giving electric shocks, Nikhil gets super worried for Rosh and thanks Shivani for supporting them despites their last awkward convo , Shivani thinks to herself I’ll do anything to make u mine Nikhil,anything at all

At a point Gauti stops to look for Rosh but Roy assures him that he had seen her she’s just behind them , Yudi asks him if he really saw her when Gauti leaves and he says yes, Yudi says coz if she turns back and leaves he’ll be sure she’s the culprit and not leave her Roy simply nods her head

Rosh is riding the bike thinking to herself that she’s finally riding a bike ,a girl who couldn’t ride a bike confidently is riding a bike on her own,she wishes her di cud see this when a girl comes from the other side on cycle to avoid her she applies break but it doesn’t stop so she takes a sharp turn and skids down she finally catches hold of a tree branch to avoid falling into the ditch and is shouting for help.

thr Nikhil is worried for his choosa
the 5 reach their destiny
Rosh is still trying hard to catch hold of the branch but her grip falters and she is shown falling down shouting loudly

no precap

Update Credit to: Serendipity

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