Paanch 26th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Paanch 26th February 2014 Written Episode, Paanch 26th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Nikhil trying Rosh’s no. but in vain, on the other hand The gang look at the footage in the pen drive and see a guy whose face is covered sneak in replace their water with his own spit which disgusts them and finally leave replacing the chip,they realize that the person behind it all wanted them to see this footage, Gauti questions Gauri why did she have to play such mind games in the 1st place leading to an argument between Gauti and Yudi.
Nikhil reaches the destination and sees a guy leave on a bike he hides behind the car,Gauri takes Gauti aside while Nikhil pulls Rosh …Rosh is happy to see him and thinks he took the hip but Nikhil seems clueless and they realize the footage is in someone’s hands!!

Next scene ,
we are shown someone watching the

footage and enjoying it consuming alcohol .
Next day, Gauri gets a call and is asked to get 10 lakhs if she wants the footage and is blackmailed about Neha while Rosh too gets a all wherein she is told to wait for instructions the caller addresses her as Roshni Kataria!! Rosh messeges Nikhil and his 1st guess is Shivani but Rosh rules her out

On the other hand Roy is darn sure that Rosh is the culprit and is the 1 responsible for the fallout of the 5!!
Yudi arranges 10 lakhs while Gauti questions the authenticity of the blackmailer ie what if he takes the money n doesn’t give the footage Gauri asks him to all Rosh..Rosh informs him that the blackmailer had called her to come alone in a warehouse and had asked her to not tell anyone, Gauti and the gang are shocked to hear that she has gone alone to meet the blackmailer!!
Nikhil is trying Rosh’s no which she doesn’t answer he decides rto call Shivani instead and Shivani tells him she’s done with goodness and is gonna do something bad..Nikhil misunderstands her as the blackmailer but realizes she’s in his own room!!!Thats when he gets a text msg of Rosh telling him abt the warehouse.

On reaching the place , Rosh is wandering abt in the outskirts of the warehouse when a hand grabs her, its Roy and he starts accusing Rosh and asks her to hand him the footage she tries explaining but he keeps slapping and hurting her , she tries escaping but the real blackmailer grabs her this time, he takes her inside the warehouse and chloroforms her,
while Rosh is unconscious the blackmailer calls up Gauri and asks her to come to the same warehouse with the money and make sure she comes alone.Gauri leaves the hostel making sure no one spots her
when Rosh gains consciousness the blackmailer shows her the footage and reveals himself to her, its none other than…
He says she’d come here to revenge the 5 then why did she ruin him and his career,now he’d show her what Mishra can do

precap : Mishra says now he’ll force himself onto Rape her!! A tied up Rosh is shown helpless while Mishra is shown closing in on her!!

Update Credit to: Serendipity

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  1. who the hell is mishra?

  2. @Priyanka – Mihra used to be there in the college.

    1. *Mishra

  3. Priya Rathore

    Wat a stupidity man !!!

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