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Paanch 22nd January 2014 Written Episode Update


Paanch 22nd January 2014 Written Episode, Paanch 22nd January 2014 Written Update

The epi begins with Shivani hitting Nihaal from behind with a vase when he’s about to attack Nikhil n Nihaal becomes unconscious .Nikhil is hell confused and asks Shivani what she’s doing here n what”s Nihaal doing here..Shivani shows him d pic and asks her for explaination , Nikhil is stunned. Shivani seems too confused n Nikgil asks her to beat him with d stump Nihaal had bought to same them from d situation at hand.

on d other hand Rosh is coming back from Amrita’s house having fbs of Amrita crying n hugging her n Rosh making a promising to take revenge from Nihaal.

As she enters d clg someone pulls her inside its none other than d gang n they fill her in much to Rosh’s shock n disappointment …specially when she sees d CCTV footage. Rosh says what motive cud Nikhil have

Gauri says Revenge…Rosh says what motive ?Gauri says he’s working for a girl you of all ppl must know , Shivani!! Rosh is shocked to hear that ( but we werent…coz we all had already guessed.. ) they start planning out how to teach Nikhil- Shivani a lesson ,but Rosh points out that nothing can be proved out of just a CCTV Footage outside a chemist shop he is a staff he can easily get off that,just then Roy comes in n say Nihaal , everyone runs outside to see a face off between Nihaal – Nikhil in presence of dean..Gauri handles d situation n dean lets them all off .

once the dean is gone d 5 threaten Nikhil who coolly replies them back , Rosh tries excusing herself but d gang drag her with them.

later she comes to meet Nikhil n Shivani who are still fighting abt d fact yhat Shivani was in Nikhil ‘ s room she keeps insisting she wants to know d meaning of d pic she found now Rosh is confused everyone is talking at d same time n finally when Rosh realizes that Shivani doubts them too much she decides to tell her d truth but wid a promise that shicani will never spill the beans anywhr…Shivani is sympathetic n agreed to support them Nikhil promises her that they will protect Shivani from The paanch thats when Rosh tells them that d gang suspects them behind all this n Shivani becomes hysteric n says save me …as you’d promised ..Nikhil agrees n says he’ll manage himself .on d other hand Gauri says Rosh is right Shivani cant do such a thing its Nikhil they need to take care of

the gang including Rosh together Gauri says Rosh u’re right Shivani cant do such a thing but u can Gauri asks Rosh to act like she’s being Raped by Nikhil so that he’s thrown out of clg!!! The gang cheers Rosh who looks apprehensive while Gauri’s smirking ( WTH!!!! Nooo…this cant be happening these 5 are mad!!)

Update Credit to: Serendipity

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