Paanch 19th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Paanch 19th March 2014 Written Episode, Paanch 19th March 2014 Written Update

The epi begins with YuRi in the lab where the rats were found missing and Yudi convincing Gauri to allow him to take safety precautions instead of them playing the blame game. He says he’s got the right man who can assure their safety.
Rosh gets a call from her dad and he suspeciously asks abt her friend who had the heart to let let her give an international roaming call Rosh tries lying but her dad says he feels like meeting her she too breaks down and says she’s missing him too much to her surprise he says here he is !!!
on seeing him she breaksdown hugging and apologizing him, thats when they discover Gauri standing close by on phone with someone Shivani covers up the situation by calling him her dad
when Gauri leaves her dad asks for explnation and Rosh reveals she’s here for

Yudi calls up Gauri to inform that the person he’d been talking about is here and he wants the gang to meet him.
Rosh thanks Shivani for covering her up but curses that becoz of Gauri she’d have to meet her own dad secretly!! They meet up and her father is against the whole REVENGE idea and asks her to come, and even questions Nikhil’s whereabouts Nikhil arrives in disguise and they all have a convo wherein Rosh’s dad reveals it was murder a along and informs abt threatening calls he received from MP Kharbanda how he had threatened him to withdraw Neha ‘s case lest something happens to Rosh!!!
on the other hand Roy enters Rosh’s room determined to find evidence against her there but just when he’s abt to enter through the window Gauti enters Rosh’s room and places a gift in her room,Gauri who’s passing by stops and asks him to join her as Yudi’s called someone to the college and wants them to meet Gauti refuses but she takes him anyway so Gauti takes the gift back and leaves , Roy enters the room and inspects every inch of it finally finding the names on the wall and clicking them for evidence
he goes to the spot whr the gang is and sends them the pic
While Rosh’s dad tells her its dangerous for her to stay
Gauti calls up Rosh and asks abt her whereabts informing her that Yudi’s dad’s here!!
Rosh’s dad asks her to choose between REVENGE and HIM!!

precap :
the gang including Rosh are standing around Mr. Kharbanda who asks them to come and stay at their farmhouse for safety precautions
while Yudi informs the gang the plan that there’s only forest all around the farmhouse..noone will be able to even uncover Rosh’s body!!!

Update Credit to: Serendipity

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