Paanch 19th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Paanch 19th February 2014 Written Episode, Paanch 19th February 2014 Written Update

The epi begins Nihaal, Roy and Zaara reflecting upon the various happenings ,Gauri too is shown doing the same while exercising on a thread mill.
RoHil have a convo wherein Rosh talks abt revenge while Nikhil brings in the Valentine’s party KISS topic and is saddened on knowing the fact that her love for Gauti is REAL and not Part of the plan just then Shivani comes in to lighten the mood.
RoHil are just discussing abt how Rosh needs to be more careful and guarded now that her plans are succeeding when Gauri gives her a call and tells her to get right now , they all are going to Panvel where all the MUs will be sorted as Gauri cant see her group breaking…when Rosh leaves it is revealed that YuRi are suspicious of Rosh .
Rosh informs Nikhil of the trip and Nikhil warns her that

it might be a trap and she should back-out but Rosh says that will only increase the suspicion .
The 5 are waiting outside when Roshni too comes and it is revealed that Gauti too is coming so the 5 pool in one car and TaShi in another…
On the way Rosh notices that Gauti is too quiet and Gauti tells her that a surprise is awaiting her in the backseat…its a white mouse in a box…and Gauti doubts on her
On the other hand,Gauri makes the rest of the gang listen to a Voice recording of Rosh clearly Brainwashing Roy against Nihaal and asking Roy to take care of Zaara which doesnt go well with the others, she tells them that thr’s a motive behind the trip but she wudn’t reveal the plan beforehand lest anyone escapes it!!
Rosh on the other hand asks Gauti to stop the car and Convinces him that she hasn’t done anything wrong and he needs to trust her..they both hug each other which is seen by the 5!!
On reaching thr Nihaal-Roy have a war of words and All have their own doubts as to why would Rosh do anything against them , Gauri asks the 5 to stay united 1st and sort out the differences.
At night, the 7 ( including TaShi) are gathered around the fire and its then that Gauri reveals her plan, that all of them Are supposed to consume truth serum which would automatically make them confess their crimes, they’d all be subconscious and while they all do their confessions would be recorded in the camera!! which freaks everyone out!!
Gauti pleads TaShi bail out of the game, and Gauri asks him to leave and come after 2 hrs to bring them back to senses but Rosh would stay as she’s very much part of the gang, Gauti leaves, and all the other 6 are shown being tensed abt revelation of their darkest secrets…
Finally Gauri asks everyone to jot down the ques they want to ask each other but consuming the truth serum.

the gang ask Rosh if she’s responsible for all the recent happenings and she in her subconscious mind nods her head and agrees

Update Credit to: Serendipity

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