Paanch 13th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Paanch 13th February 2014 Written Episode, Paanch 13th February 2014 Written Update

epi start with rosh is hiding behind dustbin n watchman approaching her n she threw a mice on him n ran away,she is running n came infront of gauti’s car ,he asked what r u doing n she said just came out to fresh n then gauti heard the sound of mice he asked her about sound n she said shall we go on drive, here nihal is torturing zara n getting close to her she feel uncomfortable ,then nihal doubt on zara n roy n she said you betray.. i am always loyal n she leaves n he after her, here rosh n gauti on drive n rosh thinking that she has to go on nihal’s studio n she said gauti to drop to her in hostel; at hostel gauti ask a kiss for rosh ,he is about to kiss her n suddenly she remembered nikhil n her kiss n she moves back ,then gauti said that ur changed n she said that nothing n i love u n dnt

take dout on our love then he drop her to her room

after gauti leaving rosh leave to nihal’s video n there she left mice n their food n leaves

in hostel nihal said to zara that no one touch her except him coz she is second handed n her video is made n everyone seen it n roy too.. and what he will think then she slaps him n leaves n he say you will come back to me

in morning nihal left for his studio
in studio he n advertise company saw tht his studio is all mess n nihal is shouting,here rosh in hospital told nik abt her plan then gauri called her n told her abt mice n she said that such mouses are only in lab n she leaves for lab

in lab gauri ,yudi,nihal n rosh r present watchman told them that someone is in lab yesterday n then they searched for clue n gauri found roy’s head band n nihal is so angry n leaves for roy’s room .nihal banged roys room continuously gauri n yudi try to calm him bt all in vain ,finally roy opened door n nihal n roy starts fighting n zara is also there with roy seeing her nihal again get angry n beating him n rosh is watching n remembering nik incident then roy also beat him n both starts their fight n all are trying to stop them

prcap-gauri n gang leave for trip n she told to gang that they will find today whether rosh did all this or someone else ,in camp gauri gives all to a truth syrup to confess his]her crime in front of all ,gauri all drunk ask rosh that she is with gauti only because he’s her bro ,zara ask gauri that will she ever betray yudi ,roy ask rosh that she done all this na, n then gauri ask who the hell r u roshni?

Update Credit to: Shreyatode1

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