Paanch 12th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Paanch 12th March 2014 Written Episode, Paanch 12th March 2014 Written Update

Epi begins with TaShi and Zara entering the court and Gauri cross checking whether Zaara was with Rosh all the time for Roy ‘s benefit ,Zara affirms the fact,Roy starts playing and does a superb job in the 1st 2 rounds as he does none of what he did during practice session like wearing a head band ,reversing his wrist bands or kitting his tennis racket panicking Rosh but in the 3rd round he does all of the above and the drugs start doing their job,he loses focus and sees Zaara-Nihaal , Rosh everywhere,next in line his blood vessels start constricting and finally he drops on the ground with an unbearable pain ,the college Dean gets infuriated and says the guy is back to drugs despite the warnings Zaara swears he’d been clean but he ust leaves , Roy is immediately taken to hospital ,wherein they come

to know that Roy’s hand would be amputated which shocks the gang including Rosh,Rosh decides she wont use the 3rd drug on him as she comes to know that due to intake of so many drugs in the past his immune system’s weakened and remembers her dad’s words in the past that he was pleased when Rosh chose to spare an ant .

Inside the hospital TaShi have a convo wherein Gauti apologizes Rosh and Rosh makes him promise that he’d confirm things 1st from her if someone says anything against her .

Gauri on knowing abt the amputation goes mad and starts blaming Nihaal – Zaara , everyone including Rosh somehow manage to calm her down and Rosh suggests it could have been an outsider ,but still the damage is done and while Zaara goes in a corner b*t*hing abt Gauri she almost spills out what she did to Neha on Gauri’s order but controls herself in time ,Rosh again provokes Zara that maybe its because of what Nihaal did or something ,Zaara smells mischief but Rosh manages to cover her tracks.
She calls Nikhil and asks him to forget abt the 3rd drug

RoHil meet and Rosh blames herself when she sees that Nikhil has to leave the place where he lives coz Gauti knows now and its dangerous for him to stay any longer but Nikhil chucks it off and Rosh takes up the Shivani said he doesn’t love her topic…

Nikhil ends the discussion saying no matter what they will always remain BFFs and noone can come in between them Rosh is glad everything’s fine with them,they hug which is witnessed by Shivani,in her anger she calls up Gauti and says they need to talk as she wants to tell him abt Rosh’s family and background

precap :
when Rosh comes back to her room, Gauti asks her to call her dad and Shivani says yup go on call ur father!!

Update Credit to: Serendipity

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    1. In episode 32 of Paanch: 5 wrong makes A right, aired on 13th March 2014, Shivani blackmails Roshni

      Roy worries about his condition. Zara and Nihaal show their concern for him. Roy becomes depressed on learning that Zara does not love him. Out of frustration, he consumes drugs, and attempts to commit suicide. Gauri and her gang stop him from doing so. Shivani blackmails Roshni that she will be ruining her and Nikhil’s relationship. On her insistence, Roshni abuses Nikhil. Nikhil reveals to Shivani that he does not love her. He makes Shivani realise about Roshni’s loyalty towards him.

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