Paanch 12th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Paanch 12th February 2014 Written Episode, Paanch 12th February 2014 Written Update

epi starts with nik is leaving when roy say we won’t let you go that easily.. we still have to do your ‘arti’ n punch him then gauri tells him to stop n tell rosh to slap him coz he is taking revenge on rosh bt she didnt do this n standing controlling her tears then nihal tells if she doesn’t beat, then we will n some boys beating him .gauti rescues him n said that dean said not to do anything to him so they leave him ,rosh is drag away by gauri while nik looking at her.then shivani n rosh meet at some place n shiv tells rosh that nik asked to meet on busstand road ,shiv ask how did all this happen ,rosh said due to her carelessness n both leave

here in party zara ask gauri now nik won’t leak her video right? ,gauri replied that roy n nihal went to get that
nik is walking on

road with his luggage when suddnely nihal beat him on his head n both starts fighting then roy also come n both start beating nik violently n rosh n shiv is watching behind tree rosh is going towards nik bt shiv stops her

roy n nihal ask nik to tell them about that video n he tell that they never get it then roy said will have to do same thing to him as neha then we seen a flashback were neha wear new clothes n paanch was tearing it then they tore nicks clothes n beat him again ,then rosh goes to a taxi driver n told him for a round n he agrees then,they broke nik’s laptop n he close his eyes n then they checked that he is alive or not when they saw taxi n ran away then rosh n shiv take nikhil to hospital n he is unconscious then gauri calls rosh n she leaves for party

in party- all were discussing about nik n what they done to him then rosh ask about their plan n then they told her all n she realised that she said I love you to nik ,then gauti said what was need to do all that.. said dnt say like that it dosnt suit u n then all leave party except roy nihal n zara,here rosh is crying bitterly n then she saw a mice is chewing a wire n she rememberd that nihal was saying that tomorrow people from one advertise company are coming to stupid n she got an idea,here nihal told roy to tie rakhi frm zara which he not accept n leaves all angry ,outside rosh saw roy n call him to take care of zara n he left his hair band their n leaves inside then rosh went to bio lab n stole white mices n left there roys band bt security got alterd n searching for that who entered in lab at end rosh is hiding behind a dustbin n watchman is moving toward her

zara n nihal fight ,nihal says that no one touch u except me coz ur second handed ,gauti n rosh in car n he ask her that her behaviour change n then rosh is running on road n came infrnt of a car

Update Credit to: shreyatode1

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