Swaragini-we will die for each other (pt 29)


Let’s begin….

Days flew… All were sitting tired as they are tired all funtions finished and tomorrow is the wedding….
Swalak comes there as functions finished.. They didn’t attend the function…
SW hugs rag.. Lak hugs San….
Adar comes: i m tired acting in front of that rt…
Swad: o..oo
San: thanks
Adar: ab dosth ko tanks bolega…
San smiles and hugs him
Rag comes to him
Rag: thanks jiju…
Adar: tum bhi…
Rag: actually to all… Thankyou…
Swad: we all won’t talk to you..u are asking sorry…
Rag: sorry..i mean nthng
All smiles…

Sw; laado u r getting married…
Rag smiles
San: i m too getting married…
Lak: i want to tell ua secret
All: wat?
Lak: i wanted you to be a groom for laado…
All smiles
San: i said u na ragini.. See
Rag smiles
Lak: wat ?
San then tells him abt their conversation abt this…
All smiles

Jst then they here a clap sound…
Voice: wow…. Bravo i must say ha… Wat an acting…u all should be awarded…
All looks at the direction and was shocked…


A guy is sitting in the dark room…
Guy: wr r u??? He has tears in his eyes

Tu aata hai seene mein
Jab jab saanse bharti hoon

There shown a girl in a icu… She is breathing heavily…

Tere dilki galiyon mein
Mein har Roz guzarti hoon

Doctors are treating her….
Here eyes is shown which has tears….

Guy stands: why i feel my closed one is in prblm….

Doctor comes out…
There a boy and a girl were present…
Doc: she is in critical
Boy and girl were shocked
All looks at the direction shocked
Nik: ha…
All gets worried…
Nik: mein na sirf character par guss gaya tha
All gets confused
Nik: i m here to help u…
San: why vl u help us!?
Nik: bcs… He then says abt his past…
I want to be free from him… And abt rag somewhere i felt like sister for me

SW smiles…
SW: thanks
Nikk: he is planning something big…
Swarag gets tensed
San: he can do nthng…

Ragsan were very close to each other

Hawa ke jaise chalta hai tho
Meine tho jaise milti hoon
Kaun tujhe uuu pyaar karega
Jaise mein yeh karti hoon…

San: ragini..
Ragini: ha sanskar…
San: an bas kuch hi gante hai…Ragini Sanskar Maheshwâri
Rag blushes
SW: kuch gante hai jiju…
San: saali sahiba thodi tho privacy milegi..
SW: only 12 hrs so.. No meeting.. Meine only after Marg
San: hey bhagwan kis Janam ka Badla Lee rahe ho…
SW: don’t worry…badla kal khatam ho jayega.. And ha she is still ragini gadodia…
Rag smiles seeing them
San: bt tmrw she vl bhi..
SW: pata hai pata hai
Rag scream: jiju…..
Adlak comes
Swad: wat hpnd?
Rag tells abt their fight
Trio laughs



Ragsan were getting ready… For marriage
Swaanj were making rag ready…
Then they comes for the varmala
San gets mesmerised seeing rag…

They makes eachother wear varmala..

San: rag i can’t control my self
Rag blushes
Swad: bassss…abhi bhi time hai
San pouts: sorry
Add was laughing
San: why ru laughing
He stops laughing
Add: it’s none of ur buisiness
San: way
Ad: nthng..
He goes from there

Meri nazar ka safar
Tujpe hi aake ruke
Kehneko maange hai kya
Kehena tha jo kehe chuke

Ragsan remembers their all moments their first meeet

Meri nigaahein hai
Teri nigaahon pe
Mujhe khabar hai tere khabar..

They remember their first dance

Mein tumse hi chup chup kar
Teri àanken barti hoon
Kaun tuje uuu pyaar karega
Jaise mein yeh karti hoon…
They remember their confession
They smiles remembering eachother


Boy outside the icu
Boy: will she be ok
Girl: dont worry
He smiles fakely

girl was breathing heavily…
Doc:oh… Her bp are falling..

Guy was feeling restless…
He goes near a big photo frame…
Guy: why i feel..u r in a trouble…


Girl was murmuring something….
Nurse: doc… She telling same thing since 11 months…
Doc checks….
Girls face is not revealed yet….

Jis din tujko naa dekoon
Pagal pagal Banti hoon
Kaun tuje u pyaar karega
Jaise mein yeh karti hoon

Girl screams: SANSKAR….

Guy was shown who is caressing ragini photo….
Guy: ragini…i feel that u need me..u r calling me…
Guy is revealed to be sanskar…

And the girl is revealed to be ragini..
Doct felt happy as she came out of Coma
And doc gives her injection…
She fall unconsious calling sanskar….

Here sanskar is feeling restless…

Doctor comes out and informs boy and girl
Doc:Mr.mehera she is perfectly all right now
Girl:dekha ragav meine kaha tha na
Girl is revealed to be naina(pdmhmd)
Naira smiles…

So guys how was the episode..???

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