thanks for such love and support given to the prolouge of the silver lining. here as i said is the second prolouge of the fan fic series. this is for the raumya people…. and there was confusion about the fan fiction. this fanfiction will deal about the household of the oberoi family and will include stories, details and happenings of the family and the lives of shivay-anika, omkara-ishana and gauri, rudra-saumya, priyanka-ranveer. apart from that i want to include the relationships of the family.so, this is the second prolouge of the series and hope you will enjoy.
for those who have missed reading the first part here is the link.
alone shot 1

p.s: i love you…

we don’t develop courage by being happy every day. we develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversities.

she was sitting on the bed cross-legged thinking about the interview the next day. she somehow wanted to get this job and start living the life on her own. she did not want to struggle anymore. she saw the clock and laid on the bed and after a short prayer she closed her eyes only to see his charming face again. it has been 2 years since she left oberoi mansion and started to live a life on her own, struggling to survive but still whenever she closed her eyes she saw his face again and again. she groaned loudly.

“hump…not again! why do i see his face everywhere…he doesn’t let me sleep peacefully. he comes up even in my dreams and will not let me live me in peace.”
she was angry on him for whatever is happening in her life. had she not gone with him that day to escape him from romi, she wouldn’t have been drugged by that desi and wouldn’t have got married to that flirt who never cared for the relation and wouldn’t have suffered mental torture that continued for days long and which is still bothering her.

by this time her eyes have already moistened and thin layer of water occupied a place in her eyes. then her thoughts wandered back to the days when the truth was exposed to the whole family and leaked to the public. she was humiliated by tej uncle and which led to jhanvi aunty’s suicide. even om bhaiyaa suffered because of her, and he is still suffering. she was the reason for thiere problems and she was the sole reason for her aai’s death. this time her eyes completely filled with tears and started to cry her heart loud. this was her daily routine to remember him, cry and sleep and immerse herself in work. with that she laid on her bed and started to cry even more and repeated these words again and again letting out out the hatred for him through her tears.
“i hate you rudra…hate you so much” she continued saying this until she slept…and only hoped that the coming days would bring in happiness and joy not knowing the surprise that is awaiting her the next day.

done with this shot and hopefully i’ll start my series very soon.i just want to complete all the in completed stories of ib.

if i don’t come up with an other shot featuring shivay-anika then the starting of the series will feature shivika. thanks again for the love given and please continue giving your love and support, and comment if you can.
appericiation and criticism welcomed

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