P.O.W. 10th March



Why did Sartaj have to leave us like this?

The whole episode was so so disheartening. When we watch a particular show, we kind of become
attached to the characters.

Naik Subedar Sartaj Singh-The man who seemed the most hopeless for any work. Always quiet, following others especially his Sir ji (Imaan).

Who would have known that this man would do so much?
He helped Siddhant come to his motherland (without knowing his plan though) using the most admirable way : “code ke andar code”
Hiding another code in his morse code conversation.
The man who first suspected Siddhant or I should say Sadiq.
This man did so much. He succeeded in becoming a good son, a good brother and most importantly an amazing husband & father.

Nikkhil Advani Sir, Why?
What was the need of killing this super fantabulous human being or rather a true officer.

Couldnt he have quickly run out of the window after Harleen, through of that jacket to that bast*rd inside. That idiotic brainless buffoon

I know this must be sounding horrible. After such an intriguing episode, this random girl named ‘Mahashweta’ is screwing up things by bringing in her huge tale of sadness!

But I still think he could have survived.

Guys, although this is not an analysis but I had to pour my heart out.

Its all just so terrible. I feel so awful.

Kudos to Amrita Puri for portraying the pain of loisng her husband so beautifully.

HATS OFF TO PURAB KOHLI for essaying such a wonderful role with so much of ease.
Thanks for giving us this horrible feeling Purab Sir.

We surely will


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  1. Mahashweta (Author)

    Sorry guys, I realized today that there is a typo, it it ‘Naib’ Subedar Sartaj Singh. Yesterday in the hurry, i did not notice the mistake.

  2. even i felt y did sartaj is dead..

    tears roled in my eyes…

    hats off to such officers because of whom we are living peacefully.

  3. Do u guys remember that car scene …Spartan n harleen convo….he says he ll protect her n baby…that scene made me doubt that something will happen…but I kept prayin that sartaj shudnt die…

    1. Mahashweta (Author)

      Sartaj was just toooo good. When he did the bomb blast, I remembered him saying that he will always protect Harleen and the baby.
      I would say losing Sartaj is the biggest punishment for Sadiq. Its because of his stupidy or the so-called ‘fight for humanity’ which killed Sartaj.
      But I still think Sartaj could have survived, he could have jumped out of the window and saved himself

      This is too sad ?.

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