Ousting all the villains out of our lives || Ishqbaaz || Shivika || Few shots Shot 2: Ragini’s past

Shot 2…

“I am stuck here… I wanna save Shivaay from that cheapdis trap but how, Sahil’s life is at stake, maybe I could find something here, in chudails room” Anika says.

She searches on the whole room. She finds a photo album on a drawer and opens it. She sees Gayatri and Ragini together.

“Now I get it, she is the daughter of the other cheapdi, Gayatri” Anika utters.

Anika also finds a diary, she starts to read it.

[The diary states…
My only motive is revenge, revenge for making me orphan. And thats what I am going to do. Samarjeet Malhotra isn’t my brother, he is just a person whom I am using, he thought I saved him from his accident, no! I didn’t, the accident was done by me and his indebted to me so I used him. Ragini isn’t my name, my name is Amrita!]

“This cheapdi turned out to be a player, she played with so many innocent lives, I am not sparing her but wait Sahil. First I have to find out where he is!” Anika mumbles.

Anika finds Sahil locked inside the storeroom of Malhotra mansion. She quickly unties him and locks him in the bathroom out of reach to anyone. Then she asks Rudra to ask his friend to track Ragini.

Rudras friend finds out that Ragini is in Goa. In a factory.

On the other hand Shivaay receives a call from unknown. He answers it.

“Ragini is with me, to save her rush to the textiles factory in Goa, immediately!” The unknows mutters.

“Shivaay, help me!” Ragini’s voice interrupts.

“I am coming Ragini!” Shivaay says.

Shivaay rushes to the factory. He sees Ragini tied up. Goons don’t let him untie Ragini.

“We have a condition, you have to marry her” The goons says.

“You want money? I will give you it, you want jewels? I will give you that too, but why do you want me to marry her, what will you get!” Shivaay says.

“You want us to shoot her, do as I say otherwise we are gonna kill her!” The goon says.

Shivaay agrees to get married, they do all the rituals but Anika arrives just before Shivaay was about to put Sindoor.

“Stop this wedding!!!!” Anika shouts.

“Anika…?” Shivaay utters.

“Shivaay, she is fraud, she is the child of Gayatri, I have proof, look at this photo. And don’t worry about the goons, the police are here, Officers arrest them!” Anika says.

“Thank you Anika, for saving my life once again, I thought you died” Shivaay says.

“Not so soon, I will die after I will get tired of annoying you” Anika says.

“I wanna say something, I love you! And I am sorry for always misunderstanding you” Shivaay says.

“I love you too” Anika says.

They hug.


Thank you guys for reading. Sorry for not posting in ages. Well I am thinking to write an FF on rebirth with an unexpected twist. So if you want me to comment below. Take care guys!


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