our wedding — SHRENAL OS

Mainu ishq tera lae dooba
Haan ishq tera lae dooba

kunal slowly placed the sindoor on shrenu’s maag, shrenu closed her eyes as he did this and le. then he slowly tied the nuptial necklace around her neck. their eyes met and they smiled at each other.

Mainu ishq tera lae dooba
Haan ishq tera lae dooba

priest: now please stand up for the vows.

shrenal stood up. before shrenu could walk, kunal grabbed her wrist and lifted her up in bridal style.

shrenu whispering: kunal, people are watching.

kunal whispering: yes so? people should know how much I love my wife.

he starts to wake with a blushing shrenu in his arms.

Aisa kyun hota hai
Tere jaane ke baad
Lagta hai haathon mein
Reh gaye tere haath

kunal in mind: shrenu, I promise that I will only love you. every other woman will be secondary in my life.

shrenu in mind: kunal, from today I promise you that you will be the only man in my life. any other man becomes secondary.

Tu shaamil hai mere
Hansne mein, rone mein
Hai kya koyi kami
Mere paagal hone mein

kunal in mind: I promise to love and care for you, and I will try in every way to be worthy of your love. I will always be honest with you, kind, patient and forgiving. I promise to try to be on time. but most of all, I promise to be a true and loyal friend to you.

shrenu in mind: You are my lover and my teacher, you are my model and my accomplice, and you are my true counterpart. I will love you, hold you and honor you, I will respect you, encourage you and cherish you, in health and sickness, through sorrow and success, for all the days of my life.

Mainu ishq tera le dooba
Haan ishq tera le dooba

kunal in mind: I promise to be your lover, companion and friend, your partner in parenthood, your greatest fan and your toughest adversary. your student and your teacher, your consolation in disappointment, your accomplice in mischief.

shrenu in mind: I remember once how I told you I did not believe in soul mates. I will never forget your reaction. shocked and a little hurt that I did not think we were. but as time went by, your love made me believe.

Mainu ishq tera lae dooba
Haan ishq tera lae dooba

kunal in mind: you know me better than anyone else in this world and somehow still you manage to love me.

shrenu in mind:you are my best friend and one true love.there is still a part of me today that cannot believe that I’m the one who gets to marry you.

Har dafa wahi
Jaadu hota hai tu jo mile
Ho… sab sanwar jaata hai
Yaara andar mere…

kunal in mind: the feeling hit me the moment we made eye contact on sets. it was so immediate and powerful—far deeper and inexplicably beyond any calculation of time and place. you don’t describe a feeling like that. you also can’t replicate it or force it. you just let it flow in and around you. you go where it takes you.

shrenu in mind: On this day, I give you my heart, my promise, that I will walk with you, hand in hand, wherever our journey leads us, living, learning, loving, together, forever.

Ik lamhe mein kitni
Yaadein ban jaati hain
Main itna hansti hoon
Aankhen bhar aati hai

kunal in mind: I promise to nurture your dreams because through them your soul shines.

shrenu in mind: I promise to encourage your compassion because that is what makes you unique and wonderful.

Mainu ishq tera le dooba
Haan ishq tera le dooba

kunal in mind: now the final vow. I will take you in my arms when you need to be held. I will listen when you need to talk. I will laugh with you in times of joy, and comfort you in times of sadness. I will love you for who you are, and help you to become all that you can be.

shrenu in mind: now the final vow. you are my other half. you are the one that makes me laugh when I’m sad, makes me consider when I want to be rash, and finds me when I am lost. you are my guide, teacher, and one true love.

Mainu ishq tera lae dooba
Haan ishq tera lae dooba

kunal placed shrenu down on her feet. finally both were married. they were told to take blessings now. they walked from the mandap and started to take blessings from the elders. when shrenal reached shrenu’s parents, shrenu couldn’t help but hug them tight. she started to cry.

shrenu’s mum: beta, rona maat. you are going to start a new life with kunal, now we are only secondary in your life.

shrenu’s dad: yes shrenu. we are now secondary in your life. now kunal will be the first person in your life. don’t cry.

they hugged her one more time.

Fursatein kahaan
Aankhon ko hai meri aaj kal
Ho… dekhne mein tujhe
Saara din jaaye nikal

when shrenal reached their ishqbaaz friends…

nakuul: kunal, you made my sister cry?

kunal: I didn’t nakuul. she started to cry.

shrenu hugs her like-older brother tight, crying.

nakuul: shrenu, don’t cry. you are my baby sister na and big brothers can’t stand seeing their sisters cry.

he hugs her tight again, giving kunal a dangerous look.

kunal: what?

nakuul: don’t ever make my behna cry else things can be pretty bad for you.

jankee: nakuul, be nice to my kunal.

kunal: thank you Bhabhi for supporting me.

shrenal went around hugging their friends. once blessings and huggings were done, they were taken to a white car decorated with roses. shrenu hugs her parents one more time then shrenal went in the car and left shenu’s home.

in the car, kunal held shrenu’s hand tight making her smile.

Aur phir aahista se
Jab chhu ke tu nikle
Teri aanch mein dil mera
Dheeme dheeme pighle

they reached kunal’s home which was decorated as a bride. shrenal went out of the car and entered the house. he saw sunil and kunal’s brothers sanjay and satya along with some other relatives waiting for them. kunal’s aunt did their aarti, applying tilak on shrenal and then shrenu kicked the rice pot and entered into the a dish with Alta leaving her footprints as she walked.

sanjay and satya made them sit and kunal’s cousin niyati brought the bowl containing milk and rose petals.

niyati: so guys, in this bowl there is a ring. whoever finds the ring first, that person will be in charge of your marriage life.

sanjay: shrenu Bhabhi, you better win.

kunal: I feel so invisible here.

niyati and kunal’s other cousin Neha: arre bhai, we are here.

kunal: thank you!

satya: accha so one, two, three!

shrenal dipped their hands in the bowl trying to find the ring.

all males: shrenu! shrenu! shrenu!

all females: kunal! kunal! kunal!

both shrenal felt something in the bowl and lifted their hands out of the bowl only to find that both were holding the ring. they got engaged in an eyelock.

Mainu ishq tera lae dooba
Haan ishq tera lae dooba

Mainu ishq tera lae dooba
Haan ishq tera lae dooba

Neha: so both of you will be in charge of your marriage life.

satya: and now pillow talk.

shrenu: pillow talk?

sanjay: it’s this game when we place a pillow between you two and any question we ask you, you have to say yes or no. basically who knows their better half well.

kunal: isn’t one game enough?

sunil: no.

sunil holds the pillow between shrenal and sanjay starts to ask kunal: is shrenu’s Bhabhi favourite colour yellow?

kunal: how easy. yes.

sanjay: correct.

niyati: Bhabhi, is kunal’s favourite food pasta with white sauce?

shrenu: yes.

satya: guys, ask them facts. not their favourite thing. we need to see if kunal bro actually paid attention in history?

kunal: oh no!

niyati: oh yes! good idea.

shrenu: your kunal bro never paid attention in history. it was quite obvious when we both did the republic quiz, all answers were given by me.

kunal: oh hello! I helped you in some questions at least.

shrenu: phir bhi!

sanjay: ok guys, so now history questions. and kunal bro, this game is all about how compatible the couple is with one another. so deal with it.

kunal: can we do this when dad isn’t here?

sunil: why kunal? I have found all your report cards. very bad grades in history. so what to hide from me?

kunal: and one more thing sanjay and satya, compatible means occur together without any problems or conflicts. so history has no  place in this.

Neha: theek hai but one history question at least. Bhabhi, good luck.

shrenu: thanks.

kunal: fine.

sanjay looked on his phone and found something.

sanjay: is it true that George Washington got shot in the French-Indian War?

kunal: yes.

shrenu: no.

niyati: Bhabhi is right!

sanjay: wow you didn’t pay attention in history.

kunal: in my defence the teachers we had for history were boring.

shrenu: doesn’t sound like a good excuse.

niyati-neha-sanjay-satya: well said Bhabhi.

sanjay: now back to normal questions.

niyati: does your partner make you a better person, and do you do the same for them?

shrenal: yes

Neha: who needs more free and alone time? is that person shrenu Bhabhi?

kunal: yes

shrenu: no

kunal: but why?

shrenu: because you deserve more free and alone time.

kunal: yes but what about when we have kids? you will be busy with them a lot so you will obviously need more free time.

shrenu: yes but you are very busy so you need more alone time.

sanjay: let me sort this out. how about one week when kunal will get one day to himself and another week shrenu Bhabhi gets a day to herself.

shrenal: good idea.

satya: last question because we feel that it’s time for you two to be alone, do you and your partner both have agreeable and emotionally stable personalities?

shrenal: yes.

sanjay: grown ups, please cover your ears.

the grown ups do that.

sanjay: are you and your partner s*xually compatible?

shrenal: shut up sanjay.

satya, niyati and Neha starts to laugh.

sanjay: just checking for our future nieces and nephews.

shrenal rolls their eyes. the elders remove their hands off their ears.

satya: Bhabhi, bro you guys can go now.

shrenal nods and kunal helps shrenu up. before both went to their room:

kunal’s chachis and mami: give us good news soon.

sunil: yes do give us the good news.

kunal: which good news?

shrenu knew what they meant but seeing kunal confused was funny.

sunil: this is not history where you won’t understand what we are talking about. good news which everyone wants to hear.

kunal realized and said: oh! that good news.

niyati: give it to us back. don’t be one of those couples who wait ten years and then have a child.

shrenu: ok niyati. we promise.

niyati: thank you Bhabhi.

shrenal goes upstairs and entered their room.

the room was decorated with fairy lights and rose petals were scattered on the floor, table and bed. shrenu heard the door being locked. as she turned, she was caged in his arms.

kunal: remember the family request?

shrenu: yes.

kunal: do you want to do the work now or later when you are comfortable?

shrenu goes on her tippy toes, trying to reach his height and said: I am comfortable kunal. you are my husband. you have all right to touch me and do whatever you like to me.

kunal started to leave wet kisses on her neck. he removed her jewellery because he knew how heavy it was on her. he placed her jewellery on a side.

he lifts her up into bridal style once again and placed her on the bed, leaving more kisses on her neck. he goes on top of her, allowing shrenu to hold his sherwani tightly as he caressed her arm. he kisses her cheeks deeply and then both her eyes. shrenu was too shy. this feeling was really different for her. her body kept tingling.

kunal: are you comfortable shrenu? I can always stop if you like.

shrenu: no kunal. continue. you are my husband and you have all rights to do this to me.

kunal: but shrenu…

shrenu: this is just all a new feeling. relax kunal.

kunal: pakka na?

shrenu: yes pakka.

kunal nodded. his hand found shrenu’s veil. he tossed it onto the floor and then found the strings of her lehenga blouse, slowly undoing it. shrenu, in return, slowly opened the buttons of his sherwani revealing his body as kunal also took her bra out as well.

it was a new feeling for both of them since they have never seen each other like this before but nevertheless they continued.

he positioned himself gently between her legs and his arms wrapped around her waist. he pulled her close to him, crushing her against his chest. she kisses her chest as he bit his ear. then he slowly got shrenu’s lips into his. he sucked the upper part as shrenu sucked his lower lips.

slowly kunal took the rest of his clothes off and made shrenu took off her lehenga skirt. he slowly undid her bun as she undid his half ponytail.

he covered their bodies with the white duvet. kunal rubbed his beard against shrenu’s soft cheeks making her squirm.

shrenu: kunal…

kunal: what?

he rubbed his beard against her cheeks a bit more vigorously making her squirm and giggle more. once again they went in for another passionate kiss. when it came for kunal to enter shrenu, he was a little unsure because he didn’t want to cause pain to shrenu but getting the green signal from shrenu, he entered her.

that morning:

kunal woke up only to find shrenu wrapped up in a white blanket and sleeping on his naked hard chest. he noticed the purple marks on her body and neck. then he started to caress her hair and admired his sleeping beauty. shrenu woke up seeing kunal and smiled.

kunal: good morning mrs shrenu kunal jaisingh.

shrenu: good morning.

kunal: so about last night…

he didn’t need to complete because shrenu started to blush and giggle uncontrollably. kunal once again took her lips into his. shrenu didn’t even try to break it because in just one night she had gotten use to kunal’s touch. the scene ended on them both engaged in a liplock.

so guys, how was this?

if you want a bonus shot, just let me know 🙂 

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