Our Relation – OS 1st shot by Urvi

One car in which a girl is sitting she is pregnant and one truck came.. Car and truck car fall down into the island side.. There that girl was injured but was alive.. She was sanchi.. Kabir came and said sanchi sanchi.. Then at hospital..
The baby was born but sanchi was dead
18 yrs later
Kanchi comes
Kan – papa
Kab – kanchi u came
Kan – what papa
Kab – lets do lunch come
Kan – ya
Kusum – what mujhe bhul gye tum dono baap beti
Kan – aisa nhi hai meri sweet si dadi..
Kab – maa chalo lunch
Kanchi – chalo..
Kanchi pulls chair for kusum
Kusum sits..

Kanchi goes to kitchen to take plates..
Kusum – kabir puri ki puri sanchi part 2 hai..
Kabir – ha maa
Kusum – pata nhi kyu chali gyi sanchi hame chod kar..
Noise come from kitchen of breaking plates
Kabir – what’s happening
Kusum – chalo dekho
They both goes and sees and laugh
Kanchi – what papa dadi u r laughing plzz save me na from this cockroach..
Cockroach goes.
Kusum – u know what kanchi sanchi was also scared of cockroaches..
Kabir – yes
Door bell rings

Kusum – anu( servant) go and see who is there
Trio goes to hall and sees aryan
Kabir – ohh aryan come
A – sir u have called urgently to hospital
Kab – okk i m coming
Kan – papa but lunch
Kab – kanchi i will come and do
Kan – but
A – its ok kanchi ( with attitude)
Kanchi – u stupid
She goes..

Precap – kabir ignores kanchi
Hello guys i m writing this os i m dividing this os into 6 parts and one more thing i shall do my next post at tge end of this month actually my unit test are coming so sorry

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  3. Amazing story….. All the best for ur pprs

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    Oye topper u will score 20 out of 20 in all subjects like previously

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      Prachi i think u r also topper and study better than me and thank u

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