our love story RAGSAN part 6

@girlz hostel night
Ria:how is swara
Rag:she is fine Ria, now all the problems solved, now say abt ur love
Ria: blushes

Rag:my Ria too know how to blush,,
Ria:came towards her and hits her playfully
Both were kidding and laughing. ..
Ria:hey Wat is this (she pointed her neck which had bite mark)
Rag:blushess slightly (remembering of their kiss) and lost
Ria:shooks her,, where are you lost
Rag:nothing ..while playing with my cat. .it happened

Rag:nods ,,k I’m feeling sleepy.. Goodn8
Ria:hey wait wait I have seen Vinay’s frd sanskar ,, actually he is cute
Rag:in mind o god y she is calling my sanskar as cute,, ,in low voice but u love Vinay only na
Ria:yeah stupid, ,I love my vinay only. .i told it for you. .me with vinay and u with sanskar. ..super na, ,I think u both became perfect couple like us.. .
Rag:blushez (unnoticed by Ria). ..no Ria I won’t think so.

Rag:v will discuss it later I’m feeling sleepy..
Ria:with fake angry kk

Next day @library
San:close ur eyes
Rag:no I wont

Rag:smiles k
San:make her wear a beautiful ring in her ring finger
Rag:opened her eyes,, wow sanskar it’s awesome… But y this sudden gift
San:see the ring properly
Rag:it has some design
San:hits his forehead,, k make me wear this ring
Rag:done it

San: immediately holds her hand (back of the palm) with his….now see
Rag:widened her eyes it’s RS
san:ragini sanskar,, I just want,, v should know that v r incomplete without each other
San:matlab if I or you joined our hands only it’s name RS can be seen.. Like that
Rag:if v fight or misunderstand like that day it will unite us by saying v r incomplete
San nods and hugs her

Rag:hugs him tightly by seeing his love

Few days later.. Vinayragini and riasanskar also became frds..s.. ..

One fine day. ..
Rag:sanku here after v can’t able to meet @library daily
San:anyway now also v r not meeting in the library because of vinayria, weekly thrice they are going outing, (v r accompanying them) and they r thinking its single couple date but v only knows.. .
Rag:hits him. ..im serious
San:k tell

Rag:swara is going to join here
San:shockingly Wat but y
Rag:y u r shocked

San:u know the reason
Rag:yeah sanskar v can’t able to meet properly. .but it’s only for this 3 months,, (after that v will finish our course)
San::3 months ragu,, I will die if I didn’t see u for one day
Rag:got very much angry and starts to leave
San confused by her action,, ,Ragini what happened,, holds her hand.. .
Rag:angrily turns towards him Wat did u say?? How dare you say like that sanskar

Rag:for u it’s like expressing ur love but for me it’s piercing my heart.. Her eyes become moist
San:hugs her immediately… Sry sry sry sry sry…..
Rag:breaks the hug,, promise me u won’t speak like this,, sanskar nods placed his palm on hers
San:pulls her by holding her palm and tightened his grip on her… Ragini lost in his eyes In husky voice I hurted u na now I have to sooth u..

San:smiles and goes close towards her and placed a kiss on her corner of ? lips…
Rag clutches his shoulder… _stammers his name
San:smiles by seeing his effect on her… And again moves close to place a kiss on her lips,,, suddenly clock sound appears and disturbed them… When the clock shows 5.00pm immediately both left each other

San:come fast,, time up,, v have to leave..


Both came fastely from the library and headed to their hostel blushingly…

Very very sorry guys I thought u people didn’t like my ff,, that’s y asked like that but I came to know the reason behind it and I felt like I hurted u people… Plz forgive me….

I’ll continue this ff

….. And I forget the plot of I’m only yours so I can’t update it now… I will surely give it…

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