our love story RAGSAN part 5

Next day @library

San is crying and sitting in the library. …

Rag who just come …..
Rag: sanskar
San:feels extreme happy by seeing her and goes towards to hug her but stopped himself (by thinking of the incident) ….
By lowering his head murmured in low voice “SORRY”…I don’t know y I did like that but I’m not in my sense And (he left in middle not able to complete it)
I promise I’ll never touch u,, being with you is enough for me but i can’t able to see u going away from me…..plz forgive me…

Rag:eyes him lovingly (who is standing in front of him with bowed head)
Rag:(before he says) y do u love me this much???
San:shook his head up and see her.. Ragini i…..
Rag:before he completes Ragini hugged him tightly (but doesn’t respond the hug)
She breaks the hug..
San looks at her confusingly.. .
Rag:at that time.. At the time she stammers (not getting words)
Rag:closed her eyes ,,,,I allowed u to kiss me,, I didn’t stop u so I feel,, (pause) Wat u will think of me,, u think u think (again stammers)
San:holds her hand, look into my eyes.. Do you know which place u r in my heart? ?I’ll never think abt u like that
Rag:i know sanskar but my stupid mind confused me,,that’s y I didn’t attend ur call at first,, after I realized I called u but it was not reachable becaz I went to my hometown na… .
San:thanks for accepting ur mind is stupid. .
Rag:glares him and turns opposite side
San:kk sry he goes in front of her..
Rag:im not angry for that..
Rag:u thought that I’ll leave you na
San:then Wat will I think,, u ran away after I kissed you,, not even ran away disappeared for one day,, first time without informing me (he feels bad)
Rag:actually uncle(shekar) called me yesterday that swara(shekars daughter)
College (where she is studying is closed because of some approval problem),, and she is scared of her future that’s y I went immediately.. ..
San:is problem solved now
Rag:yes sanskar,, government announced that students studied there will get seats in other colleges shortly,,
San:thats great news… Now she is fine
San:no I only should tell sorry becaz I’m only always misunderstanding u
Rag:no sanskar becaz I’m only the cause of our misunderstanding
Rag”:i know sanskar how much you will be worried yesterday… Her ? eyes became moist

San:plz by saying he went to touch her cheek.. But stopped his action,changed the topic by saying ..smile ragu plz

Rag:who senses it… Goes close towards him and kissed him on his lips…(showing her love but sanskar doesn’t respond it he widened his eyes )after they break it

Rag:little angrily I’m sorry for that day but if u behave like this.. I don’t know Wat I’ll do,,, u have all rights on me…. Before she completes sanskar pulled her and kissed her passionately….

After few minutes
San is sleeping in Ragini’s lap
Rag is carcasseing his hair…

Rag:did u meet ria
San:with closed eyes,, yes v three met but I was lost in u so didn’t talk to her properly…
Rag::kk in low voice shall v leave
Rag:time is 4.50
San:twisted his lips y time is not stopping in 4.00 itself
Rag:blushses and hits him playfully….

Guys do u people really like it or shall I end it… Becax comments are low that’s y asking… Plz say the truth..

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  1. Awesomme,please dont end it,its really superb please continew.

    1. Vinu

      Thanks satya

  2. awesome

    1. Vinu

      Thanks vini. ..

  3. Fabulous yaar. Don’t dare to think about stopping. I’m the second commenter 2day.

    1. Vinu

      Thank u aditi. .i

  4. Amazing dr ragsan loves for eachother is beautiful. Don’t say am gonna ending. Now exam time. All are busy with their exams. Even I’m also busy I’m taking 9, 10,11,12 classes but also want to respect my dearie writer’s that y I commenting regularly. And most importantly love my RAGSAN to the core of my heart so I should spend my time for my RAGSAN. Whenever u people saying we got low comments so gonna end its hurting us dr. Plsssssssssss don’t say like that. Sorry if talk anything wrong.

    1. Vinu

      Sry mk I thought u people didn’t like it that’s y I asked like that.. Sry for that.. I understood ur situation. .

      Thanks alot for commenting to my ff regularly..

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    1. Vinu

      Thank u dharani

  6. Awesome

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      Thank u aleeza

  7. Suma123

    It’s awesome Yaar …don’t end it …

    1. Vinu

      Thank you suma123…i won’t end it

  8. Amazing yaar don’t end it keep going

    1. Vinu

      Thanks asw

  9. Lovely7


    1. Vinu

      Thanks lovely7

  10. Suma123

    Look at the likes for FF and say dear….most liked FF so don’t stop it yaaaaaaar

  11. Awesome.plz don’t end this dear

  12. Superb. Don’t end this story. Update I’m only your’s

  13. Ossommmmmm. Poor sanskar how much he scared??

  14. Amazinggggggggg. Don’t end this

  15. Aww cute update sissy. Don’t break my heart by saying ending

  16. Superb dear

  17. Beautiful awesome chappy. Waiting for I’m only your’s

  18. Awesome

  19. Awesomeee

  20. superb….plz don’t stop it…

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