Our love story is different – Character Sketch

♥ihello guys!! 

I am just another AdiYa fan like you all and will like to start a FF on them. My name is Rashi. So let’s go to introduction and yes I will only continue if you support it.

Aditya Hooda : witty, full of life,loving caring and basketball lover.

Zoya Siddiqui: silent,cute,beautiful and a very good singer and writer.

Prerna Sharma: best friend of Zoya and has a crush on Anurag Basu. An outgoing beautiful and lovely girl.

Anurag Basu: best friend of Aditya and a totally dedicated person to his family and studieFs. He likes Prerna.

Noor Khan: best friend of Zoya and Prerna. A bit immature and bubbly girl.

Arjun Khanna : best friend of Anurag and Aditya. Loves his friends and family alot.  A bit introvert and loves to spend time in reading books.

How will these three couples get to know each other and fell in love. Set in the background of St. Teresa college, Dehrdun. A story of AdiYa, PreRag and ArNoor.

  1. Please support it and then I will think to continue and I will also tell you that I am in boards so I will just try to be regular in posting this FF. And also I would like to tell that the main couple will be AdiYa but I will also focus on supporting characters.
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  1. Jasminerahul

    wow adiya arnoor anupre ff.interesting

  2. Wow my adiya , amazing , looking very interesting , do continue

  3. Waiting for first epi…..
    I love AdiYa AnuPre and ArNoor…
    It’s gr8

  4. Wowwww waiting for first episode…….
    I love Adiya Sniper and Arnoor….
    Keep going its gonna be gr8

  5. Anuva

    Story is based on college… it’s interesting…

  6. Plz continue it…♥️

  7. Amazing dear. Please continue.

  8. Wow adiya.waiting for the first episode

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