Our love story is different (Episode 3)

Thank you for your wonderful support. Keep supporting and loving it!! I know I am late and not regular but my first priority is my studies so you have to bear with irregular updates. So let’s get into episode!! 

Aditya : let’s walk around if you don’t mind. 

Zoya:(smiled) ok let’s take a walk around the lake.

They started walking around 

Aditya:so tell me something about you. I mean if you want to…

Zoya:ok so you know my name now. My father is a government officer so my whole childhood is spent in Gujarat and now as my father requested we are in mussorie from last three years and I didn’t wanted to study there so applied here before one year for MBA and got admission and now it’s second year here. 

Aditya: ohh good I am basically from Mumbai and Anurag and Arjun we all met in Panchgani boarding school and we are a family. Being away from family teaches you alot.

Soon everyone returned to hostel and went to there rooms.

Zoya’s pov…

Aditya is a nice guy . I mean what I thought about him after coming out of general assembly. Atleast he is not like that he understood me. I think I am getting a new friend.                           

i felt a hand around my shoulder and it was prerna. Prerna hugged me and I was surprised that what is happening why is she so happy. I asked her what is the reason. Prerna exclaimed that were you setting my love story or yours and Aditya ? What!! I immediately broke the hug and looked at Prerna totally confused and she was smiling. Have you lost it I angrily told her. Prerna no I have not lost it but you only analysi that do you talk with someone so much ever and that also to a person who you just met this morning ? See Noor and me both feel that you had a different connection with Aditya today didn’t you ? Noor is sleeping or else she too would agree right now. Prerna cupped my face Zoya it’s time you move on and trust someone back and again be that chirpy and bindass Zoya . Forget him and move on Zoya. You have to forget him and her girlfriend who was your so called best friend. I don’t want to talk about it. I want some fresh air I am going out I spoke with my voice crooked and immediately left the room.  I sat on one of the bench in park and sat down thinking about HIM. Tears rolled down my eyes. Why I cannot forget him why… Prerna words rang in my mind again and again. She was right I need to heal myself but I can’t I know I can’t I can’t forget him and my so called best friend. I wiped my tears and decided to go and sleep as It was too late and decided not to think about him and Prerna’s words. 

End of Zoya’s pov…

Next morning       

Zoya got ready for college and went to attend her class. 

Aditya saw her in the class and went towards her and sat beside Her.

Aditya: hey good morning

Zoya was busy writing her notes just replied hmm

Aditya: I am greeting you with so much love and happiness and you just hmm

Zoya was irritated and looked up and sighed : where is Arjun and Anurag ?

Aditya: they are with Noor and Prerna.

Zoya: ok

Aditya felt her behaviour weird but started writing note with her.

After college:

Aditya, Arnoor and AnuPre were sitting together in canteen.

Aditya asked everyone where Zoya is?

Noor: go check in library she must be busy there reading her favourite books

Aditya: ok you guys carry on I am also going to library.

Aditya reached library and saw her reading book with utmost attention but still she was lost. Aditya went to her and sat infront of Her.

Aditya: hii Zoya

Zoya looked up at him surprised: what are you doing here?

Aditya: came looking for you.

Zoya: no need you go and have something in canteen I will come afterwards

Aditya snatched her book and held her hands . Zoya was shocked.

Aditya: Zoya I saw you crying last night in park . What is it tell me . What’s bothering you so much. He cupped her face. Don’t hide it from me tell me . May be you will feel better after sharing your pain. Say me.

Zoys’s eyes were again filled with tears but she didn’t had guts to tell anyone what her past was ? What was her pain? What changed her?

Zoya removed Aditya’s hand

Zoya: it’s just I miss my family.

She spoke looking away.

Aditya: don’t lie please. If you don’t want to share it’s okay. I can understand .

He spoke by looking straight in her eyes.

Aditya: I am hungry please join me for lunch in the mess. Atleast you can do it for me.

Zoya: I will come afterwards . I am not hungry. She left the library without talking to aditya or without looking at him.

Aditya was puzzled with her behaviour.

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  1. Too good………
    Prerna and Zoya bonding!!!!!!

  2. Wasn’t it a short one 😅😅 but then also awesome 🤗🤗🤗 I loved the scene were adi snatched book from zoya 😃 actually there were not that much scenes so plss try to write a little longer chapters

  3. I liked adiya scene in the library.it was so emotional and cute.Adi has a good caring nature yaar.please post the next soon

  4. Anuva

    Awesome… caring Aditya… i too loved the library scene very much… what is Zoya’s past… Good friends… lovely…

  5. Jasminerahul

    adiya talking about themselves to each other was nice.prerna asking zoya to forget her past n move on was nice.whats zoya’s past?adi understanding that zoya is hiding her pain n confronting her regarding it was emotional.sad that zoya is not opening up

  6. WOW awesome episode
    I really like the library part

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