Our Love (Kanchi ff) – chapter 1

Hi guys, I am back. Thank you so much for your encouraging words.I am glad you like the teaser .I hope you all like this episode???. Please do comment and give me suggestions if you don’t like any part of it.

Now let’s move onto the story:-
Kabir was unconscius and was being taken into the Operating room. Sanchi along with the other family memers are outside the OR.
While waiting, Sanchi reminisces her first meeting with Kabir and a small smile crept on her face.

There was a huge bungalow being shown where a woman who is around 50 years is walking here and there in tension and yelling at her husband to make sure that all preparations are going good. That woman is none other than jaya and she is tensed because today the groom’s family js coming to see her princess. She is tensed or rather excited. She cannot describe that feeling either because she is a mother and of course she is happy for her daughter but she is also nervous.
Sanchi was sitting in front of the mirror with a carefree look on her face. Her best friend pragya could easily tell that she is not ready to meet him after all she knows what is going on in her mind very well. Sanchi received a call on her phone.
Sanchi:- kya…… how can you? Ab mein uss ladke walon ko Kaise bhagoungi? You can’t just leave me alone at last minute??

On the other side a handsome boy was shown in a white coat with a cute smile on his face
Veer:- tumhara brahmastr hain na. Use that and he will not even dare to say yes to marry you??. I am so sorry yaar per hospital mein emergency aa gayi aur Mujhe aur isha ko yahi rukna padega?
Sanchi:- no problem veer… are you tensed about the surgery???
Pragya says tension tho uski patient ko honi chahiye na???
Veer:- pragya ki bachi…… sanchi tum ek kaam Kyun nahi karti. Tell the guy that pragya is your girlfriend. He will not even doubt it?
Pragya and sanchi yell veer and ask him to shut up.
Veer :- ok gotta go.
Sanchi:- ok bye. Good luck.
Soon kapoor’s family came in. Jaya asked pragya to bring sanchi down. Pragya and sanchi were walking downstairs. Sanchi was tensed and pragya could hear her heartbeats. As soon as she saw him, her heartbeats slowed down.Kabir got up and extended his hand to shake her hand but she was just looking into his eyes. Pragya shook her and sanchi shook his hand and they sat down.
Kusum:- beta, you are looking so beautiful.
Sanchi:- thank you aunty.
Kusum noticed that kabir was just admiring sanchi and she said I think we should leave them alone for sometime( typical arrange marriage)
Sanchi said I think we should go to my room excitedly.
Jaya gave a shocked look to sanchi ? while sanchi got up and said:-chale? kabir said ok.
Sanchi took kabir to her room and asked kabir to sit down while she settled herself on bed and started to drink from a glass.
Sanchi:- toh aapka naam kabir hai? Well you know what I have to tell you something important. You know I am a dcotor right? But I always drink. Don’t ask me why? Because even I don’t know. And you know what mujhe cooking bhi nahi aati. I once made cupcakes for pragya and she almost had food poisoning. Thank god woh hospital mein hi thi jab usne woh khaya tha. And why do you want to ruin your life by marrying me?
Kabir:- You know even I always drink without letting my parents know. And coming to cigarettes, you are a doctor right? But anyways I can understand doctors have life too but you have to stop it because it is not healthy. Aur tumhari cooking ke baare mein uski to tum chinta mat karo kyunki mujhe bahut achi si cooking aata hai. So you don’t even have to worry.
Sanchi:- aapko bata hain na ki mein Jhoot bol rahi hoon?
Kabir:- dekhiye sanchi mein to aapse pehle hi kehna chahta tha ki I don’t want to force this relationship on you but you have already started acting. Now I know that you don’t like me and it’s ok. I don’t have any problem with that but why do you have to degrade yourself for that?
Sanchi:- woh aisa Nahin ki you’re forcing this. It’s just that I.. I….. Please don’t get me wrong but maa said that you liked me when you saw me NGO. I just thought that how can you like me without even knowing me? I thought you just like my outer appearance. So, i was not interested in you.
Kabir:- you know when I saw you at the NGO treating kids and playing with them. I knew that you were something special. I saw your innocence, your kind heart. I mean you cried when the kid got hurt. He lists all the small things that he liked about her at the NGO.
Listening to kabir, tears welled up in sanchi’s eyes and kabir said wiping her tears:- I don’t want to be the reason of your tears. I want to be the reason behind your smile. But I don’t know if you will accept my love. But you should atleast give me a chance.

Suddenly sanchi hears her paiger ringing bringing her to the present moment. She sees that there is an emergency at the hospital. So she runs to see the patient.
Patient is yelling at a man that i dont even know you. Please leave me alone.
Sanchi looks at the man and tries to calm the patient while the man goes out teary eyed. Sanchi gives medicine to the patient and goes out.
sanchi goes to that man who is the patient’s husband and says
sanchi:- are you ok?
Man:- yes
Sanchi:- I cannot say that i understand you but I do know that you love her so much. Can i ask you something?
Man:- thanks and sure
Sanchi:- do you feel bad that she doesn’t remember you?
Man:- ofcourse I feel bad he says painfully. I know she has Alzheimer’s disease( a disease which destroys memory and mental functions) but look at the bright side I can see her in a new way everyday. We can create those magical moments evreyday. Its just that i feel so hurt when she doesnt remember me but she is still my love and will always be.
Sanchi just gave him a smile and assures him that your love will definitely get her back to you.
She walks to the God’s idol and says how can you always know what I want and how can you always assure me that things are fine. Thank you so much for everything. Just then ishpraveeriya comes there and tells her that Kabir’s surgery was succesful. Sanchi thanks god and goes to them.
Sanchi asks doctor how is kabir? he did not lose his memory right?
Dr.:- sanchi, you also know that i cannot say anything until he is conscious right? Dont worry. Everything goes the way it should go.
saying this the Dr. leaves from there and pragya comes and assures her that kabir will not forget her. Even if he does, I am here na for you. So give me a smile. Sanchi smiles and hugs pragya and isha while veer says: Get a room???. And all four of them laugh and share a hug.

Later, Sanchi goes to kabir’s room and asks kusum To go home and take rest. At first she refuses, but later agrees.
After Kusum left from there, sanchi goes beside kabir and sits there waiting for him to be conscious.
I know kabir at first I agreed hesitantly but now I love you so much that even if you do not remember me I will try my best to give you all the love you deserve. I love you so much kabir.

Precap:- kabir wakes up and says something and sanchi looks on.

What do you guys think does kabir remember his love or not?
Phewwww…………….. That was a long update.I do not know if it is good or not. Please forgive me for any grammatical mistakes?. If you dont like it,please give me suggestions to improve. I will try to update the next one on thursday or friday. Until then take care….???

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