Our Love Is Pure And Eternal (sdch) One Shot

Helo my lovely sweeties and silent readers. Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv u loads.

Let’s start

In hospital

Two women’s admitted in hospital at same day. They give birth to their children same time. Nurse cums and congrats both women.

In nursery a baby girl was crying when nurse sifts her to other baby boy baby court. Girl cries and boy touches her hand. She stopped crying. They smiles at eachother. They holds eachother hands.

Just then girls parents took girl away. Girl again started crying and boy also

After 20 years

In library a boy is sitting and reading books. After sometime he stood up and went near shelf. He was about to pick book when he touched a hand. He feels current. He saw a girl who was picking same book which is was about to pick

They appologized .Boy asked girl to take it. Girl asked boy to take it. They argue with eachother. Librarian saw them and asked both to leave.

They were leaving when their hands meet and they feels current. They gets shocked. Boy asked girl did you also felt current. Girl nodded. And they left to opposite direction.

After a week boy went for shopping. He was going when he bumped a girl. Girl was about to fall when boy holds her. They have a eye lock. They again felt current and boy quickly leaves her.

Both -did you felt current

Both smiles

Both -yes

They again smiles at eachother.

Boy – Hi I’m Kabir

Girl -helo I’m sanchi

Kabir -nice name

Sanchi -thank you

They were about to shake hands when they remembered current. They smiles at eachother.

Kabir -no hand shake

Sanchi -hmm

Kabir -how about coffee

Sanchi – sure

They went near by cafe and drinks. They are talking at eachother .Kabir told sanchi thet I’m having a feeling that I knw u long time back. Sanchi replied I also think but first time I saw u in library.

Kabir -so how’s ur family

Sanchi – gud and how’s urs

Kabir gets sad

Kabir -no one. I lost my parents in car accident

Sanchi -sorry

Kabir -no dnt be

Sanchi – i knw wat it feels. Actually my parents also died in car accident when I was small. So one couple adopted me.

Many days passed kanchi were always meet. They always drink coffee. They were cuming closer day by day. One day Kabir thought to propose her. He called sanchi and ask her to meet him .Sanchi came. Kabir wanted to propose her but he was speehless. He thought if she will refuse and she will hate me. I can’t loose our friendship. So he didn’t tell her.

Sanchi thinks should I tell him that I love him very much. No Sanchi if he will refuse and u will also loose his friendship. I will always love you Kabir. I know my love is one sidded. Kabir also thinks same. Ae dil hai muskhil song Bg plays.

Sanchi asked kabir y he called her. Kabir didn’t understand wat to say. He changed the topic. They sit in Cafe. So Kabir asked sanchi we r friends dnt hide anything. Do you love someone. Sanchi pov yes Kabir i love u. Kabir again asked her. Sanchi replied Yes. Kabir gets teary eyed. He asked who. Sanchi replied someone who is special. Kabir pov I wish u said that I’m that person. Sanchi asked him. Kabir nodded. And sanchi gets shocked and gets teary eyed. Kanchi smiles at eachother but from inside they were crying.

Kabir asked sanchi he can drop her. Sanchi nodded. Kanchi was going in car park when goons surrounded them. They tease sanchi and Kabir gets angry. Kabir beats goons when one goon puts knife on sanchi neck. Kabir gets shocked. Goons beats Kabir and he faints. Sanchi gets shocked to see him. Goons were taking her when sanchi shouted I LOVE U Kabir. I really love u. Pliz get up. I said get up. I love u Kabir.

Goons drags sanchi when sanchi words echo in Kabir minds. He opens his eyes and saw goon draging sanchi. He gets up and beats goons. Goons run away. Sanchi huggs Kabir. Kabir too responded the hug. Kanchi rembered sanchi conffession. Kabir smiles. They broke the hugg. Kabir asked sanchi is she really loves him. Sanchi nodded and Kabir also told her that he loves her too. They cry and again hugg eachother. They have a passionate kiss.

Many days passed kanchi love was blooming everywhere. They laugh, smile. They drenched in eachother love but one day Kabir continually calls sanchi. She disconnects the call. Kabir saw shocked. It’s been One week Kabir calling sanchi and she always disconnected the call. Kabir was tired. He wants to knw answer y she is ignoring him.

That day Kabir saw sanchi sitting on cafe sadly. Kabir went near her. He was furious at sanchi.

Kabir – sanchi y r u not answering my call. Dnt u love me. Did you betrayed me. I thought our love is pure and eternal. But I was wrong. U r like other girls.

Sanchi huggs him. Kabir tries to push her but couldn’t so he responded the hugg. She cries.

Kabir -sanchi is everything okay. Y r u crying.

Sanchi – kabir my marriage is fixed
Kabir -wat
Sanchi -kabir i was not ignoring u but I wanted to have a break. I wanted to think wat to do.
Kabir – so wats ur decision
Sanchi – i dnt knw Kabir. I really dnt knw. My dad fixed my marriage to his friends son. If I say no he may die becz he always fulfilled his promises. His word meansa lot to him. And other is that I love u. We love eachother. I can’t leave without u. But if I can’t ruin my parents happiness and our happiness. They dreamed everything for me and we dreamed our future. If I choose one so both sides will be mine loss. When my parents died they took care of me as their own child .I’m the reason of their living and u r my reason to live. I’m broken in two pieces. I dnt knw whom to choose. I can’t leave u. I can’t marry other person and I can’t leave my parents. I’m confused. Wat to do Kabir. Pliz tell me. I can’t loose u and them. Wat will I do. Whom to choose.
Kabir crying – choose ur parents sanchi

Sanchi gets shocked and broke the hugg. She looks at him. She puts her hands on his face. Sanchi asked kabir wat is he saying. R u telling me to marry someone despite knwing how much we love eachother. Kabir told her with so much difficulty. Sanchi i knw we love eachother. But I can see how much u love ur parents. So say yes for this marriage.

Sanchi told him that she can’t give his place to someone else. Kabir told her that he will live in her heart always and u will live in my heart forever. No one can take ur place but u have to forget me and give that person a chance to make his own place. Sanchi shouts no no Kabir. I can’t forget u. I love u. Kabir holds her and told her do this for me and ur parents.Sanchi we don’t get this much loving parents. If u love me say yes. Our love is pure and eternal and always will.

Sanchi cries and agreed. Kabir was leaving when sanchi runs and huggs him tightly. He also huggs her tightly. They cry. So much difficulty they move apart and went to opposite direction. Naina song Bg plays.

Sanchi went to home like lifeless person. She told them they agreed. Parents gets happy and huggs her. Tears flows from sanchi eyes. She directly went to her room and cries badly. Otherside Kabir cries badly. They recall eachother. They continually cries. Hamari adhuri kahani plays. They didn’t slept.

It’s morning sanchi parents r busy in arrangements. Sanchi looks at them with no emotions. Both kanchi stopped eating food.

Engagement day. Sanchi family asks sanchi to make him wear ring. Sanchi tears flows and she wiped it quickly. She was going to make him wear ring when she feels someone presence. She searches someone. Her eyes went to kabir who was crying hidding and looking at her. Parents asks sanchi to make him wear ring. Sanchi looks at Kabir and saw him missing. She remembers all her moments with him.

Sanchi closes her eyes and opens it. She imagines Kabir on him. She happily makes him wear ring. Just then all clapps and sanchi cums out of dreams and saw boy wearing ring. She feels sad. Boy makes her wear ring when sanchi gives her hand as lifeless. Her eyes looks for Kabir.

Sanchi does her all pre marriage ceremomy like a robbert. In all her pre wedding Kabir was alsoalways present there.

A night before marriage sanchi calls Kabir and ask him to meet her. Kabir cums as devdas and sanchi as paro. They see each other and huggs. They cry in eachother embrace. Kabir asked her y she called him. Sanchi takes out her laptop and shows it to Kabir.It was all their pics. They smiles with tears to see them. Sanchi told him. Tommorrow is her marriage. I just wanted to meet u last and tell u how much I love u. Kabir also told her how much he loves her. They sit down together and went back to their memories.

In the morning they woke up and saw each other embrace. They moves apart. They see each other . Rain starts they drenched in rain. Kabir asked her to go. Sanchi nodded. Kabir was leaving when sanchi runs a huggs him from behind. She is not leaving him. Kabir makes her move apart and kiss on her forehead. He asks sanchi to leave before he stop her. Lights stricks kanchi went in different direction.

Sanchi gets ready as bride. Otherside Kabir huggs sanchi pic. He gets invitation card. He cries seeing the card. He drinks something remincing sanchi. Otherside sanchi drinks it too. Pandit asked to call bride.They took sanchi to mandap. Sanchi saw kabir. They looks at eachother. Pandit ask sanchi to sit. Sanchi sat down still looking at Kabir. Pandit ask them to stand up for pheras. Sanchi sitting down. Pandit again asked her to stand up. Sanchi stood up.

Otherside Kabir vision gets blurred. He is feeling weak.He fells down and blood falls his mouth. Sanchi saw him and shouts Kabir and ran to him.
Sanchi – kabir wat happened to u. Kabir.
All gets shocked to see sanchi crying and how she ran to Kabir
Sanchi -kabir
Kabir – I’m sorry sanchi. I love u.
Sanchi -i love u too
Kabir – i couldn’t live without u a second. I’m leaving u Sanchi forever. I tried hard to learn living without u but couldn’t. Our love is pure and eternal. That’s y i couldn’t see u leaving me forever. I was having too option one was learn living without u and other was die with ur memories. So I chose second option.

Sanchi cries her vision also gets blurred she also feels weak. Blood also flows from her mouth.

Kabir -sanchi wat happened to u. Sanchi.

Sanchi smiles at him.

Sanchi – kabir i love u. I couldn’t accept anyone else. I can’t give ur place to any one else. U r my first and last love. I can’t stay away from u. Papa mama I’m sorry. Kabir I’m sorry. I also got two option one was to forget u and other was die with ur memories. I wanted to live with u but u said if I love you so I have to marry him. I couldn’t give ur place i couldn’t forget u. I couldn’t marry anone else becz our love is pure and eternal. So I also chose second option to die with ur memories. I was right our love is pure and eternal that’s y I’m dying with my love. Today is best day of my life.

Fb shows kanchi drank something was none other than poison.

Kabir -I love u Sanchi

Sanchi -I love u too Kabir

They hugg eachother and breathes their last breath and died in eachother embrace.

They born on same day and same time and they died same day and same time. Their love was really pure and eternal.

The End

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  1. Anu88

    So so sad story yaar but it is a pure love story yaar……….I love it so so much ashu

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    the story was emotional ashu.

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    Ashu dear, such an emotional os…I literally started crying in the end……& u r right, kanchi hamesha saath saath, iss duniya mein nehi toh kisi doosre duniya mein sahi…..luv u a lot sweetieeeeeee…..bye…….tc

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    So so emtional heart touching nd sad story yaar.. loved it ashi.. bye gud ni8??? tc.. lovv u???

  5. So emotional….. I am speechless

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  7. Rula diya tune yaar such a emotional story awesome yaar I know ur tired of my awesome fabulous and all but what to do if u write like this then I have appreciate also na . So it’s amazing awesome super fabulous fantastic mind blowing

  8. soooooooooooooo emotional
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    Kya aashu Tune to rula diya ??????????????????? . It was really a heart touching story. Their love was pure nd eternal ???? . Saath me janm liya or saath me is duniya ko alvida keh diya. I’m not commenting on any episodes these days as my test r approaching but this os forced me to comment. Keep it up ashu. Luv u dear ☺☺☺

  10. Emotiona onel….U nailed it Ashu ……I am speechless….loved it dear…..do update soon….lots of love ? ? ?

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