Meera was sitting in their balcony and thinking something very deeply

Jeevika enters the scene

Jeevika : Kya baat hai… badi soch mein doba hai..

Meera : Something is wrong.. I .. there’s something missing in my..life and (she just remembers something) Yestarday.. you were about to tell me something.. what was it..

Jeevika : Actually ( she smiles & gives Meera her phone)

Meera looks at her phone and sees a Man’s photo.


Meera : Yeh.. khon hai..

Jeevika : This is viren..

Meera : Toh..

Jeevika : I met him on social media..

Meera : Toh

Jeevika : I feel so connected to him.. he and i have so much similar..

Meera : Toh..

Jeevika : He proposed me that i said YES.

Meera(shocked) : WHAT !!!!

Jeevika : I know that’s..

Meera : Its stupid.. really.. how could you belive in this type.. Thete are many news how people are cheating on .. then who could you..

Jeevika : But i belive him..

Meera : Mujhe usse milna hai.. give me his adress..

Jeevika : That’s the problem.. he lives in india..

Meera (claps) : Wow.. di.. you are unbeliveable


Anjana & Harsh are sitting in the hall.. Meera come stheir following Jeevika..

Anjana : Lo.. agaye gunda..

Harsh : Let me talk to her..

Anjana : There is nothing to talk.. Just lock her in room..

Meera : What happened.. mom..

Anjana : Mrs.Taneja was here.. did you beat her son..

Jeevika : Mom..woh..

Anjana : Don’t jeevika…

Meera : I did..

Harsh : Beta.. i know your mom is hot headed .. but its not good to hit someone.. just like that..

Meera( angry) : I hit him because.. he was misbehaving with Di.. at the weekend party..

All gets shocked..

Meera walks away to her room..

Anjana : Yeh aajkal bahut gussa larne lagi hai..

Jeevika : Maa.. i think she needs a break from things..

Harsh : I am also thinking that .. why don’t you to go on a vaction after.. the award function..

Meera suddenly comes and hears the conversation

Meera : If its so .. i would like to visit INDIA..

Jeevika smiles hearing this.. while Anjana gets a little shocked..




Rajnath was looking at a picture while Shakshi comes there..

Sakshi : Aap.. aaj bhi esae sambal kar rakha hai raj..

Raj : I can’t leave this from my life even if i wanted to..

Sakshi : Do you have any regert for choosing me between Meera & Mahi..

Raj (holds her shoulder) : What rubbish are you talking.. its nothing like that.. you have been a perfect mother to Mahi.. you even loves her more that shaurya… Its just that.. sometimes i wish Meera was also here…so that..that i can know.. her craziness.. her behaviour.. all of it..

Just then shaurya enters.. seeing him sakshi takes the photo and hides it..

Shaurya : Hey.  dad..

Raj : Shaurya ..

Shaurya : Was you guys talking about something important..

Raj : No.. its nothing like that..

Shaurya : So i hope we may now go to office..

Raj: Ye..Yeah. why not i was waiting for you.. lets go..

They walks out.. just then sakshi calls him..

Sakshi : Shaurya.. Mahi kaha hai..

Shaurya : She.. went for shopping.. kal humae LONDON jo jana hai.

Sakshi  : Achhaa…

  After they left sakshi goes to the kitchen puts on the gas and burns the photo


Sakhi : Itne saalon tak.. i haven’t let Raj even think of Meera.. and nothing else.. When i came here all i wanted was to throw away Mahi also so that my son.. should get all the property.. but..  This blo*dy Raj named half of his property to Meera & Mahi.. due to which i have to show this false love to her…..  Once my son become the CEO.. i will show them  all


Shopping mall..

Mahi was purchasing just then a man comes and hugs her she gets shocked

Mahi : Kya bathameezi hai..

Man : Batameezi.. oh comeon yaar.. we are friends from childhood and this how we treat eachother when we sees..

Mahi : Oh.. hello.  i think you have a misunderstanding..

Man : Comeon.. Meera tumhe amnesia toh nahi hogaya.. i am Aahil..

Mahi : I am sure .. you are looking for someone else..

Mahi runs from there..

Aahil : Apne dad.. ke sath business award  ke liye kal London ayegi na tab dekh legae tumhe MEERA..


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  1. Jasminerahul

    sad that they misunderstood meera for beating a guy.good that now they know the truth.wow virika in love.now meera will meet viren in India. shocking that sakshi is taking love to mahi.hope she gets exposed. hope shaurya will not support his mom.wow aahil.I love saahil very much.so excited for kw sj jodi.aahil mistook mahi for meera.how will he react when he comes to know the truth? i wonder who will be opposite aahil.mahi or meera?beautiful perfect pics .it was a visual treat .this is an awesome ff.please update this atleast twice a week

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