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Hey guys!!ayushi is back with another short and sweet OS!!its an interesting one!!I hope u all enjoy!do read and comment
So 3……2……..choo
Sona’s cabin
Sheena:ma’am mr Dixit is here to meet u!!
Sona:mr Dixit??

Sona’s PoV
Oh hi!!i am Sonakshi!!sonakshi Bose!!a nutritionist by profession!!in love with the most handsome,hot,cute,person??and of course he is the most eligible bachelor too!!he is Mr Dev Dixit??!! nobody knows about our relationship though!!that’s why the assistant called him Mr Dixit!!It sounds so boring no!!lagta hai jaise Kisi school ka principal Ho boyfriend nhi?
Dev enters!!
Sona:Kya Hua jaanu??(what happened jaanu)
Dev:?don’t call me jaanu!!
Lagta hai Maine koi gadbad ki hai!!!(guys this is Sona’s PoV only)
Sona:Maine kuch kiya!!! (Did I do something!!)
Dev:kuch……..kuch……like seriously kuch!! (Something………..something!!!like seriously something)
Sona:ok ok!!kya Maine bahut kuch kiya!!! (Ok!!ok!!!i did very much)
Dev:Sonakshi stop ur lame jokes I am angry!!!
Sona:Lagta hai taapmaan(temperature)kuch zyada hi garam hai!!!(seems like temperature is too hot)
Dev:bahut zyada!!(very hot)
Sona:Kya kiya Maine?? (What did I do)
Dev:ab tumhe yeh bhi pata ki tumne Kya kiya!!(now u done even know what u did)
Sona:Dev tum bataoge nhi toh kaise pata chalega!!(how will I know??if u don’t tell me)
Dev:Socho!!dimaag lagao aur Batao tumne Kya galat kiya hai!!(think!!!and tell me what u did wrong)
Sona starts laughing!!!

Dev:ab tum has kis Khushi mein Rahi Ho!! (Why are u laughing now??)
Sona:Mera boyfriend typical girlfriends ki tarah jo behave Kar raha hai!!! (Bcoz my boyfriend is behaving like typical girlfriends)
Dev:typical girlfriend!!!?tum Mujhe mana Rahi Ho ya gussa Dila Rahi Ho!!(typical girlfriend!!!r u calming me down or what??)
Sona:Dev babu bache ki jaan loge Kya!!thoda hint toh Do(oh ok!!calm down!!on hint)
Dev:lekin sirf ek!!!(ok!!but just one)
Dev:Aaj ki date!!! (Today’s date)
Sona:Aaj 26th March hai!! (It’s 26th March)
Dev:yeah right it’s 26th March!!!!
Dev:toh………?????jaao yaar Mujhe tumse baat hi nhi Karni!!! (So……….I don’t want to talk to u)
Dev leaves the cabin!!!
And then she remembers its Dev’s bday!! And runs behind him and drags him back toh her cabin
Dev:what happened yaar??
Sona:I am sorry!!happy birthday!!
Dev:oh toh finally!!ms Sonakshi Bose Ko unke boyfriend ka bday yaad aa gya (oh so finally ms Sonakshi Bose remembered that it’s her bf bday today)great discovery!!!u should sit on elephants on 26th January!!!!
Sona:Elephants don’t come!!cars come

Sona:sorry Na yaar!! (Sorry no)
Dev:generally!!ladke dates bhool jaate hai and sorry bolte hai lekin yaha toh ulta hi hai!!(generally!!boys forget these things and ask for sorry but it’s opposite her)
And then he turns back!!!sona tries to turn him back but he doesn’t!!
Sona:ae!!dev mushai!!!arey ek baar Dekh toh le!!(Dev!!!!see for once no)
Dev turns and finds Sona on her knees
Sona:I am really sorry jaanu!!!??and holds her ears and makes a puppy face!!
Dev:this is not done yaar!!!tum Itni cute kyun Ho!!!(this is not done !!!why are u so cute)
Dev:arey yaar tum Itni cute faces banati Ho!!gussa hi gayab Ho jaata hai!! (U make such cute faces then I can’t be angry)
Dev:tumhe pata Mujhe abhi Tum par gussa Karna chahiye tha lekin nhi gussa hi nhi aa Raha (I should be angry right now!!but no!!)
Sona:achi baat hi toh hai!!!boyfriends Ko apni girlfriends Ko ache se rakhna chahiye!! (It’s good no!!bf’s should keep their gf’s nicely)
Dev:acha!! But tumhein ek punishment milegi!!(but u will get a punishment)
Dev:tumhein Mujhe propose Karna hai ek unique way mein
Sona:ok!!tu Na bada Cool Lagta hai Mujhe!!hit bhi hai Tu!!kya kamal ka combination hai Na hot and cool at the same time!!!I love u!!boyfriend banja Mera hum dono Milke Rock Kar denge!!(#rockstar#ranbir references)(u seem very cool to me!!!u r hot too!great combo!!hot and cool at the same time!i love u!!be my boyfriend!!we will rock together)
Dev:original nhi tha(it wasn’t original)
Dev:but chalega!!(but ok)
And they hug each other!!!

In the evening!!!
Dev:get ready Sona!!we have to go to party!!!
Sona:no I am not going to those boring business parties!!and waise bhi Sab Ko shak Ho jaayega!!
Dev:yeh zaalim zamana humein Dekh Kar jalta hai toh Jalne do??
Sona:oh really!!
Sona:ok fine
Sona comes out after getting ready!!in a beautiful black gown!!
Sona:aapka Taadna Ho gya Ho toh chalein!!
Dev:main soch raha tha !!
Sona:Kya soch Rahe the!!!
Dev:yeh party cancel Kar dete hai
Dev:ab tum Itni……..Itni……stunning lag Rahi Ho toh!!!
Dev:toh uss party mein jaa Kar time kyun waste Karna!!
Sona:excuse me mr aap mere boyfriend Ko jaante nhi hai!!!
Dev:oh really!!
Sona:aur waise bhi main apne Bf se bahut pyaar karti hoon!!yahan Apka koi chance nhi hai
Dev:Ittu sa bhi nhi!!
Sona:kittu sa bhi nhi??
Dev:ohh!chalo koi Na!!party mein bahut scope hai mere liye!!
Sona:DEV!!!jaao!!mujhse baat mat Karna ab tum!!
Dev:arey sorry!!ab chalein
Dev and Sona go to the party and enjoy a lot after sometime Dev is called on the stage!!
Dev:ladies and gentlemen I want to introduce u to someone and brings Sonakshi on the stage!!she is Sonakshi Bose!!the love of my life!!mu would be wife!!my world!!!
Dev:I love u Sonakshi!!
Sona:but don’t!!
Sona:I only love my boyfriend!!mr obhodro!!!u r very sweet!!u r not my boyfriend!!
Dev:Sonakshi!!kuch bhi!!!
Sona??I love u too mr obhodro!!
And they hug each other??

Hey guys!!i hope u all enjoyed!!
I will try to come up with another such one shots☺️☺️if u like it
Do read and comment and if any idea for Any other OS!!!
Bye guys!!
Love u all?
TU plzzz don’t reject it this time!!plzz post this one only now???

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  2. Aana

    It was super duper funny nd awsm nd cute. Nd dude Wt not….just loved it
    …really amazing…. Will wait for ur nxt os…..love u nd devakshi too….

    1. Manya

      Thanku so much anna???
      Will post the next OS?
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        Manya….can u plzz pm me whenever u will post ur nxt os….plzzz if u can….

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      Ya sure and BTW I write an ff too ae dil hai mushkil!!u can read that too if u want?

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    Woow… Nice story… Loved it…?

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  5. Awesome

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  6. Darshana

    Funny and awesome…????????????
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      Thanks Darshana??
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    (#rockstar#ranbir references)
    Ye padhte hi main samajh gyi ki ye Manya ki karamaat h??
    Super cute OS

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    Again maaaaar daala with ur hindi dialogues…
    Awesome piece of writing…
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    Too good
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    Tere ff padhne se hi chehre par smile aa jathi hain…you totally killed it yaar..???

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    manya it is stunning
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    Awesomeee ayushi….
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    Luved it….and
    Pls come back with some os like this…

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    Wow…Ayushi…this was amazing os…!
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