You &I- os treat to my love by ufaq


Suman was revolving her phone with her hand and WAs looking at the revolving fann it was midnight and sumn was waking due toabsence of electricity she ssung song made painting and herself liked heer she tried all the tricks but now she was feeling very gutted now her head was also revolving like fan then she remembered that in her childhood she liked to use her motherphonne and dial random number and talked with the people and annoy them today she tried it again
She dialed a. Random number but no bodypicked the call she tried it again and agin but no answer she texted but no reply

Suman: Person must be sleeping
Then she checked she had called almost 30,times with50,texts then light came and she slept
Next morning she wake up late ass it was Sunday and she checked her mobile there was almost 20 msgs of who???
She said. ‘ : Who is sshe or he??,”
Then sshe remembered her last night stunt which she had did
She hits her head: Oh acha she replies hi???
Person: Who????
Summan: Who r u???
Person’: First u tell???
Suman’: I m……no first u tell
Person: Wrong nilumber dnt text plz

Suman: To herself: Oh acha ab nae choron. Ge
See tarts texting until the reply came: I m preeti now tell who the hell r u???
Suman: Oh preeti Nic name and I m sumu
Preti: R u a boy??? Or girl???
Suman: What my name indicates to you????
Preti: U can b a boy because.ur name looks like. A bboy name
Sumu laughs in her home
Summu: I dbt know u tell
Preeti’: Listen u tell ok otherwise dc bt text
Sumu: No I wont u guess
Preeti: I guess u r a boy

Sumu laughsz hard in her homee: Boy and me hahaha
Sumu’: Ammm I dnt know
Preti’: Know I m confirm u r a boy dnt txt me again otherwise I wont be gud ffor u
Sumu:to herself’: I think I should tell her
Sumu: I m a girl of 26 yearsgot it u r such a budhu sumu is a name of girl ffromk the name suman
Preti: I dnt believe u…..
Suman: Ohk wait
She calls her preeti cuts the ccall
Preeti: Y u called me???
Suman: To confirm u I m a girl
Preeti calls. Ger back:hi
Suman: Helo so what my voice indicates.
Preti: It indicates u r a child

Suman: No I m 26 now and u????(
Preti: 24 now soon to be 25
Summan: Great so will u be my friend actually I dnt have sisi
Preti: Me too
Summan: So sisi????
Preti: And if u r fraudthen????
Sumann: If u r fraud???
Preti: I m not ffriend
Suman:bt I m trusting u nnaa
Preti: Ok fine bt not friennds
Suman: Than”??
Preti: Sisterss
Suman: Sounds ok

Preti: Ur fb id ????
Summan: I dnt usse fb
Preti: Y????
Suman: It’s a wastage of time
Preti: Ya it is but it gives relaxmment u jnow
Suman: No leave it
Preti: Then how we will talk
Summan: Through phone
Preti: Ohk u wanna know about u where do u. Live
Suman: Lower Punjab and u???
Preti: Karachi

Suman: Wow ok listen mky mom is calling I will call u. Backk later
Hannged up thus. Was the first time they have talked with each other after which it became common ffor both of them they started taking wuutheachother each and every secretthey havve t seen each other by still have maintained their relationship. Inn a best way
After a year sumann bought a house a very big house and she called the country’s best architect to desuggn it in a very well way an architect named. Parineeta enters her house she felt specialcinnecctin with her sshe was very beautiful suman give her work and she started doing it days were passing suman and preeti were still talking with each other preti told her that she got a very big project whic h she was doing now days suman was very happy for her
All the work was done inn a month now itss the time for. Payment suman signed onn the check Ndd handovered it to prenita but she refused. To take it suman was very confused
Suman’: Y u r not taking it do u need more????
Pri: No actually I dnt need it
Suman: Bt y u have wasted ur whole month on it

Pri: Anything for relatives
Suman was more confuse
Suman: What do u mean by that”??prineeta forwards ger hand and says: Hi its preeti sumansuster
Summann was awstuck
Suman: What u said???
Preti: Yes I m preti ur sisi

Suman laughs: U must b joking nice one
Preti clls her fom her phone: Summan was awstuck she hugged her tightly
Suman: Bt how u knew it???
Preti: When our phone got exchangedd
Summan re.ebers that incident she hugged her again she was very happy as she got her sissi
Preti was also very happy as she saw her sisi and thankk gods both were not fraud
Thenn they started meeting each other and life went on and both become each other life

First of all I m very very sorry it is baqwas it is totally hands I dnt like
Bt I wnnna wish my love so I wrote it
Happy birthday mmy love
Sooooorrrryyyyyyy for forgetting ur bd sorry yar
But API love u na

I know it doesn’t look gud but I wrote. Whatpoped in my mind. So sorry and. Ya happy birthday again
Zo guys neggatiive comments r welcomed
Take care

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  1. Ufaaq

    Sorry I know it is bad at end bt Mario for u I wrote it at 1am and my mother scolded me bt its ok sorry again

  2. Marie

    Ahem ahem……..
    Pehle toh ye batao API ek sorry kis ok bola apne huh…??? Maine toh nai suna kyun ke koi spin Behna ko toh sorry Bolta nai…..!!!
    Or dosti baat how dare u call my ufaq api’s OS bakwas huh ? ITS D WORLD’s MOST AMAZING GREAT FANTASTIC OURSTANDING MINDBLOWING LOVING SWEETEST CUTEST OS I EVER READ…….!!!!! Or meri Api me itne pyaar se mere liay likha hai mujhe boring lag Gaya toh phir toh Mai pagal crazyyyyyy maddy hoon….!!
    Hahahaha lekin mujhe itto ka itto as bhi boring ya bakwas nai laga even it’s d best ever story I read…..d whole story is on us…..I was remembering d moment…when I frst talked u…n called u a boy…..!!! Hahahahah d DAMM funny part fr me….!!! Hahah n fb u also said d same….. 🙂
    N phone pr baat ka abhi at kho nai saka hope Asia bhi ho jai…..I really want to hear d world’s melodious voice….of my sweetest siso….!!!!!!!!!!!!! N awwwww the part was so cute when they met omg I wish d same…..!!!!! Hum bhi Milne Mai toh apki hug karoon gi phir choro gi hi nai khushi ke mare….!!
    That’s the worlds most beautiful story…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    N hahahahhaha no prob thank u so much fr such a beautiful n awesome gift API…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE U ITNA ITNA ITNA KE KOI SOCH NA SAKE………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Take care API……..!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank u so much…..!!!

    1. Oh so love doesn’t need my szoorryy very gud chalo love sud k sath wapis Karo mere sorry come on give me my sorry back
      Hahahah ya I wrote whole os on reality all this happened to us
      Ok love i dnt think u will like my voice because as i said in os my voice is childish even my father ccant recognize love i will talk with u Bt when i will get mobile hahahah i have tab with no sim no sim no number Bt i will take it in 2 years till then b with me ok
      Love u most se b mostest
      Take care

  3. Hahaha…???
    Ufaq …??
    Ya its….lolll????
    But ye bhi hai ki..I enjoyed It reading???

  4. Ariana

    This is bakwas? Really? Nice joke. Actually LAME JOKE!!! R u mad? Such a cute OS. EDKV not necessarily means ShraMan. Some relations r beyond romance. It was so sweet. Loved it a lot. Make more os.
    Love u
    Take care

  5. Awwwww this was soo sweet loved it… Who said its boring completely bliss love it

  6. Neeti

    Uffi di, very bad itna accha likhne ke bad sry kehte ho… very very bad…me apse rooth gayi kiuki apne meri uffi dike os ko bura kaha…ekto apne rat ko itni rat ko mehnat karke likha upar se boring bhi kehte ho
    it was fabulous, amazing, excellent, splendid, super, brilliant, cute, sweetest, lovely, very very very good os I don’t know anymore words cs me English me kacchi hu……..
    ab sabd hi kam par rahe he……kya batau me apko, Maro di ko bhi kitna pasabd aya….age se khabi Uffi di ke os ya ff ko bura kaha toh Dishoom…ha (marne wala dhishoom nai bato wala dishoom me thori apne bari behen par hat uthaungi)
    luv u – Leeti (late +Neeti)

  7. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Awwww ???
    This one was shoooooooooo cute ?
    Very nice ..

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