OS|| Midnight Madness|| Ft.Rumya and Omri.(By Anya)

Hello everyone!Came upon with an Os featuring all the three couple but it is based on Shivika I really wanted this to happen in the future but donna if I will be able to see it or not so just penned it down to lessen my desire LOL And have written it on my phone as I was hell bored today.No work or I say I had work but didn’t felt to do them! and Was dying to right something so here I’m with this.I hope you all will like it.

Kindly ignore grammatical mistakes and typos.

Happy reading.


Os||Midnight Madness||

“Shivaay uthiye”annika whispered and shaked him lightly.seeing him not giving any response she just started shaking him more violently and this time she shouted a little loudly making him wake up with a jerk and looking around saying”What happened? Is there a theif?”he shouted but seeing no one he gave a confused look and turned his face to see annika just a little away from his face with strands of her hair falling on her face,making him frightened and because of this he shouted again making her roll her eyes in frustration.

“Why the hell are you shouting like this shivaay?I’m annika your wife Remember me?”she said sarcastically while keeping the strands at the back of her ear.”What the wuck! It’s you I thought that you were a ghost”he said while keeping his hand in the right side of his chest and didn’t knew what he said would make her angry like hell.As if even he say a bad word now a days she started crying like anything as her mood swing as she is at it’s worst at her 5th month of pregnanacy.

“What?You think that I look like a ghost?I hate you shivaay I know after Iv’e become fat like this your love for me is fading away!You don’t love me now.”she said as fresh streams of tears made it’s way from her dove shaped eyes making him smack his head for not controlling his stupid tongue in front of her and that too at this crucial stage of time.”Anni It’s nothing like that baby! I Love you and you look really good like this”he said and tired to huss her but she cried out loud once again making him gulp the groan which was on a verge of escaping his mouth.This month was really a hectic for him as her mood swings were the worst thing he had ever experienced.

“You are making fun of me right? As I’m looking like a balloon?”she whinched while shivaay wondered how can a girl could take all the things in the wrong way? Don’t they know that it can be in a positive way also.”Anni my baby how can I make fun of you?Haan?I love you and you know that Right? and you also know that I hate tears in your eyes so please stop crying baby can you see me crying with you like this?No na? so please stop crying.My intentions were not to hurt you.I love you the way you are”he took her hand in his and started to make circles on her palm while his other hand was on her cheeks making her undersatnd it while she nodded her head like an Obedient child and wipe off her tears.”Ok I will not cry but promise me you will never leave me?”she asked with an innocent look while Shivaay noddd his head in a no making her tear up once again but he forwarded his pinky asking her to entangle her’s with him”Pinky Promise”he whispered while she hugged him tightly squeezing the life out of him as he smiled at her over excitement.

“Okay now shall we sleep?it’s nearly going to be 1:30,tomorrow is your appointment with the doctor so you need rest and sleep”he said tenderly while making her lay down on the mattress softly and stroking her hair so that she could sleep and seeing her closing her eyes he too slept as he was hell tired.After a few seconds he again felt someone shaking him while he become irritated but asked what happened to her in a sleepy tone.”I want ice cream”she said and shaked him violently.

“I woke you up at that time for This only but forgeted but now I want it”she said after a pause as he tried to show that he didn’t listen her.”Shivaay! I want ice cream”she said and snatched the pillow in which he was hiding his face.”Annika see the time baby it’s almost 2 and who will open the ice cream parlour at this time of night?It’s almost going to be morning then I will surely let you eat a bucket of it when we will go to the hospital but not now please let me sleep”he said sleepily and yawn at last”I always thought that you just say lies but now I’m sure about it”she said while he gave a confused look”what?”

“You always say that shivaay Singh Oberoi can do anything than why can’t you just make the shop open haan?And few second ago you siad that you love me but see you can’t even do a little thing for me”she said with a hurt look,he sat up.”Annika no one will open the ice cream parlour at this hour of night,but don’t underestimate the ability of Shivaay Singh Oberoi.I love you and I can do anything for you”he said”see don’t show me your tadi first bring me the ice cream that too of blue current Then you will show this”she said with an irritated voice as he was not doing anything but speaking of his ability.

Shivaay just made an O face.”How can you say that annika?”he asked shock”Then what will I do shivaay see your wife and baby are craving for ice cream and you are here talking nonsence”she said with a pout”So you think that all this while I was talking nonsense Haan?”he asked a little angrily”Any doubt?”she said with a raised eyebrow moving toward his face.

“Annika!”he Called out irritately”See you are now once again shouting at me! I will tell this to pinky mom she will then take your class and I will also tell that you didn’t bought me an ice cream”she said as tears formed in her eyes once gain.Shivaay just mentally smack himself once again and this time hardly so that his sleepy head could activate soon and he could talk sincerely with her as If his mom came to know that he had hurted her beloved Daughter in law than there will be a war in which he had to accept defeat and he can’t afford one more drama in his life as this was enough for him.

He sigh desperately and tried to calm his breath”Ok I’m sorry see I’ll go and make ice cream for you by my own hands as at this time no shop will be opened so please stop crying baby”he said as he saw her talking to their baby saying papa doesn’t love us now and shedding tears.She immediately smiled at him and jumped over him like a small baby kissing his cheeks and muttering I love you,he just shook his head in disbelief and smiled cheekily.

Shivaay called Om and after a few rings there was a sleepy voice heard in the other side of the line”Hello”Om yawned”Whose this stupid person calling me at this very late hour of night?”he said as he didn’t saw the caller id”Om It’s me so stop saying those words and open the door as soon as possible I’m standing outside”Shivaay Said in an irritated voice at his remark.Om sat up straight and checked the caller Id to See Shivaay written on it”What the Wuch! Shivaay what are you doing here at this time?” He asked as soon as he opened the door seeing him standing in front of him looking like as if he was forcefully woken up from his dead bed.”Om I need your help! You know annika’s craving is touching it’s height now a day and I don’t know what will happen in the next 4 months.”he said a little stressed out”What happened tell me clearly””She wants to eat Ice cream at this time and no shop is opened so I thought to make it by myself but I need your help”he said while justifying his thoughts.

Om just laughed out loud while shivaay glared at him”I know you are laughing at my helplessness but let once gauri be pregnant that you will realize how this is all difficult”he said with an irritated tone while Om’s laugh die in his throat as he thought about his time and gulped but just pushed the thought aside”Ok leave it na let’s go”he said and dragged him away from him not before closing the door softly behind as Gauri was sleeping soundly inside.

“Now what we are doing here?”Om asked as they stood In front of Rudra’s closed door.”I have called that dumbbell for hundred times now and he isn’t picking up the call I think he must have kept in on silent mode let’s call him”shivaay said while rubbing his forehead with his index finger.He knocked on the door Once twice than thrice but no response after thinking that it is futile they turned to go when they heard the latch of the door being opened and there stood saumya in her night clothes while rubbing her eyes”What happened bade bhaiya and bade Baal waale bhaiya? Is there any problem as you two are here at this Time? “She asked softly while they smiled at her”Saumya it’s nothing such we just wanted that dumbbell Oberoi,I have called him also but he didn’t picked up so can you please call him”shivaay said.

“What happened Bhaiya is there any problem?Anni bhabhi is alright na?”she asked with concern”yeah she is alright but she wanted to eat ice cream so I was going to make it for her and need his help so can you please”Shivaay said”Aww..! Bhaiya you are so cute well you can take him but I won’t be able to wake him up so you two can try and if he woke up then I will also help you all”she Said with a casual shrug and ended it being excited.”Oh how sweet of you saumya ok wait we will wake him up”shivaay said and both the brothers went inside to see their baby brother sleeping while hugging his pillow tightly with mouth open.They gave each other a knowing look of he-can-never-change one and started shaking him but saumya said that it is futile as she always failed when she tried this.

They just gave each other wicked smile and asked saumya to just wait and watch how he will wake up and with that both of them shouted in unison”Rudra your x-girlfriend came here to meet you and saumya is really angry as they are telling their experiences with you do wake up fast be for she come and choke you”and with that Rudra was standing in his bed screaming “Oh shit this is not gonna happen!why didn’t you said me before Bhaiya now that sumo will not leave me Holy shit”he cursed and tripped and was lying on the floor flat as both the brothers burst out laughing while saumya also tried to not to laugh as she was angry.

Rudra looked up to see his brothers laughing at him and stood up and realize that it is only 2pm at night and there is no x-girlfriends of his here.He just sign in relief.”What the hell Is this you two?Are you two gone nuts or what?see the time it’s 2 in the morning and you came here to wake me up like this” while they just tried to hold their laughter.He moved his gaze being irritated to see saumya glaring at him with a hand on her waist andhe realized that he is not totally gone”Saumya! Tum Yahan?”he asked shocked”Abe it’s your room so saumya must be here na so why are you asking this?”Om said with a smirk”Let it be Bhaiya I think he is still busy in the thought of his exes and you just wait I’m not gonna leave you”she said with a cold tone while rudra looked like as if he going to cry out loud”see cause of you two now I have to sleep on th cough for the coming days”he winched while once gain both of them started laughing like hell”this is because you deserve it dumbbell”she said and turned her face while he sat there on the bed with a sad face.

BTW if you two are done with your stupid laughing session so tell me why did you came”he asked after a pause as they continue to laugh”Hmm..we Need your help to make ice cream”shivaay said”Bhaiya is this the time when you It like really?you are a grown up man and if anyone came to know about it that The great Shivaay Singh Oberoi eat ice cream at night what they will think?and you O?I never expected this from you”he said over dramatically”Shut up Rudra”shivkara said in unison while he pouted”your Bhabhi wants to eat not me so come and help us”he said and started moving towards the door with Om and saumya.He just sulked like a 5 years boy and followed them.

“What are you all doing here?”gauri said as soon as she entered the kitchen.She saw Om and shivaay mixing something in a bowl and Saumya was cutting dry fruits while rudra was sleeping in one of the empty chair hugging a spoon.”aye Dumbbell Oberoi you again slept? Wake up you moron and help me in it”saumya said and beat him with the knife in his head, he sat up straight and started cutting the things with her.”Arre Gauri what are you doing here?”Om asked as he saw her standing near the kitchen door.”Nothing I came here in search of you and saw you all like this btw what are you all making”she said curiously.

“Blue”Om said.

“Currrent”Shivaay said.

“Flovoured”saumya said.

“Ice Cream for annika Bhabhi”rudra replied delightfully.

“Aye shankar ji I also wanted to help you all”she said excitedly and started helping them.

After half an hour there stood on the kitchen platform Blue current Ice cream in all its glory and all of them smiled at each other as they were successful in making it.

Shivaay entered his room along with the rest who were having a bowl on their hand.They saw her sitting on the cough facing the pool while caressing her womb with her hand muttering something.Shivaay smiled and went towards her and placed his hand on her shoulder making her come out of her thoughts.”Arre you came”she said and looked sideways to see the rest of them standing with a smile”Oh bete Ki! You all are also here”she said being delighted and asked them to come to her.

They sat on the bed making a circle while feasting on their ice creams when suddenly annika screamed making them choke”what happened Annika?what happen bhabhi?”they all asked concerned “The baby kicked”she said shocked”hey it did once again”she said and place her hand on her womb feeling it.”Everyone just smiled happily while rudra said”See my junior Oberoi will become a football player as he already started kicking”he said while they just rolled their eyes.”Rudra how do you know that there’s a boy there? There must be a girl also right annika Bhabhi?”saumya said while annika nodded.”hey leave it bhabhi I wanted to feel the Kick of this junior”he said with puppy eyes”hey mee too”saumya said while Omri also followed the procession.

Okay Baba one by one ok”annika giggled by seeing there excitement and with that all of them started to fight that who will be the first one.”Attention please!Everyone see I’m the father so it’s me who is going to do it first so move aside”shivaay declared while the rest sulked as he was right.”hey it did”she said while shivaay put his hand in her womb to feel it.”where?”he asked with an irked face”See the baby doesn’t wanted you to feel first so let me do it”rudra said but annika held shivaay’s hand and placed it at a place as soon as the baby kicked and he was delighted”see it did!”he said while rudra just pushed him away saying that now his chance has gone and now it is his and like that everyone had the chance to feel the kick.Rudra tried to feel twice but he was thrown away by saumya as he sulked and all this while Shivika were smiling brightly.

After some time shivaay asked them to go and sleep as annika needs to rest while they wished a Gud night and went away leaving them alone.”today was fun right?”annika asked while he smiled”it was midnight madness”he made her lay down and asked her to sleep.”Shivaay it once again kicked”she said and put his hand over there,he just smiled lovingly at her”Thank you annika”he said softly”for what?” “For everything”he said and kissed her womb and then at her forehead.She just smiled and made him lay down beside her cuddling into him and slept being tired.He just stared at her glowing face and too went into a deep slumber not before kissing her eyes.


So this is it! I hope you all like it as much as I like to write it.
Do give your reviews.

With Love,
Anya. ; )

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