OS Love and Seduction


ok i tried some thing new and for those who don’t know me , i’m new and my name is Vaishali.


After the whole Yuvle incident ,Yuvi protected Twinkle from the
media people ,sent his mom to jail and sought forgiveness from Kunj
who later forgave him and was considered a brother by Yuvi but they
got along pretty well.Then when Yuvi apologized to Mahi and she
decided to give their marriage a next chance, she came back and
stayed with Yuvi in the Sarna house and they started feeling for each other.

Twinkle although after that ,noticed that Kunj was a bit sad so she
decided to cheer up his mood.(*wink wink*)
So she set to decorate their room and said to herself that tonight
would fulfil all of Kunj’s wishes.
At about 8:00 Kunj returned home and saw that their room was
decorated in a “suhaagraat” type of way with rose petals and candles
all over the place.

But his eyes were searching for someone special’.That is when his eyes
spotted Twinkle.She was wearing a black ,backless saree with her
cleavage showing with two doris tied at the back.

He was wearing a black coat,black shirt with black jeans and his hair
was combed down so he matched Twinkle’s saree.(*just imagine how
hot he looked*)

She slowly walked up to him and said ,”Tumhe mera surprise kaise laga?”
K:Aachi thi lekin occasion kya hai? I mean not ki that mujhe yeh pasand
nahi hai lekin ,achanak si?!”

T:So mein apni handsome pati ko pyaar nahi karenge?

Saying this ,she bit her ear and pulled off his coat and threw it in a corner.

Kunj loved the Sherni’ sid of Twinkle but didn’t expect this from her
and was a little scared.(*seriously imagine Kunj’s scared face*)

Kunj started mummering and said ,”Woh…umm…”
Then ran to the door but Twinkle held him and pinned him against the door.
Now Kunj had mixed emotions of anxiety ,love ,excitement and fear.
He started to talk but was silenced by Twinkle smacking her lips onto
his soft ones.
Kunj was shocked to the core but then began responding to the kiss.

Twinkle’s hands reached his shirt buttons and began opening his shirt
without breaking the kiss.
He broke the kiss as his shirt fell to the ground.Then she held his
hands by the wrists and began kissing his chest.

The she came up and kissed his neck and then his cheek.
But Kunj had enough of her sweet torture and as she was kissing his
face ,he pulled her closer and she stopped and looked straight into his eyes.

He looked at her from head to toe and said with a smirk on his
face,”Tumhari baari katam ho gaya.Ab meri baari hai!”
And he turned them around and pinned Twinkle on the door and put
her hands above her head and began kissing her wildly.
Then when he was done ,he went down and placed small kisses on her
stomach and then began sucking on her navel.She held his head
guiding him to come up and he kissed her again.

She was about run but he caught her pallu and tugged at it.He slowly
pulled her closer causing her pallu to come out and fall to the ground.

Then her back hit his chest and he wrapped his hand around her
tummy and he started kissing her neck and shoulders ,placing perfect
love bites.

Then she loosed out of his hold and ran to the balcony.Just then rain
started to fall and as kunj reached out into the balcony ,he saw a wet
Twinkle leaning against the railing trying to catch her breath.

He slowly walked up to her and spinned her around and her hands lands
on his chest.

Then he captured her lips in a perfect liplock again.As he was doing
that, his hands went to her back and pulled her 2 doris.

Which made Twinkle pull away and Kunj picked her up and carried her
to the bed.
He slowly put her down on the bed and went on top of her and
whispered ,”Ready to take the next step in our marriage Mrs.Sarna?”

She replied yes and he pulled off her blouse.(don’t forget that Kunj is
still shirtless)
He started kissing her neck placing love bites and then on her

After that ,he went
further down and used his teeth to pull out the saree skirt(I dnt knw
what they call it) which sent a chill down Twinkle’s spine.

Then she reached his jeans and pulled it down leaving him in his shorts.
He pulled of all of her clothes and his shorts and then the pleasurable
moans started.

~2 hrs later~
Twinkle’s head was resting on Kunj’s chest and their legs were
entangled under the sheet and Kunj said ,”Waise Twinkle ,aaj tum
kitne romantic te.Koi waja thi?”
T:Nahi toh.Kya mein apni khud ke pati ko romance nahi kar sakte kya?”

K:Haan ,lekin …i mean achanak…
He was silenced by Twinkle kissing him to sleep.

~Next Morning~
Twinkle got up and saw Kunj sleeping so she decided to leave him and
go freshen up.
But when she came back ,she saw Kunj in the same position.

So she came up with a plan to wake him up.She went near him and
passed her wet hair over his face which made him jump.

He got up and said ,”Kya Twinkle ,sone de na”
T:Nahi abb itna lazy mat ho aur utt jao!

He rose from the bed and Twink was about to leave but he caught her
and pulled her towards him.
T:Kunj kya kar rahe ho?
K:Mujhe mera morning kiss chahiye.(*he said placing a love bit on her

She said no but he pulled her even closer and said ,”Mein tumhein nahi
chodungi tab tak tum mujhe mere kiss nahi de.”

She sighed and said ,”Thik hai ,lekin uss se pehle tumhara ankhen
bandh karlo.
He listen and Twinkle started going closer to his lips but shocked him
by kissing his cheek and running away.

~In the kitchen~
Twinkle was cooking when Mahi entered and said ,”Di ,yeh apke neck pe
nishaan kya hai?”
Twinkle felt her neck and then blushed remembering Kunj.And said ,”I
don’t know.Koi machar hoga”

M:Oh so who machar Kunj jiju nahi hai.
Twinkle turned the darkest shade of red and hit Mahi and said ,”Hatt

~In the Hall~
Yuvi was sitting with Kunj watching Tv when Yuvi spotted something on
Kunj’s lower jaw and cheek and said, “Bhai ,yeh aapka gaal aur jaw pe
nishaan aur lipstick mark kya hai”
Kunj realized what he meant and said the same excuse as Twinkle.
Yuvi said the same as Mahi and then both Kunj and Twinkle ran from
where they were.

That’s when they bounced into each other and Kunj caught Twinkle
before she could fall.They remained in that position looking into each
other’s eyes until Yuvi and Mahi came.

Yuhi coughed which made Twinj come out of their trance and felt
super embarrassed.
Yuvi said to Mahi ,”Jaan ,mujhe lagta hai ke hum jaldi chacha ,chachi
banega kyun?”

M:Haan Yuvi mujhe bhi aisa lagta hai .Haina Di?
Y:Aur kya ,haina bhai?

Twinj both ran up to their room in shame and Yuhi stayed there

And after a week ,the news that Twinkle was pregnant came true and
they lived happily ever after Twinj were blessed with a baby girl
named Jasmine.

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