Os|| INSANE Peoples|| Ft. Oberoi Family (By Anya) OS

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Os||INsAnE Peoples||

“Hey call everyone in the hall fast” Shivaay ordered a servant and within 5 minutes all of them were sitting on the couch holding their head which was extremely paining, someone was sneezing while some were coughing. But everyone was glaring at rudra and saumya seemed like as if she will kill him and poor rudra he sat at the corner with his head bow down.


Rudra roamed around the house feeling bored as from the last few days nothing exciting happened in the mansion as everywhere he see,everyone is busy in their work. And he the poor soul was Free. Dadi had gone to Rishikesh for god’s blessing while Shivaay had gone for a business trip from the last 1 week. Else everyone was here but the similarity was that they were all busy. Annika had a big function to organize while Gauri was also helping her as they were partners in catering business. Om was busy between his sculptures and bussiness deal. Rudra was really amused to see him handling both the things at ease. Both saumya and prinku were studing for there upcoming exams,while according to him he doesn’t have any work to do so he was the one who was struck with the disease called boredom making him feeling like a dead person.

“I want some entertainment” Rudra whispered while rubbing his hands and a wicked smile crept on his lips.


Everyone sat in the hall gushing with each other while looking at the large watch that adorned the execute wall of the mansion as they had to do their respective works but here they were waiting for Rudra who had asked the servants to bring them in the hall. Well when they reached in the hall and looked everyone there coming one by one they were surprised and started chatting with each other as in these few days they were not getting time for each other and felt happy that for some reason they were together but at the same time they need to go as they had all come leaving their works midway and all because of Rudra.

Everyone was there except Dadi Shivaay and Om.

“Where is this Rudra?” Janvi asked as she glanced at the clock and then at everyone who had the same question written on their face. After waiting for sometime they saw a servant coming with a large white slide and a projector while the other one was coming with a trolley and on a keen look it seems to have snacks and drinks on it. “Rakesh what is all this” Tej asked with a raised eyebrow as he saw him setting the screen in front of them “Sir Rudra sir had told me to do all this” everyone looked suspiciously at each other with an amused look and within a second there stood Rudra who was grinning ear to ear.

“Hello everyone well first of all thank you for coming over here on this short notice leaving your works. To be true I was feeling really bored and thought that why not today we all sit together and watch a movie what say guys?” Rudra said excitedly while all of them started giving negative approval to it saying they all had works and they just can’t leave it and see movie like this. The one who was protesting the most against it was Tej and Saumya. Rudra was pissed off by this “Please guyss how much will you all work? Do you remember the time when we all sat like this together?I think you all don’t know. Okay go do your work I thought to it will be fun but you all are busy” he made crybaby face “Because we are not like you,sitting ideally” Saumya chided while he pouted.

“Please just for me! For today” Rudra pleaded everyone with puppy eyes while who one had the guts to refuse him? and so everyone agreed to it. Rudra just squealed in response as everyone smiled.


Everyone sat on the sofa while their eyes were on the screen as they giggled and laughed seeing the movie and in between having snacks and drinks and in between all this Rudra was grinning like a Cheshire cat,enjoying the drink as he saw everyone enjoying his hand made fruit punch. In the concentration on the movie no one gave any attention to the different taste of the punch while they enjoyed it really much and were praising the one who had made this but little did they know that person who made it was Rudra.

There was an emotional scene going on but the scene in front of the screen was something else, Everyone was giggling laughing while the ladies eyes were filled with unshed tears but they were laughing. “Ye hum sabh has q rahe hai?” Annika slurred out while the rest burst out laughing “Humme nahi pata”All of them chorused. Gauri went to bring her phone from her room when she saw that it was raining slowly. She screamed “Hai Shankar Ji! It’s raining” making everyone look at her direction.

“Let’s Go to the terrest” Annika squealed and stood up to go as she was always fond of dancing in the rain”No no not at all” Tej and Shakti nodded negatively making saumya and Gauri pout in response “Tej let’s go na hum dono kitne din baad aise baarish main rahenge” Janvi said romantically while Tej blushed making everyone gawk at him. “Haan Shakti ji aapna ek no. ke unromantics hai chaliye na maza aayega” Pinky elbowed her husband while the two of them gave away for their wifes.

As they moved toward towards the terrest all the couples clinging into each other giggling except Prinku , annika and Gauri but they didn’t mind as they were going to dance in rain.


Shivaay entered the mansion swaying away the water from his hair as it was raining really fast making him irritated as the time he landed in Mumbai,rain started making him frustated. He wanted to give surprise to everyone as he was going to come tomorrow but his works finished the day before so he dicided to come today only. He moved into the Mansion who was dark and silent “Annika Rudra Om where are you all” he called out and as he moved he saw that snacks and drinks were kept on the table while it seemed that everyone was watching something a few minutes ago. He sat on one of the sofa and being thirsty drank the drink when he realized that it taste wierd so he just left it and stood up to go and find everyone as no one was to be seen.

“Hey! Where is everyone?” Shivaay asked a servant while moving “Sir everyone is on the terrest” the servent replied politely making him confused as it was raining and every one was on the terrest. He with long strides moved toward the Terrest and seeing the scene infront of him made him gasp in shock.

He saw that Janvi and Tej were sitting on the bench as her head rested on his chest and he was closing his eyes as they sat silently on the rain.Both of them seemed as they were in their own heaven. Shivaay turned his head and he saw his mother and Father too sitting on the next bench but they were looking at each other being lost and not even blinking because of the rain falling. He was amused that what had went into them that they are behaving like this. He again turned a little and saw the rest of them dancing their heart out in a most junglee manner. “What the Wuck! What is happening over here?” he aksed himself and his eyes caught that saumya and rudra were standing in between them,in each other embrace swaying in sync. He smiled looking at them but he was more than shock when he saw his wife dancing like a Five years old girl,Giggling laughing.

He thought to make them go as all will got cold . He first moved towards them with an umbrella and tapped on annika who was jumping and dancing but she didn’t responded. He did it to Rudra but he was too lost in saumya’s eyes to listen to him. Sighing he went to the senior Oberoi who were too enjoying themselves. He tapped on Tej’s shoulder who had his eyes closed but to god gracious he turned to face him. He looked at him while narrowing his eyes and with that laughed out loud. Shivay was horrified as he saw that Janvi too laughed with him “Tej I think I’m seeing shivaay in front of me” she said while giving a light slap on his shoulder “Me too” he said and laughed.

Shivaay just rubbed his forehead with his index finger “Bade papa it’s me only” he said making them Narrow their eyebrow in amusement “Janvi see he is talking like shivaay” tej said with a detective tone. “Yeah I can hear it too” janvi said and giggled. “Why are they laughing?Am I looking like a joker?” he asked himself “I’m telling you he is definately not our Shivaay as Shivaay never talk to himself” Jhanvi presumed and once again both laughed. Shivay thought that they are gone case so he went to try his luck with his mom and dad.

“Mom Dad” he called out and getting no response he just shaked them,though he was a little embarresed for disturbing their romantic moment but still. “Arre shakti ji ye barish q chali gayi?” Pinky pouted as the umbrella which shivaay was holding came to her side. “Par Pinky yahan toh Baarish ho hi rahi hai” Shakti giggled and shivaay just groan in response as he realized that here is also the same case, the gone one. Pinky looked up and stared at Shivaay for sometime “Arre ye Shivaay itna bara kaise ho gaya?” Pinky blinked her eyes in a way to make sure that she was not dreaming “Haan pinky you are right humara Shivaay toh ittu sa tha” Shakti just showed his palm as a rectification for shivaay’s shape.

“Haan aapne bilkul sahi kaha” she said and giggled “aye Kanji aankhon wale prani tu kon hai?”She asked and both of them laughed but shivaay had a face palmed. Is annika was not enough that they are also calling him Kanji Aakhon wala prani? Oh gosh! He thought that his head will burst any moment because of this or he will be in the asylum. “Maa Main Shivaay hi hoon” he said while pacifying himself bringing his face in front of her face, he closed his eyes as Pinky slapped him lightly saying “Aye kanji aakhon wale tu mera Shivaay nahi ho sakta to zyada naatak mat kar” while shakti too noded and both again giggled.

Shivaay wished that he had his phone in hands than it would have met his dead. He was going to scream at them when he felt a tap on his shoulder “Shivaay what is happening over here?” Om asked who had just came to see all this. “Thank God! You are ok Om as I thought that I’m going to be insane soon” Shivaay sighed and hugged him while he too did the same but was confused as hell. “When you came and can you tell me what is happening over here?” he aksed curiously. Shivaay said everything that happened while Om face turned a little pale as he never thought had his family will be like this.The INSANE one.

“you handled them as Now I can’t get through them and I go to the the other group who are dancing like anything” Shivaay said while Om agreed.As shivaay went with steady steps he first hold annika’s arm and turned her around and his breath hitched as she was looking breath taking at that very moment.Hair fully dreanched,her luscious lips still had the water dripping,he just wanted to taste those water droplets as it seemed More inviting than anything else.But he controlled himself as it was no the time to think all this.

“Arre Shivaay!” She squealed like a child who had got her candy and without wasting anytime she had taken him in a crashing hug making him wet.He groan in response as he was now wet but the next moment smiled”I missed you Billuji” she said with a sad tone but later giggled “Annika what is all this?”he asked while coming out the embrace”Hmm..This is Rain dancing”she said and do her logic sign while he just rolled his eyes. “Ok let’s go it’s enough” he said and started to drag her from there”No billuji I wanted to dance more leave me” she said and came out of his grip while he gave a threatened look making her pout. “this is not fair,they are also dancing I too wanted it you are bad”she whined but shivaay just ignored it.

He left the umbrella as it was of no use because he was already wet and all credit goes to his Paanika and without wasting any minute he scooped her in his arms while she protested but within a second smiled and kept her head on his chest. Shivaay smiled as he thought that she listened to him but little did he know that what she is upto. He went to his room and asked her to go and change and then sleep as he is going to get everyone down too. She just gave a salute like a soldier and with that marched towards the washroom but a devilish smile adorned her lips.

He sighed as he was able to make someone come down and with a determined look went to the terrest once again. As he was moving upstairs he saw his bade papa and badi maa along with his mom and dad coming downstairs laughing and giggling. He smiled as after a long time he saw them like this but the reason behind their behaviour was still a mystery. He thought to ask them in the morning when everyone will be fine.

He heard them say “See the guy then changed to Om I’m telling you he is a poster”Janvi said while Tej nodded giggling. “Dekha wo kanji aakhon wala prani lambe baalo waala prani ban gaya jo bilkul Om ki tarah tha, main bol rahi thi wo koi aur hai” Pinky chidded while he shook his head in disbelief. As he moved towards the terrest he saw Om too drenched and he was beating rudra lightly”Teri wajah se ye sabh hua hai” he screamed while Rudra pouted “Par maza aa raha hai”he later giggled,Im just smack his head.

“What happened Om?”shivaay asked “Do you know what?why are they behaving like this?because this dumbell Oberoi had given all of them liquor missed in his famous fruit punch” he said shivay realized why the drink was tasting different everything come into place. “Rudra!” he called out angrily making him shut his mouth as he continue to giggle. “I think we will talk to him later as he is talli now” Om said as a matter of fact while shivaay nodded and gave a deadly glare to him.

After a few moments they were able to make them go. Saumya and prinku were easily able to go in the fear of being got fever than they wont be able to study and so they went and rudra was enough to get a glare from both of them. Om went with Gauri who was giggling and laughing playing with his long hair and calling him “Jhatadaari”,Shivaay smiled at them and too went to his room to find it empty. He knocked on the bathroom room and opened it to see it empty too when he heard some noise from the pool side. “Oh god how can I forget that pool is in a open backyard”he cursed himself as he realized why she was calm.

He went towards the pool side while swaying his hand through his wet hair when he stopped just at the wide window adoring the scene in front of him as he saw his wife sitting on the end of the pool dipping her feet in the water and head a little high as water droplets touched her face. “beautiful” he breath as he started to move toward her.

“Aap aa gaye” she said still eyes closed. He looked amused “How do you know?” she just turned and held his hand and made him sit beside her and he too dipped his feet in the cold water. She just put her head on his chest as his hands involuntarily slipped through her waist. “I missed you”she whispered and then giggled “Me too” he just dropped a soft kiss on her head making her smile. “Annika let’s go” he said “just stay here for sometime”she sid as ahe tighten ger grip on his torso. He just gave it and they sat over there for sometime. “BTW you didn’t answer my question” he broke the silence. “Hmm.. I don’t know”she said tenderly playing with the button of his shirt. “Okay! this means that you too started sensing me” he asked.

“Yeah you can think so” she said sofly while looking at him upwards as he too stared at her. After a few seconds she sniffed making him panicked “Annika come let’s go it’s too late and you shouldn’t be wet for a long time I asked you to change but see here what you were doing”Shivaay came to his protective shade and started scolding her while she just kissed his cheeks giggling .He looked at her amused,while she once gain kissed his nose making him smile at her innocence. “You always scold me but I missed this ” she said while he was overwhelmed by it.

“Ok now let’s go you will get cold”he said and removed his feet from the pool “Than what?”she said and made him sit once again “What do you mean?” he asked curiously “You will be there to take care of me so this cold will be okay for me” she said and smiled while he just kissed her forehead. “but still let’s go do you want me to get cold?” he asked softly as he know that the arrow had hit the right place. She immediately noded her head in a no like a scared child “So let’s go” he said and stood up and in a swift move scoop her in his arms. She just wrapped her hand around his neck and looked at him lovingly.

He made her stood on the ground and asked her to go and change,as she moved towards the washroom “If you can’t than I can help in you in this” shivaay said teasingly while she blushed heavily “Cheapde” she called out and ran to washroom. As she came out she saw him dressed in his night clothes and setting the bed to sleep. “Come sleep I know you will be feeling dizziness” he said and made her lay down on the bed while ahe cuddled into him and went into deeo slumber whispering a I Love You making him smile.

Next morning He woke up and left annika as she was still sleeping.

Flashback End.

“I think aap logo ka hangover abhi tak nahi utra” Om said seethily while coming with a tray of lemonade and handed it to everyone,he gave a smack to Rudra while handing him this. “Rudra I will not leave you,This head it’s paining” Tej said angrily “But I havn’t told you all to go to the terrest and dance” he defended himself “Oh Please rudra ye sabh is yours kartoot” Pinky stopped him.

“Par”he started but was stopped because of the deadly glare Gauri Annika and Janvi were giving him. “And mind you Rudra if my marks come less Than be ready to be killed that too by my hands” Saumya screamed threatened “Yes and I will be helping her in it” Prinku supported her while rudra made a crybaby face. All of them were bickering when a voice made them stop “Good morning No I mean good afternoon everyone as it is 12:30 you know” shivaay mocking voice was heard making them look away from him. “I thought that mom dad and bade papa and badi maa will never do this but see it happened” shivaay said with a stern voice while they started to defend themselves “And you rudra you are just gone, let them go than I will take your class” Shivaay said while rudra made a frightened face.

“Sorry bhaiya I will not do this again” he whispered “I will talk to you later” shivaay said while opening his chemist shop aka his medicine box and handed each one of them medicines for cold “I hope it will help you all” He handed one to Om also and gulped one himself “For safety”

After a few minutes he asked everyone to have a look on the TV and their eyes widen in shock while some choked on their lemonade as they saw that what they were doing when they were drunk. Some blushed while some looked embarrassed and they narrow their eyes when they saw the word written at the end of the video.

“INSANE Peoples”


So this is the Insane Idea. I havn’t seen the face of this place from the last 3 days was busy and sorry to all of you as I wasn’t able to reply top anyone of you. But I always appreciate them.

Aashi My choti Chuhiya I will never forget you Do you get it?Never and Dwet, Debdutta,Sairan,Haridhra,Madhuani,Niriha,Jerry my cutiepie! Thank you very much for the feedback,anri,Shagun,Alekhika,Akshaya,banita,Ankita.
Thank you very much darlings for the feedback! I know it is really wierd but still thank you vry much.

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    It was hilariously awesome Anya

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    Fabulous di, GONE CASE and SAME CASE ????seriously. Thank god atleast you kept shivom out of the mess .

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  14. hey anya…I have been like a constant reader of all your fanfictions,series and your os. let me tell you very frankly that you always come up with such amazing,funny,serious,lovable scripts and ideas. you damn have a magic in your words and trust me here is no oe in TU who hates your writing. I mean how can you write somehing so flawless. you are an wonderful writer and you have been one of my source of inspiration to write.
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    Hey Anya. I am really very big vala sorry. I don’t know how I didn’t saw this update of yours. And when I saw it, couldn’t resist myself from reading this awesome piece of writing.
    Omg, its damn hilarious. Rudra is always very naughty and this was very clearly shown by you. I mean he is such a darling?
    All the couples, oh my god, I think sab be aaj hi romance poor a kra liya itne dino ka, especially Tej and Jhanvi. Rudra and saumya…haan naughtiness was clearly visible.
    And both the senior couples were talking too funny !! Shivaay ko hi nahi pehchan paye and then when Jhanvi told that he was imposter was just superb.
    Shivaay ki chemist shop, true that, it was an epic is one. And not to forget the Shivika moments. So romantic and cute. Whenever Shivaay Anika, I know he is lost.
    And the ending was superb. The video may be too much fun for everyone. Just imagining their faces. Lol?
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