OS: I Did a Mistake

Hey my wonderfull reader Sans here i know ihavent upload my ff part, i m sorry for that. It wil uploaded soon but for now on enjoy this Os


What an irony of fate! I who always know to smile and be happy will go through this, I never imagined. I am standing near a lake. It was rainy day, slowly drizzling so no one can see tears in my eyes. Just then I heard some voices

“Swara, parents always decides best for their child. You didn’t trust us and did what u liked, not caring what will be the consequences. Now bear the results” I turned back and saw my parents giving me disgusting look

“Swara u r nothing but a burden to me” I looked behind and saw my husband Rohan for whom I left my dear ones

“Swara Gadodia u deserved this, after all u left me at the day of marriage, now look destiny did justice. The pain and humiliation I went through, now u will go through the same” I turned back and saw him. His voice was haunting me to hell. He was sarcastically laughing at me. They kept on saying me
I covered my ears with my hand and closed my eyes

“STOPPP” I screamed and open it to find no one

I looked around but found myself all alone in this world. Just then my thoughts were broken down by the sound of waves. I was just kept staring it and didn’t know when I start walking towards it. I stopped at the edge and turned back

“There is no point of going back.” I again turned towards lake which was flowing with a great speed

“I have no other option but to die” I closed my eyes and inhaled my last breath

I jumped in lake. It was cold and I was drowning in to it, letting it to take my life. I was losing my conscious slowly slowly. I remembered the people I loved for the last time and prayed that they live happily. Slowly the darkness was engulfing me in it but I felt two arms on my waist. Before I could do anything, darkness captured me in it


I felt immense pain in my head. Due to the pain I struggled in opening my eyes but at last I succeeded. I opened my eyes and found myself in the room. It was not a hospital room. I tried to get up but my body was paining and trembling in cold

“Where am I” I thought

Suddenly the door opened but my vision was not clear because of the pain. I heard some footstep coming towards me

“Wwhooo are you” I asked him
“Swara, u wake up, how r u” I heard a familiar voice, I really couldn’t recognized but how did he know me. I tried hard my level best and then my vision gone clear I saw a tall, handsome with a fair complexion standing near me looking worriedly. I still couldn’t guess him

“Swara” He called me

“I m fine. You??” I asked him

“Don’t tell me, u r going to ask me who am I” He said

I gave him a confused look but then he showed me his spects. I guessed him immediately

“Sanku chashmish” I said. He smiled

“Challo u remembered the name u gave me, I still don’t like this name. How r u feeling now” He asked

Sanskar!!!! Is he really standing in front of me. Look what my fate is, the one whom I left on the day of marriage is my savior

“Its paining” I said without realizing my words

“Don’t worry your pain will subside by your medicines, u will be soon fine” He consoled me

He took my words in other direction. I wasn’t telling about my outer wounds. I was telling about inner wound and crack. I looked at him, he was staring me. I gave fake smile and nodded

“Okay Swara where is your husband I need to inform him, he must be worried for you” He asked
He asked me difficult question. What should I say to him? The one for whom I left him, has left me today

“Swara..” He called me

“Sanskar my head is paining badly please can we talk after some time please” I said not looking to him

“Okay it’s okay. We will talk about this later. U take rest and I have a meeting, meet u in evening. If you need something manju aunty is here, intercom her. Okay?” He said

I nodded and he left. After he left I creid thinking about destiny. How cruel it can be

“Why god u also don’t want me to come to you” I creid

I can’t tell him where my husband is or what he did. Mom once said

“Never tell your pain to this cruel world, they will make you weak by this” I badly need my mom beside me. I want to cry on her lap. I don’t know when I slept crying


I opened my eyes and found him sitting beside me. I was looking at him but then I composed myself

“U said u will come in evening”

“Its evening Swara” he said pointing at clock

I tried to get up and he helped me. He gave me some snacks and gave a hot cup of tea. I couldn’t eat myself because of pain, he forward his hand to make me eat. I didn’t deny him. After all I was hungry for two days

“So Swara, tell me how u ended up falling in river and where is your husband” He asked while feeding me

I stopped eating looked at him. I clear my throat

“He is out of city and I slipped in the lake by mistake” I lied to him

He stared me but then continue feeding me. It was two to three days I was staying in his house. Though he was my friend but what happened in past changed everything. There was awkwardness between us. I need to get out of here as soon as possible

It was eveing I came to garden for fresh air. I decided that I ll leave today after informing him. He came back from his work and I called him

“Sanskar” I called him

“Swara, how r feeling”

“Much better, thanks for everything Sanskar”

“I wonder why don’t u call me sanku chashmish”

“You said u don’t like”

“And from when did u started listening me, I was just kidding that time. Comon call me just like before”

“Just like? Sanskar nothing can be like before” I said with sad smile

There was silence between us.

“Sanskar I want to leave, thank for everything u did. But now I have to leave”

“No wait” He said and I looked back

“Its almost night u leave tomorrow morning” He suggested

I tired to protest but he convinced me to leave tomorrow

“Okay fine”

We sat for dinner and had it silently. I went to my room and lie down. The flashes of my past came in my mind, making me feel exhausted. I quickly got up and went to garden again, tears were flowing from my eyes. I felt a tap on my shoulder; I wiped my tears and saw him holding a guitar in his hand. I gave a confused look

“Its been a long time I heard playing u guitar, tomorrow you will leave me again, can I hear it for the last time” He asked me. I wanted to cry hugging him and tell whatever happened with me but something inside me stopped me. What if he laugh at me, taunt me and blame me for everything

I took guitar in my hands, he said it’s been long time he heard me but he doesn’t know that it’s been long time I played. I closed my eyes and start playing guitar

I felt bliss and solace playing it but then peace doesn’t stay for long, all the bad events flashed in my mind, my escape on the day of marriage, marriage to Rohan my love, my marital life and then his betrayal. The pain again aroused in my heart, tear started flowing from my eyes but then I heard him shouting I immediately opened my eyes and saw him looking at my finger. I looked in his direction; I found my finger bleeding due to cut.

He quickly got up for first aid box and came back. He applied on my wound, I was completely sobbing

“Swara don’t worry its just a cut, It will be healed calm down” He consoled me. Hearing his words I lost it and in a second I hugged him crying badly on his shoulder

“It will be healed but what about the pain in my heart Sanskar, can it ever be healed” I asked

I released me and held me by shoulder

“What do u mean?” He asked
I realized what I said I got up and was about to go he pulled me to chair again

“I know u r hiding something, what is it. Don’t u think me your friend”

“Friend!! I m sorry after what I did to u nothing is left between us, not even friendship. I messed up everything Sanskar. I lost mom dad, lost ur friendship and lost my love too”

“Swara will u please tell me what happened”

“I didn’t mistakenly fall in lake that day” He raised his eye brow

“I tried to commit suicide” I added

“Swara what happened please tell me everything” He demanded

“I was madly in love with Rohan, our senior in collage. When I told my parents they didn’t agree and fix my marriage with you. That time nothing was important for me than Rohan, I guess that was my biggest mistake in life. He suggested to elop and we did escape at the day of marriage leaving you and mom dad” I paused and didn’t even dare to look in his eyes

“As we ran, we got married in near temple. His friend gave us his flat to accommodate till everything is sorted but neither his nor my parent agreed with our marriage. We started our marital life, everything was going smooth but after sometime. People say in love marriage time comes when love is vanished and then marriage also same happened with us, we fought on silly things. I tried my level best to set everything according to him, but he always found something. It was I and a half year, we didn’t think about for family as he got a job which was able to meet our expenses. Still we were living with each other no matter how much we fight we tried to make this marriage work. But then he got new job in some multinational company, his pay was good and everything went smoother from then we fought very little because he didn’t come hom early. He used to spend time in office. I thought its his new job, he is adjusting himself by taking workload but I was wrong” My hand were tremebling thinking what I faced next, I flet his hand squeezing mine. I looked up and he was giving me look to continue

“One day he forgot his some important file at home, I called him but he didn’t answer, I went to office and entered his cabin what I saw their completely froze me and broke me into pieces. I saw Rohan and his boss’s wife Kavitha in intimate position. That scene shattered me, I ran from there. He came back from work and I decided to confront him, but to my shock he came with Kavitha. Before I could say anything, he handed me divorce paper stating that he signed and I should also sign and leave his place” I couldn’t continue I was badly crying thinking about. He wrapped his arms around me

“I cried a lot infront of him…beg not to leave me…..I..i…tried to convince but he kicked me out of him house. I sat out of the house but he didn’t give damn about it. He said I m burden to him because of him he lost his beloved.”I was crying and he consoling me. Then I realized I was in his arms I broke the hug

“Swara…” He was about to say something but I cut him

“I m sorry Sanskar for everything I did to you, I am punished for this badly, you were my fried and look what I did to you. I hurt you. You should have let me in the lake” I said looking away

“Swara calm down its okay, what happen in the past just forget it and move on with a fresh start. We may have many reasons to kill our selves but for living we just need only one reason, try to find that one reason. The girl who was my friend was very brave, can fight from anything” He calmed down me

I shared my pain with him but to my shock he didn’t blame me not taunt me, he was consoling me. I don’t deserve his kind behavior after what I did I don’t even deserve his friendship. I need to go from here before I fell weak in front of him


Next morning I came down to infrom him that I m leaving

“Swara where will u go” he asked

“I don’t know but I ll find a way out”

“By trying to commit suicide for second time”

“Don’t worry Sanskar I wont do that, even God not want me to come to him so soon. You said me to find the reason to live. I will and I promise I wont harm myself”

“Wont u go to your parent”

“I cant show my face to them, after what I did with them. I cant”

After a pause

“You r not leaving anywhere Swara” His word startled me

“I m leaving Sanskar u did a big favour on me thank you for everything but I don’t want to be burden on you anymore”

“Wait a a minute when this word favour came between us. If u think u r burden then work for me pay me the rent of the room until u settled down” He offered me and I was just staring him

“Sympathy huh?”

“Shut up it friendship and u could call sympathy if I let u live without rent. I know you Swara. So stop, u know u cant convince me” He said while smiling

“What your wife will think”

“Wife, when did I get married” He asked and I looked at him with amused look

“You aren’t married” He shook his head in negative
“Where is uncle aunty?” I asked about his parents. We were frined I was close to his parents and they treat like their daughter but when I came here I didn’t find them

“They are no more, they died in road accident” He said with sad smile

“I m so sorry”

“Its okay come lets have breakfast I damn hungry”

I smiled and we silently had breakfast. Days passed I worked in his company and stayed with him. I found him like he was in past not even changed a bit but grown to be more handsome

I recall my college days, I was a rockstar of the calss and he was completely opposite a book worm. That’s why I named him sanku chashmish. But he was the one because of whom I passed in my exams. I cherish our friendship moment and regret for doing so bad with him. I know if I talked to him, he would have helped me in every way but now I can only regret on past

We were going for shopping for him. He insisted me to join him. I tried to protest but he cant be convinced by me. I surrender and joined him. He picked some official suit some t shirt jeans and casuals.

Soon we were done with the shopping and headed towards café near by but on the way I saw my mom

“Mom” I said, she looked at me, I thought she will ignore but on seeing me she ran towards me engulfed me in a hug

“Swara, u r fine, u know how much have we missed.”He said

“Mom I m fine I m sorry”

“Its okay we didn’t hear you and that’s why u took that drastic step”

People always true that no one can love you more than your parents. Look how biggest mistake I did but they forgive me that easily. I was feeling guilty for doing so bad with them

“No there is not problem your dad has forgiven come home dear and where is your husband”

I kept numb what should I say to her


“Sanskar u here” I looked my mom expression turned horrified. I could sense some awkwardness

“Mom I m divorced one month back” I told her she became silent but I heard some cracking voice behind me I turned and found my dad keeping his hand on his chest

“Dadddd” I shouted. We immediately rushed to hospital

I was cursing myself for dad’s condition. He was a heart patient and due to my shock he was in this condition. Sanskar consoled me and mom

Then dr. came and informed he is fine but still critical. I rushed in the room and found my dad lying on bed

“Dad..” I said He opend his eyes and looked towards. He signaled me to sit

“Its all because of me I m sorry dad” I cried holding his hand

“No my child I should be sorry, I wasn’t there when u need me, when u need support, need shoulder to cry. I wasn’t there” He said

“No dad don’t anything” I consoled my dad and placed my head on his chest

Mom and Sanskar entered in the room

“What Swara, u know what u should be awarded for shedding tears. Tell me one thing from where u take this much water. Whole world thirsty and look u r shedding ur river carelessly. Now that is very unfair” He said which made everyone chuckled

I went to bathroom to wash my face but when I about to open I heard them talking

“What will happen now” My dad said

“Uncle don’t stress yourself Swara needs u both at this time” I heard Sanskar saying

“I never imagined her to meet her in this state. In these two year, whenever I missed her. I used to console myself that wherever she is would be happy with her love” Dad said

“She will be happy again I promise” He said

But his next word froze me

“If u give me permission to hold her hand forever. Can I marry her” He asked my hand to dad, I don’t know a strange feeling was arising, my heart skip a beat on his words. I found myself smiling slowly but then reality hit me

No, this can’t be happened

I came out and everyone compose themselves as if they weren’t talking

Nurse came in and gave some name of medicine to buy. I grabbed the paper and left

“Wait I m also coming” I heard him coming

We took the medicine and were coming back I thought to confront him

“Why r u doing this”

He looked at me with confusion

“I heard whatever u said to dad” He was shocked


“Don’t need to say anything Sanskar, I don’t deserve this kind behavior from you please stop it” He pulled me towards him

“I really want to marry u Swara, and this is not out of sympathy believe me”

“Why are u doing this” I freed from his grip

“Because I love you simple”
I was shocked at his words

“Don’t forget I m the same girl who left you at the day of marriage”

“I know and I m proposing the same girl” He said stubbornly

“What do u want Sanskar”

“You, I want to hold you in my arm, love u till eternity. Give me the permission to hold your hand, I promise I won’t leave it ever. We will fight from any problem we faced in future and I will be by your side forever” He said

My heart was urging to say yes but my mind was reminding me that I don’t deserve him

“This can’t happen Sanskar, I m divorced u don’t this. U deserve far better than me”

“I know who deserve me or not. U don’t want to accept me fine but never say that u don’t deserve me. I love u and no power on earth can later it. I will not force you for anything” He warned me

Seeing his unconditional love I hugged him immediately

“I m sorry I hurt you again, I love u too Sanskar” Hearing me he tighten his grip

We got married in seven days. I was standing in his room and looking towards the moon. My past again flashed infront of me

I felt two arm snaked on my waist. I know who is it

“Sans….Sansakr” hearing my cracking voice he turned me

“What happen Swara” He asked me worriedly

“I m thinking if I wouldn’t eloped that day we would be living peacefully with our kids” I said bowing my head down

He lift my face and looked in my eyes

“Is that so, we should get started. What do u say after all you r desperate for kid” I looked at with confusion

I saw naughty grin on his face before I could say or do anything he captured my lip in him. Feeling his lips were giving me goose bumps and soon we engaged in our world


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