Os ||HeartBeat|| ft.Mahi and Shivikara.

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“Doctor how is Shivaay now?”Shakti asked the doctor as sooon as he saw him coming out of the operation threater.

“We are sorry Mr. Oberoi, Shivaay’s condition is getting worst every second,This bullet had had nearly destroyed his coronary Artery which supllies blood to his heart and we are trying our best to control the situation but it is slipping from our hands,”the doctor said while seeing the reports of shivaay in his hand and with a slight tap on his shoulder he went away leaivng all of them in violent tears.

“O bhaiya will be ok Right?”Rudra asked a numbed Om who seemed to be in utter shock because of the situation”O…” Rudra asked him once again and this time shaking him violently amking him come out of his limp state.

“yes rudra everything will be alright,yes everything will be alright”Om said while assuring him and it’s tendency started to lower with each words.

“He is my Superhero he can’t leave us like this no he can’t” Rudra said much to himself shaking his head furiously.

Om saw annika making her way out of the corridor running while crying continuosly and talking to someone on the phone.He asked rudra to calm down and told him with a confident voice taht nothing will happen to shivaay and went from there not before giving him every seconds information.

“Annika!”Om called out from behind trying to stop her.”bhabhi wait”he said and got hold of her hand while she tried to get out of his grip saying”Leave me Om please leave me if anything happened to shivaay i won’ be able to live No”She sobbed and tunred to face him”Om nothing will happen to shivaay?Right?He will be fine right?”She asked with a new found hope in her voice while Om loooked at her with a defeated posture.

Whta he will tell her?that Shivaay’s condition is worst and No one can telll that he will be alright. But to make her stop he assured her sayng that shivbaay will be fine.She chuckled”You are also telling the lie right Om? Shivaay condition is not good I know that”She said making Om shut his eyes in responxse.

“Nothing will happen to shivaay bhabhi nothing will hapen to him”he said while cupping her face and with that annika hugged him tight and cried her heart out.Om just stood there at the parking lot trying to calm his bhabhi cum bestfriend,giving her false hope that her husband will be alright.

“this is all because of me Om”annika whispered making him come out tf the embrace and giving her a confused look”what are you telling Annika?We are finding the culprit who had shoot him so why are you telling that you are at fault”he asked while making her look at his eyes

“I know who shoot him”She said while looking down “Who?”he asked curiously’I got a call from someone telling me that he did it”she said with much difficulty take that person’s name”About whom you are talking about annika just tell me”he said and forced her to spill out the name.

She closed her eyes and with a deep breath.


“Now who is he?”he asked

“The duplicate”

Om was raged to hear the name and was going to teach him a lesson when Annika stopped him”I don’t think he is the one”she said making him look at her with disbelieve as which wife will try to protect her husband’s culprit

‘have you lost it Annika?you are telling that the person who shoot shivaay is not the one who shoot her in precise”Om asked her shaking her a bit while she didn’t met his eyes.

“Om I know he can’t do this”

“but why dammit?’he asked a little aloud as this was toching his heights.He waited for her to tell something but it seemed she will cry rather than telling him the reason.

“ok you won’t tell anything right?I’m going to tell the police about him that he is one who did all this”Om said and turned to go while swaying his hand in his hair with frustation.

“He is Shivaay’s brother”Annika whispered while Om stood at his track shocked.Did he listened that annika said that he is his brother.Like really?’

“What are you telling Annika?that duplicate is Shivaay’s brother?”he asked while getting hold of her shoulder”His own Brother by blod”She whispered while a sob escaped her mouth.

“But Choti maa never said that she had twins”He asked curiouly”because shivaay is not her son”She said and colsed her closed as she felt Om’s grip getting loose”What?What did you say annika?Have you lost your mind?You are telling that Choti maa is not shivaay’s mother?Annika answer me”He was shocked to hell and asked her to answer him as he was hoping against hope that this is not the truth.Shivaay will be devasted after knowing this.Naam khoon khaandan is all what he is known for.If he come to know taht His naam khoon khaandan is not his than what will happen? No He will die!He will surely leave all them and will go far away from them and he can’t aford this to happen.

“this is the truth!”She said making him still”How can you be so sure?”he asked hopefully.

“You know I called you that day at the chawl?I had went there to meet Mahi because I have done a Dna test of shivaay and Mahi and it came positive and wehn I asked him about it he said that Pinky aunty was not his mother neither she is Shivaay’s mother”She said all of this to Om who was listening to her with great attension.

“Annika this can’t happen No annika Shivaay will be devastated.He won’t be able to take this NO.And if this is right than”He was cut off by her”It is”she whispered” Shivaay would never come to know about this truth No never.Do you get it annika?Shivaay shouldn’t come to know about it”He said while taking her hand in his while she noded her head in response as she know that he was right.

Yeah,They know that they are being selfish.SELFISH for the happiness for their family and Shivaay.But if this will come out than it will destroy the whiole family.the family which are always happy will be devastated.And more than that they are fearing to loose Shivaay,If no one will go but shivaay will defiantely leave all this and will go without a backward glance.And this is the reason thay are hiding this truth from him.

They sat on the empty bench crying silently cursing their faith as Shivaay is still fighting for his life and here they are fighting with their own demons thinking that god will never forgive them for this big Sin.They are helpless because iftt hey will tell this than not only one life but everyone will be death.As If shivaay will leave them all then no one would be abe to live.

“Who told you about this?”om asekd after a pause looking at her”I don’t know but i think he can’t do this”Annika said with a hopoe in her voice.Om just stood up and started to move towards his car “Where are you going?’she asked”I’m going to Mahi”he said and sat in his car while annika too ran and sat with him and they drove towards the goodluck chawl.

“Mahi”annika whisperd as soon as she entered the small house.they looked around to see the whole house is in a mess.”Mahi”annika said a loud when they heard a sound from behind the sofa.Om stopped annika to go further and slowly with steady steps went towards the sofa to see an intoxicated mahi sitting on the floor as tears continue to desend down his cheeks.

“Annika”he called out and both of them helped him to sit on the sofa”Mahi open your eyes”annika said while slapping him lightly on his cheeks”Arre Question Kumari you here? No No I must say Bhabhi you here?”he slurred out and laughed.Anikara looked at each other”Arre Ye Bade baal wala Prani bhi yahan hai?Why are you two here at this time?shivaay need you two and you two are here?”he said while showing them the way towards the door with his hands”So you know about it?”Om asked with a curious tone as now he thought he is the culprit but waited for sometime.

“How would I won’t know about it?The whole news channel is showing it Arre mere bhai ki jaan khatre main tum dono kyu nahi jaate wahan jaao”He said once again in a hoarse voice as tears continue to decend down his cheeks.”Don’t you wanted to go and meet him?”annika asked with a cracked voice.

“How would I? Does he know about me/Does he know that he had a brother?that too his twin?No? So what will I do?”he said while rotating his hand in air asking them.

“Do you know who had shoot him?”om asked.Mahi just hide his face in his palm”haan Mujhe pata hai par main usse bacha nahi paya.Main bahut bura insaan hoon.main apne bhai ko baccha nahi paaya”he cried out loud while shaking his head furiously,his face stilll hiden in his palm.

“Who are they? Tell me”Annika asked with much tenderness while keeping her hand on his shoulder squeezing it a little to give him strenght”This is all because of me”he said and jerked away her hand”mahi tell us who are they”Om said while holding him with his shoulder”They are where they should be I had called the police so that they could take them to the prison”he said as he wiped his tears just then Om got a call”Yes ACP”he answered it”Ok great take them to the prison and you know how to deal with them right?yes I will come tomorrow”he said and cut the call and looked at annika who was looking at him with a confused look.

“they were Kaamini and Ranveer”he said as if he had read her thoughts”Yes My mom is the culprit and I’m ashamed of it!I have tried to save him but it seems god wanted something else and shivaay got shoot”Mahi said with a defeated sigh while Om looked at him with guilt.He thought that he was telling lie and he was the one to who did all this but he now understood that Mahi was shivaay’s brother and he was not a bad person.

“Tring tring”

Omkara phones rang in his pocket and when he saw the caller Id he immediately picked it up and ith that ran out of the house holding annika’s hand muttering”Annika common let’s go Shivaay’s condition is not good we need to be there”mahi heard this and stood up,Shaked his head furiously to gain his composure and tioo went behind them.”Aye rukh main bhi aata hoon tum log ke saath”

The whole ride Annika was crying like anything praying to god to safe her dearest husband while Om drove as fast as he could ignoring all the traffic rule as they being with shivaay is more important then anything while mahi too prayed to god to safe his brother.

Mahi stopped near the corridor as he doesn’t wanted to come with them,Om and annika asked him to come but he siomply refuse to it and looked at the devastated family in front of them.He smiled with tears in his eyes as he saw the care and love for shivaay in all of their actions and the one who cried the most was Pinky–the Oh My Mata and for a few second his heart melted for this women to whom his despire the most.A hint of jealousy washed over him because he never got the love of family hi whole life and he would never get also because GOD has always been cruel to him from childhood to till nw.

The person whom he called Maa was the one who was behind his brother’s life and she tried to kill him though.He felt ashamed of himself as he called the women his mom his whole life.He also felt that he was not able to save hiim.He was taken out of his thoughts when he heard Om scream”How dare you say that you can’t save shivaay?Do what ever you can I want my brother alive do you get it?”Om was furious as well as the fear of loosing his brother overpower him and it came out in the form of this burst out.

Annika was numb as rudra supported her who was crying too.He felt pity for them and also hppy that his brother got such a loving family.He felt his eyes geting hazy as fresh streams of tears decend down his cheeks as he saw pinky begging the doctor to save her Hera beta.

“We need a transplantation and this is the only way we can save him”the doctor declared while Om went with him to do the neccesary things for the transplantiation.

He stood there looking at them as the sound of the vails increased.

1 hours later~

“We are not able to get a donor at this moment and shivaay’s condition is getting worst so we need them at this time”the doctor told his assistant and rubbed his forehead with his index finger as if he won’t be able to save shivay then the Oberoi’s will not leave him.”then What we will do doctor”the assitance said making the doctor wonder for sometime”Just wait” the doctor sigh a desperate one.

They don’t know that somone was listening to their talks from behind the door and the person just smiled a little with tears in his eyes.

after 5 hours~
“doctor How is shivaay now?”Annika asked the doctor as soon as he came out of the operation threater after 4 hours.The doctor removed his mask from his mouth and with a smile on his lips with a visible layer of tears in his eyes he said that the operation was successful and Shivaay will woke up from his unconcious state after 1 hour or more.He once again congratulated them and went away.

All of them were thanking god for saving their Shivaay with happy tears in their eyes.They were really thankful for the person who had donated his heart for him.And prayed to god to keep his soul at peace.

Om went towards the doctor to ask him who was the donor as the doctor didn’t said anything about him as they were really busy for the operation and now when everything is alright he came here to ask him about it.”may I come in doctior?’Om asked while stanind at his cabin’s door.

“yes come in Mr.Oberoi”the doctor said with a smile”Actually i came here to say sorry to you for my previous act actually I–” Om said with an embarresed look while the doctor cut him”I understand Mr.oberoi,I get these types of threatening everyday so I’m used to it,Don’t be sorry”The doctor replied with a small smile.

“I know this thank you won’t be enough for whta you ahve done to us saving Shivaay but still thank you Doctor for saving shivaay”Om said in a soft tone.”mr.Oberoi you must thank the person who had given his heart to shivaay not me because we were not able to find a donor at that very moment and this person came and sked us that he will give his heart and to my utter shiock he had the same face as Shivaay,I was shocked to see him but he begged me that he will give his heart to him”Om stilled after listening to the doctor”What What did you sais doctor?”Om shuttered as fear was clear in his voice.

“I don’t know much about him but this is the lettere he gave to me before the operation to give this to you or Mrs.Annika shivaay Singh Oberoi”the doctor handed him the letter while Om got hold of his letter with shaking hands.He was hoping that the person the doctor was talking about was not him.

He said a thank you to him and went away with an emotionless face.Anika was loooking for Mahi to tell him that his brother was save and he was not at fault but on not finding him she thought that he must be with Om so she looked for Om and as she moved towards the doctor cabin she saw om coming out of it and making his way outside the hospital.She was spektical because of his posture and followed him while continuosly calling his name but it seems he didn’t listened her.

“Om”annika shouted”Om did you saw Mahi?I’m not able to find him.I wanted to say him that his brother is alright that he was save”Annika said making Om stop in his track.

Annika with long strided went to om and turned him around and moved a little back because Om looked as if life has been sucked out of his body.”Om what happened?”she asked with a tensed expression.

Om just hugged her tightly making her move a little backward because of his intensity and started crying like anything.Annika was shocked at his behaviour and started to stroke his back a little to calm him down asking him what had gotten into him that he is crying like this.

She made his sit at the bench and forced him to look at ehr.”Om you are scaring me is shivaay not alright?”annika said with fear while Om nodded his head in a no “Then what happen?”she asked and Om gave her the letter with trembling hand”I won’t be able to open it”he whispered hoarsily while a higly confused annika took the paper from his hand and opened it.

“Dear Om and Question Kumari Uff..! I mean Bhabhi,

I know when shivaay willl be alright you two will be looking for me to tell me that my brother is alright.Ok now you must be thinking that how do I know about it?Well,I wanted to tell you a secret– i know how to predit future so I know that Shivay is alright.This letter will be given to you when i will be gone,gone far away from you all enjoying myself in the heaven as this is the place I will be taken to after I have done this big deed.Yeah I know I’m sounding selfish but what can I do?That god didn’t gave me love and care whne I was on earth so I thought to do something good so that when I will die I will be taken to heaven and live my life to the fullest.I know there won’t be any person but I will be happy.Happy that I won’t except much from anyone and live my life without any regret.Shivaay have everyone and I don’t so I thougth if I’ll give up my life then there will be no one sad and If shivaay looses his life then all your family member will die with him.So i think it will be good If I die.the doctors where not able to find a donor and my brother need it at that very moment so I gave him my heart and promise me that you two will not let it harm nd give him as much love as it deserves.It has only felt pain in his entire life so i hope now it will get all his hsppiness what he deserves.And dare you two tell him about me and pinky aunty not been his mother,I swear I will come as a ghost and scrae the hell out of you two.If he’ll come to know abou this he will be devastated so please don’t tell him about this.I don’t want my heart to fewel the same pain once agian.

You two need to promise me that you will not tell him about this and will throw this letter as well as my thoughts out of your mind and think that I was just a beautiful dream who came and give happiness and vanished.And don’t cry as I hate tears.Always smile as it increases lifespan.It’s an advice as I know that ; )

Take care of my brother an my heart,

Annika ended reading the letter and put her palm on her mouth to stop the sob to escape her mouth.She just wanted to cry out loud as the pain was unbearable.But she had promised him that she will not cry and will smile.She looked at Om who nodded his head with tears in his eyes and both of them ooked at the sky and closed their eyes sending a silent promise to mahi that they wil not tell shivaay about it and he will be always in their heart.

As wind blow they sensed him and saw him smiling widely at them from a distence as they waved at him and he vanished in the thin air with a satisfaction that now his heart will get allt he happiness that it deaserve and his brother was safe.

Om kept the letter safely in his pocket and both of them rubbed off their tears with a smile on their face and went to meet shivaay as he was now save and fine.


The End!

I just wanted to go hide myself somewhere so that you all can’t find me.
Anyways I hope you all like it.

With Love,

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  7. Awesome this one really made me to cry . So emotional . I just love this tq
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