My OS- divine love (episode 1)

HAi..Guys this OS is a true story ..the story of my life indeed the worst part of my life too..i m just co-relating it with Twinj..
how?why?what?when? are questions comming to u..but just read it n u ll understnad all..
—– * —– * —– * —– * —– * —–

Its been an year now.. still her memories are what that makes me cry..but i promised her that i wont..
i m mahi..friend of twinkle..

we lost her 1 year 2 months 6 hrs 15 min ago..
I could not believe that she is no more..
her memories i have are many to cherrish..
i remember our foolish doings..
the biggest foolish thing was dancing and hanging out infront of police station..(too foolish na..thanks to our dada who saved us)
some times i feel if i m in this state then what would have happened of her love..
her BF..

I and twinkle were of 4 yrs when we first met..
My mom loves her more than dad ki princess she was..
so was i in her home..
sometimes i felt that we got exchanged in hospital..
as i was pampered more in her home and she in mine..
but that was just highly impossible..
she was born in Paris and i n Nagpur..
we were sole mates..

i was in 1st yr when she left me,kunj and UV by quiting..
but we are happy that the person behind her sucide is behind the prison..
Twinkle was a chubby girl..
naughiest and indeed zero in studies but she always passes with top 3 rank now the secrete behind her sucess was only between me and her..

and let that be the same..
nor we studied in same school nor collage nor our tutions were same but we were chaddi buddies..
i hardly remember our fights..coz we never fought
and then one day something happened..
something thata mde us fight..
yes,it was due to a boy..
now dont think something in other way..coz i hate boys but twinkle fell in love with a boy..
twinkle was a big flirt…and i knew it..and me a kitabi kida..

books were my BF and still are..
but my twinki ..the biggest flirt..i knew she was..but she became serious one day..
we were just chatting in her room
as neha (her bigger sister,)
came from paris that day and bought few gifts for us..
we were unpaking them..
and we were jungling and mugling to remore a gift wrap
i wanted to remove it first so was she..
n in this process she slapped me by mistake..
she asked me sorry..n i forgived her as i knew it was after all just a mistake…
but she had gilt some where in her heart..
she asked me to lev her alone for sometime..and i knowing that she was guilty left her alone..
i din know she loved me so much..that i got slap and she was crying in room
i said i love u baba..lev all this and come lets have our choclate.
she said only for 1hr plzzlev me..i compled..

she had a frnd on fb by name kunj..
she said me about him..but i ignored as i knew she speaks with many boys just for timepass…
he was a poor boy she said me once..
she was concerned more about him..
(all this happened when we were in 7th std)
but she hardly spoke about him..he was young and energetic she said once..
and that depressd me .. she spoke to him..
and shared all to him..
i taught she only shared few things but she shared inch to inch of her life..
he consoled her..
he would make her laugh..
both exchanged their numbers too..n i was unaware of it..
both had long night chats and cal..i was unaware of it..
then one fine day it was my farewell of 10th and i went to her asking her to select a saree for me..
and i heard her saying him love u 2,3,4,5 and much more..
more than mahi too

i was shaken up listening this..
i din even stand their for a min..and went off to my home..
i dint even greet aunty..
i was sad ..or may be it was jelousy cing ur BFF caring someone more than u..
after all u heard that
“more thn mahi”
i felt as if “paroon tale zammen kisakayee”
i was so hurt that i decided to not to meet her..
our bboard exams were nearing …
she din even come to my home for studies this time..
but she spoke over call..
and then the results came..
i backed 85% and she 84%..
i was happy for her
she called me up that day..and asked me to meet at our adda (that was our cafee)
she said me about kunj that day..and back of me stood the guy..with his best friend..
she said the whole story of how once her parents were out of station and i was not their too in the town as i went to meet my grandamaa and she was all alone..
and then she became friend of his and they started chatting wwith each other and became close..
and then fell of for each other…
i just was in utter shock..
i asked her are u seroius of it..
she nodded..
i was like..
what the..!
then again i complied and asked kabb se chall raha hai?
she said since we were in standard 7..

i was took a back i just left the place with out telling a single word..
she knew that i was in shock..
i met her next day..and she asked me so hows he..?
i was still nagry on her..
but her puppy face like always made my anger go..
i hugged her..
then the two friends became 4
s,me twinkle,uv and my jiju kunj..
we stepped to settle up our future..
then i got kunj got admission in the same clg where we studied and he studied with me in my class..
he got the seat through scloarship..
and uv and twinkle were in same class
we were in one clg but different building..
we alwys met after classes..
we would hang out..
then one day we got to know that she is in hospital..she had choked me..
i was not revealed to me..
the operation was done for 58 hours and i was informd about itafter 18 hoours..
i rushed to hospital..
i cried a lot
and later i informed the same about it to kunj & uv
kunj rushed to hospital..
without thinking that twinkles parents are their too..
then after long 58 hours it was said that shes fine and is murmring kunjs name..
i got a smile on my face and his too..
her parents were like they ll kill the guy now and then ..
i managed the situation till the extent i could..
uncle aunty stayed quite as their daughter was their first priority now..
now 6 months were over and that one day she decided to tell her mom about kunj..
they said no to her..and she was determined that if no kunj then no one else..
and then another fight of me and twinkle..
probably the last one..
one day UV prposed me..
i had rejected many guys before..
so this was not a big deal..
to me now..i took twnkle a side and asked about their home fight..on kunjs matter i made her understand that give time to all but in vain..she saw uvs face dull and got that i rejected him
but i din know that for just rejecting him my twinkle would fight with me for no reason..
she knew me..
my nature but still she fought with me..
i was worried for her..she spoke very bad that day..she douted our friendship i tried hard to make her understand..but of no use..
I was still unaware of the reason..
i called up kunj huridly..
he said me not to worry..and said me what happened in home..
i silently went to her and sat beside her..
we din speak for about few couple of min..
then she in a jerk hugged me tight and said i cant live without him i cant..
i was happy that Twinj s love is divine..
it’s immortal..
it’s pure..
i made her undersrand to talk to parents and mae them agree politely and with love..she nodded
then hence forth daily she used to make them understand..
fedup of her deeds her parents said we are leaving back to paris..
after a month..
she was shell shocked..
she din had guts to meet Kunj ..
she kept ignoring him
and stayed alone
then one day we saw her body hunged on fan..
saying I QUIT..
i was informed of it..
my soul mate..the girl that promised to be with me is no more now..
i cried infornt of her body lying their..
then came kunj and uv..
they hugged me and uncle and aunty..
uncle aunty consoled him..but he din stop crying..

—– 2 weeks before —-

Uncle aunty came to kunj and asked him to marry her..he was happy..uncle said him not to inform about it to anyone..
not even me,as he knew i would say her this..
—— * ——

yes guys uncle said s,and accepted their relationship..
after all they were her parents..and all parents priority is their child..

but that was not the only reason for her sucide..
she had been raged by her seniours..
though all of them r in prison..but still in few clg ragging is done..
luckly our clg authorities took umediate action and put them behind bars..
but i lost the most dearest frnd coz of them..

happiness dint last twinkles life..
when all agreed for her marriage and relation she had quit the world..
i still dono how a strong girl like her went week..
but i relly miss her a lot..

Kunj as usual is a topper..but he left smiling..he left doing naughty things but soon after a month he left us..and went somewhere..then after few days we got to know from his parents that hes no more..
and i m sure twinj are happy in heaven..

—- * —– * —– * —– * —— * —–

guys s this is the story of my life..
i dont know how many liked it or not liked it..
but the girl playing the role of twinkle is my aru in reality..
today was the day when we both celebrated friendship day of ours..
as toady about 15 yrs ago we met and promised to be with each other whole life..
but she broke the promise..
n still when ever i ll meet her in heaven i ll take badla from her
and the guys playing the role of uv is the Damboo of my life..
i dont love him..
but i daily get a msg in my cell from him @ 7 sharp
“Gm my lv”
i dont love i dont believe in love..
but yes admire him as my frnd..

—– * —– * —– * —– * —– * —–
Sorry for sharing such personal thing..
but today is mine and arus friendship ady and wanted to share it i this form..


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  1. its really nice may ur aru’s soul rest in peace wherever she is she must really be happy that u still cherish your friendship.

  2. Really it was soo good I really appreciate ur frndship…… It was heart touching fr me…..

  3. May aru’s sole rest in peace…n crazy we all r like a family n u proved it 2day. N ur story was very touchy…just lived it

  4. Mau Aru’s sole R.I.P. You actually made me cry. I don’t know much about Twinj as a couple but I really loved this story. A lot.

  5. May arus peace rest in peace . I dnt have words. It made me cry.. this is wat true luv nd friendship is.

  6. i m really going to cry . may her soul rest in peace . anwz it is life . we hv to accept it . but today i understood the deapth of u and arus friendship . i understood that why the name crazy is priceless for u . luv u . may u get a another frnd like her . but it is really rare . dont be sad .

  7. Omg so nice sms amazing hope everyone get friends like u

  8. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    amazing….heartbreaking….loved it…. a very good or actually I can say the best friendship story of yours n aru.

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