[From the part when Abhay and Tanya fought]

Tanya felt betrayed after Abhay repeated those words “Tanya, you are no use of me”. Tanya quickly stepped outside Oberoi Mansion while her tears of betrayal poured continously.
“Abhay, you just used me as a pawn…” She said to herself. Anika saw her running and sensed Tanya’s troubles, for the sake of humanity she ran after her.
“Tanya, stop!” Anika yelled. Tanya was too lost in her thoughts that even her 5 senses became disable. Her mind kept repeating the words of Abhay. She kept running. Anika saw that she was reaching the Main Road. The noisy Mumbai Main Road with thousands of vehicles, big and small. Tanya stopped as the sound of the vehicles reached her ears. She realised that she was near a road with thousands of vehicles. But her mind wouldn’t stop letting her forget Abhay. She remembered yet again the words of Abhay so walked steadily through the road.
“Tanya, are you mad! Stop! The vehicles will hit you” Anika shouted with the highest volume.
The drivers started screaming on Tanya.
“Pagla gayi hai? Aye ladki hat! (You mad! Girl, move!)” The rickshaw driver screamed trying to by pass her so he doesn’t hit her.
Tanya ignored them and continued walking.
Anika couldn’t go after her as there was too much traffic on the road. A huge lorry came in Tanya’s way. Tanya finally saw it but she knew it was too late. She stayed there until the lorry hit her.
“Tanya!” Anika screamed.
The lorry’s speed was so high that it made Tanya fly to the side of the road. Anika ran there and saw a huge gathering.
“Don’t think she will survive” A member of the public stated.
“Arrey koi ambulance bulao!” Another member dictated. Anika came to the gathering.
“Please let me in, I know her” Anika told the public. The public shifted to the sides. Anika steadily walked to Tanya. She saw Tanya being covered with blood. Tanya tried to open her eyes. She indicated Anika that she wanted to talk to her in private.
“Thank you everyone, you can continue with your lives, I am here” Anika thanked.
The public walked off and continued with whatever they were doing.
“An…An…ika… I wan…t to tell you… s…omething related t…to Kalyani Mills B…lackmail…er” Tanya stuttered.
Anika held her hands.
“Tanya you know who is behind it?” Anika questioned her.
“Ye…s i…t is A…b” Before Tanya could continue, she fainted.
“Tanya, you can’t leave without telling me, you can’t” Anika muttered in shock. The ambulance came and took Tanya to the hospital. Anika also went.

Few Hours Later…
The doctor came out from the Operation Theatre.
“I am sorry Miss Tanya is no more…” He informed.
Anika was shocked. She knew that some pain caused him to do this.

At Some Room…
A man with a person in hoody, the man was none other than Abhay but the person’s face wasn’t visible. They sat round a walnut table with a glass of water in the middle. Behind them there was a whiteboard with the pics of the Oberoi family members.
“Abhay, who is gonna be our next target” A womanly voice asked.
“Oberoi Brothers also known as the Obros” Abhay replied with his deep and devislish voice.
“But the Obros are really strong, especially Shivaay, it will be hard. I have had an experience with them and as long as all of them are there then its gonna be really hard” The womanly voice informed.
“But if we get rid of one them, the weekest one one…” Abhay replied.
“You mean Rudra” The womanly voice beamed.
“But its gonna be difficult for me because I lost his trust so I have to get it back! And for you Abhay I could do anything, but what about Tanya” She continued.
“Yes baby, and Tanya, she is gone she won’t be hurdle anymore”
“I love you Abhay baby” She kissed Abhay.

At Oberoi Mansion…
Anika came back from hospital. She was confused of what to do. She strolled to Shivaay.
“Where were you Anika?” Shivaay questioned.
“Woh, Shivaay, Tanya, she died”
“What are you even talking about!”
“I know its a big shock, but she did, and she also told me the name of the blackmailer”
“Who is it? Anika”
“She couldn’t complete it but she said it was Ab”
“Damn it! Ab… Someone called Ab…”
“I am pretty sure its someone close to us” Anika suggested.
“Yes, listen I have an idea, lets look at the CCTV footages of Tanya” Shivaay said.
“Great, lets go to the control room then”
They both walked off to the control room. They looked for Tanya’s footages.
“Found one!” Shivaay beamed.
“Yeah but here she is speaking to someone, but we can’t hear it, lets look it another one” Anika suggested.
Shivaay got another footage where Tanya was raging outside the Oberoi Mansion out of her room.
“Shivaay zoom it!”
Shivaay zoomed it.
“Shivaay look there is a man, out there, but we can’t see him properly” Anika informed.
“Oh yeah! So that means that Tanya was upset with the blackmailer who was using her a pawn. So stormed outside then you met her, you followed her but she didn’t listen and she met an accident” Shivaay remarked.
“Yes Shivaay, that’s exactly what happened, I think its someone is Oberoi Mansion, one of the workers or a member from our family”

At Rudra’s Room…
Bhavya came there.
“I am sorry Rudra, I shouldn’t have upset you” Bhavya apologised.
“Some wounds can’t heal” Rudra replied.
“Please, forgive me”
Rudra ignored her.
The rain started falling. Bhavya took Rudra to the garden.
“Barso re” Played.
Bhavya danced around Rudra. She kissed him on his cheeks.
“I am sorry Bhavya, I shouldn’t have misbehaved with you”
“Its ok Rudra, as long as you realised your mistake”
Tomorrow’s day will be a new start for our relationship. We will go somewhere, and where we will go is a secret.

At Bareilly…
Gauri realised that Om was Dilpreet. She slapped him on the cheeks.
“Now what are you here for, talking more nonsense about my character, get out!” Gauri fumed.
“Gauri listen to me!” Om requested.
“Did you listen to me? No! Then why should I”
Gauri pushed Om out of her house and slammed the door on his face.
Gauri started crying inside when she heard a loud bang. She saw Om banging his head to the walls. He was bleeding profusely. Gauri couldn’t handle it so she ran to Om.
“Omkara ji, what are you doing!?”
“I won’t stop until you forgive me!”
“What kind of stubbornness is that!? You will get hurt, Omkara ji stop it!” Gauri yelled.
Om’s phone rang constantly. Gauri went to pick it up.
“Hello, who is it?” Gauri questioned.
“Gauri, you?” The person said.
“Shivaay bhaiyya, how are you?” Gauri questioned.
“I am fine, so are you coming back?” Shivaay asked.
“I need time”
“But we need you, you said I was your brother so for the sake of your brother please come back, we need your help”
“Bhaiyya please don’t force me”
“So the Raakhi you tied me has no meaning?”
“Bhaiyya, please”
“Ok Gauri, I understood, I was never your brother”
“Bhaiyya, fine, I am coming”
Gauri went outside.
“Omkara ji, you can stop doing all this I am coming to Oberoi Mansion, but only for the sake of Shivaay bhaiyya”
Gauri took Om inside, and put ointment on his wounds.
“I love you Shivaay, you are the best” Om thought.

Next Day…
Om and Gauri came back from Bareilly. Shivaay and Anika hugged them. Shivaay told them about their plan on how to catch the blackmailer. A detective came.
“Hello Mr Oberoi, I am here with my team, so lead us to the spot where you want to detect the fingerprints/footprints” The police officer stated.
“Thank you Mr Sahay, come with us” Shivaay with others went to Tanya’s room.
“According to the CCTV footage, the person was standing there and he was touching this table here” Shivaay pointed.
“Thank you, my team will figure it out, but you all need to get all of the members of this family and also the workers” The Detective stated while handing out a cream and a lots of pieces of cards.
“Sir, I remembered something, Tanya informed me that the blackmailer’s name begins with Ab” Anika told the police.
“Thank you, that will make the work a lot easier, you guys can take the fingerprints of the people who’s name begins with Ab” The detective uttered.
“Only 4 people’s name begins with Ab who are servants, Abhishek, Abhijit, Abeer and Abhimanyu” Om added.
“What about Abhay?” Anika inquired.
“I don’t think Abhay will do anything” Shivaay stated.
“I agree with Shivaay” Om spoke.
“I agree with Bhaujai, even someone we trust might be playing with our feelings, we should still check” Gauri acknowledged.
“Ok, fine”
Om, Shivaay, Gauri and Anika slyly took the fingerprints of these people. They took it to the detective. The detective tried to match them with the fingerprints of the blackmailer found on the table. It matched with Abhay’s fingerprints.
“That means…” Shivaay said.
“Its Abhay” Om, Gauri and Anika added.
“Anika and Gauri were right!” Shivaay continued.
“Why would Abhay do that!?” Om questioned.
“Only Abhay can answer that, we have to confront him” Shivaay replied.
Shivaay phoned Abhay.
“Abhay where are you?”
“At Oberoi Warehouse. Why Bhaiyya? Any problem?”

At Airport…
A flight just landed. A girl came out out of the airport after finishing the significant airport procedures.
“I am back India! After ages… I hated Australia, and the food was disgusting. I am desperate for the desi food, delicious…” The girl smirked.
That girl was no one other than Soumya.
“Let me inform Maa about it!”
She ringed her mother.
“Hello” Her mother said.
“Yes, Maa, I returned to India”
“What a surprise, did you inform Kalyaniji about it?”
“No, so sorry, how can I forget this! I will do in a second”
“Do it now silly girl”
Soumya disconnected the phone call. She calls Dadi. Dadi didn’t answer.
“Oh well, she must be busy, I will ring her after having some FOODDDDD!” Soumya chimed.

At Warehouse…
Shivaay and others reached the warehouse. The walked inside. They see Abhay. Shivaay grabbed him by his collar.
“What are you doing Bhaiyya?” Abhay asked faking to be innocent.
“Don’t you try to be innocent!” Shivaay yelled.
“So you found out the truth?”
“Yes, why did you do this!”
“I will do so if you leave my collar!”
“No!” Shivaay shouted.
Abhay indicated his mens to get Anika, Om and Gauri. The grabbed them and they started shouting.
“Now will you leave my collar”
Shivaay leaves his collar.
“Leave my family!” Shivaay shouted.
Abhay made everyone sit on the chairs. Then his men tied them up.
“So your question, why am I doing this? Well I am taking revenge of what you have done to my father Siddharth Anand. You all must be wondering that my father was Vidhyuth Maheshwari, a close friend. No, I wasn’t, his son Abhay is in my hands, you know what I mean. You have prisoned my father for no reason, and he died afterwards. I will kill all of you as you tried to make hurdles but first I have to get the news of Rudra’s death! Then I will finish you lot” Abhay explained.
“But Rudra is in a vacation with Bhavya…” Shivaay was stunned.
“Oh yeah, Bhavya was part of my plan, now she is gonna finish him, good bye, I have to deal with senior Oberoi’s now, see you later, and you lot, my mens you can come with me, don’t worry they won’t escape, because if they do, the senior Oberoi’s will be finished in 2 seconds. I can see you from everywhere from this camera” Abhay uttered. He then walked off.

At Restaurant…
Soumya thought of ringing Shivaay. She ringed him. Shivaay’s phone was in his pocket so he was unable to answer it. Anika helped him get it using her tied arms.
“Hello, who is it?” Shivaay whispered.
“Its me Soumya, I have returned from Australia, by the way why are you whispering?”
“No time to tell you, Rudra went to Regents Garden, and his life is at stake. Please help him”
Hearing this Soumya was shocked. She quickly ran to the road and asked the Rickshaw to take her there.

At Regents Garden…
Bhavya remembered her plans.
“What a plan me and Abhay made! First I took advantage of my uniform. I took advantage of being a police officer so I can come to Oberoi Mansion. I made fake story of my parents death so the Oberoi’s think I am helpless. Then I made Rudra fall in love. Wow!” She thought.
She came to Rudra and put her hands in Rudra’s eyes.
“Baby, lets go to the surprise place”
Bhavya took him to the nearby isolated factory.
“Baby, open your eyes”
“Why are we in a factory” Rudra asked.
“You will know! Baby”
Bhavya got her gun out and aimed at Bhavya.
“Baby, get ready to witness your death”
“What a joke!”
“This is not a joke, this is reality, I never loved you, it was my plan”
“So you played with my emotions…” Rudra cried.
“Yeah… And I have no regrets”

Soumya arrived at Regents Garden. She searched for Rudra.
“Rudra, Rudra” She shouted. She started sweating. She saw a factory nearby so went there. She saw Bhavya aiming at Rudra. Bhavya was pulling the trigger and was about to shoot. Soumya interrupted and ran to the spot where Rudra was standing. She pushed off Rudra and got shot.
“Somu…” Rudra cried. Bhavya ran away. Soumya was bleeding profusely so Rudra took her to the hospital.
The doctor came.
“The patients condition is serious, we have to get the bullet out, if she doesn’t gain consciousness then I am afraid she will slip into coma” The doctor explained.
“Doctor, do whatever you can but please save my Somu” He requested.

After Few hours…
The doctor came out
“Miss Soumya regained her conscious”
Rudra smiled and ran inside.
“Rudra, are you alright?” Soumya struggled to say.
“Yes, Soumya, you have sacrificed your life for me!?”
“Rudra, Bade Bhaiyya and others are in trouble…” Soumya told Rudra.
“Yes, ask track bade bhaiyya’s location, my phone is there, the last call I made was to bade bhaiyya”
Rudra called his friend to track his location. His friend managed to track. Rudra called the police who rescued them.
The Oberoi Family come to the hospital.
“Thanks Rudra for saving us” Shivaay beamed.
“No bhaiyya, it was Somu, and she got shot thats why I am in hospital”
They all went inside Soumya’s room.
The family thanked her.
“I want to say something to you Somu, I-I love you!” Rudra confessed. Rudra and Soumya hugged.

The End

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